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  1. Not something you hear too often in this Parish but I thought Clancy had a good game. ie. I can't recall any decisions that stood out and he let the game flow IMO.
  2. BBC has possession 66 to 34 in their favour? Thought first half they shaded possession but after the break we were pretty dominant.
  3. CSS is quite funny. Tims claiming they dominated the game. In the second half I never saw them until the last 10 minutes.
  4. Still no idea why they announce this with 4 minutes to go? It's like tempting fate
  5. Imagine the scenes if they had scored from the set piece they should have returned? Idiotic
  6. More than happy with that. Quality and sharpness still miles away but effort and application was 100%. We wanted it more in the 2nd half. Respect to Balogan and McCrorrie. All eyes were on them and both players excelled.
  7. I would go 4-4-2. Morelos off and Hagi in the middle. Let Kent and Roofe just play across the front. We need more pressure on their defence and goalie.
  8. Is McGregor available? Roofe through the middle for me and Kent out wide. Think he will rise to the occasion.
  9. Based on form, our chance of success today could hinge on Aribo. If we could only get him, Kent and Hagi to all turn up in the same game. So do we go with Alfie or Roofe up top today? Personally I would go with the latter. Chances might be tight so we need to take them and based on current form, Alfie is way off the pace.
  10. Ok...I possibly was being a tad OTT. Let's just say...I don't enjoy these games. I can't be the only one?
  11. Don't feel confident at all. Saying that, if we had just signed Messi, Ronaldo and Ramos and were playing the Celtic U16's, I would be equally pessimistic. I genuinely hate these games tbh.
  12. Davis scored in Sweden. The other strikers mentioned to make my point have little or no game time.
  13. Even better. Hard game to make your debut in whilst adjusting to team mates in a poor defence.
  14. I think if the chances fall to Itten, Roofe or Defoe we are guaranteed at 2/3 goals. Morelos is off the pace at the moment. Christ, even his goals have had an element of fortune IMO. The "header" against Malmo came off his side. His goal V the Armenians just crept under. The sclaffed shot V Ross County. I know a goal is a goal regardless but it seems indicative of his general play at the moment.
  15. Agreed. Regardless of his early form, I would fancy him against Ralston who has a tendency to commit himself and dive in as was demonstrated last night in Holland.
  16. Decent draw in my opinion considering West Ham were sitting in pot 3. All teams beatable at home and good chance to gain some points on the road.
  17. I think we need them to qualify tbh. The idea of us playing catch up on Sundays fills me with dread at the moment. At least they would have the same schedule.
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