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  1. As someone who takes a pew every week, I think the CoS becoming a "broad church" is way down the list of reasons for pews being empty.
  2. That time of the year again and 1st Fair Day since Covid - Hip Hip...
  3. Yeah, some would be unhappy if we were linked with the likes of Messi and Haaland.
  4. Very underwhelming transfer window thus far. Patience is a virtue, things can only get better and all that.....
  5. I wouldn't have been upset if we had kept him. Good cover at centre half with great experience and seemed to truly get Rangers. All the best Leon and hopefully see you back at Ibrox cheering on the famous.
  6. That strategy didn't work last season and could be argued is the reason we lost SG and his management team. It's a huge gamble and costly if it doesn't work. We need to get better quality and need to sign "starters" rather than squad fillers.
  7. Just back from seeing these guys again, this time in Barras - great gig once again
  8. Oooft that's a statement! Can Rangers put a bid in to Parks for the person who wrote that 😉
  9. RIP Davie Wilson - never saw him play but my Dad tells me he was a fantastic player and a great Ranger. Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.
  10. Stiff Little Fingers have always been in my top 10 bands and have always loved their first 4 studio albums, Go For It was always my favourite. Not a popular choice amongst SLF fans, but I'm glad the album has grown in popularity over time and SLF now play a few songs from this album in their live sets. Closing song from Go For It - Piccadilly Circus.
  11. https://www.itv.com/hub/tenable/2a4724
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