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  1. I think we are hoping for a break or a moment of individual quality
  2. 2 observations. Why is Tav taking outswinging corners on the far side? Surely Borna should be whipping those in?? They are very average IMO.
  3. Considering our starting personnel I thought we did ok. Is it worth trying Itten on for Sakala and Aribo out right? We've had some decent possession but it's evident we are missing a front line. Sakala is not good enough.
  4. Sakala's quality or lack of it demonstrated in that passage of play
  5. Had very little interest in this game when I woke up this morning but after reading a few posts on here...
  6. Glad Wright is not starting. Airfield could be key. Hopefully Sakala can step up.
  7. How are we going to line up today? Where are our goals coming from? Airfield has to start IMO.
  8. Sorry to state the bleeding obvious but I feel like we need to get the first goal to have any chance of going through. If they score first, it could be a long old night
  9. Is it just me or does anyone else have zero or very little appetite for this match?
  10. 不不不 Keep hoping. Most "journalists" in our country have an IQ that is equivalent to a plank of wood.
  11. I thought they looked a step up from Braga to be honest.
  12. My big worry would be that their away record is pretty decent but hopefully a full house at Ibrox will inspire us to victory.
  13. Sadly I agree with this. I'm struggling to see where our goals are going to come from.
  14. Think Sakala is a better option in this line up.
  15. Just don't think Wright is good enough at this level.
  16. Nerves kicking in....C'mon Rangers! Give us something to play for next week!!
  17. I see Leipzig lost at home 2-1 to Union Berlin. I wonder if they rested players?
  18. It's crazy to think that Davis played in the UEFA cup final 14 years ago.
  19. Wish the fans would bin all this Bobby Sands pish. It's embarrassing.
  20. You do know it's 2022 and not 1622? Kings and queens should be assigned to the dustbin. It's embarrassing.
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