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  1. I have to agree. Symptomatic of the season so far.
  2. It's hard to believe we were talking about 15/20 million for Barasic. He looks a shell of last season's player.
  3. This is painful. Our passing is abysmal. I see the other Hagi has turned up. The poor one
  4. Can't see Arfield lasting more than 60 in the heat
  5. Temperature expected to be around 28/29 degrees at kick off. Not sure about humidity though? Could be worse. It's expected to hit 37 degrees in a few days over there.
  6. Could have been worse. Just glad we have the engine room intact. Losing Davis/Kamara would have been curtains IMO. The goalie is a concern but hopefully young McCrorie will rise to both occasions.
  7. Am I the only one thinking that this works in our favour for Sunday? As long as we still have good options all over the park, I reckon this will eradicate any complacency and make the players more determined. They will go in as favourites and that will suit me tbh.
  8. If those first group of names are true I think we can cope with the outfield players. The big problem would be the goalkeeper. McGregor has been outstanding against the tims over the last 6/7 games and McLaughlin is solid. Who would come in? Andy Firth. God forbid he is any potential 2nd group?
  9. Ok performance. Could and should have been more comfortable. Still feel there is something missing?
  10. We will really need to up a few levels if we want any kind of result next weekend. Not over concerned about Thursday as I feel the game will suit us but Sunday is a worry.
  11. Fantastic goal!! We've moved the ball well today so let's keep it up and build on it!
  12. Injuries aside, this should be audition for the Tims game IMO. Next week will be tough game so the players should be looking to lay down a marker today.
  13. We really need Kent to turn a corner considering the games we have over the next week. I genuinely hope we go and set a temporary in the first half. Going in at 0-0 in these fixtures fills me with dread.
  14. A win is a priority. And hopefully no huffing and puffing that is usually associated with these type of away games.
  15. Utter guff. There are no obvious outcomes or certainties in any game where there 1 and 2 goals in it. As they say goals change games and it only takes less than a minute to score a goal. What if Salakas shot spins over their keeper with 5 minutes to go? Would it still be obvious?
  16. Now now...don't be silly. Bigot AM
  17. I get paying homage to classic strips but why pay homage to a strip we wore about 3/4 times?
  18. Funnily enough, was listen to a classical radio station yesterday and they played Marching Through Georgia.
  19. From my memory it was obvious. We were well beaten in all departments until we scored the first against Braga. Please define "obvious". If Salaka's shot goes in we could have rallied and got another. There are no certainties in football when there are 1 or 2 goals in it.
  20. Eh? Was the Braga outcome clear when they were 2-0 just before the 70th minute?
  21. I agree. We were aggressive and full of energy but still lacked composure and created very little.
  22. Our overall passing and general touch has been shocking over the last few games. Kent and Barasic look like they have just seen a football for the first time. It's puzzling.
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