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  1. Decent enough game for a 0-0 and a draw about the correct result.
  2. Yeah, as is the ICI Club across the road from the groumd but Newtown Bar which was next to bookies has gone. Used to enjoy watching the juniors, Bo'ness v Linlithgow could be a bit tasty 😁
  3. Did I ever see you grace the hallowed Newtown Park turf in Bo'ness 🤷‍♂️🙈😁
  4. Italy 2 - Wales 0 Switzerland 0 - Turkey 1 Ukraine 1 - Austria 1 N. Macedonia 0 - Netherlands 3 Russia 1 - Denmark 2 Finland 0 - Belgium 2 Croatia 1 - Scotland 1 Czech Republic 0 - England 2 Sweden 0 - Poland 1 Slovakia 1 - Spain 3 Portugal 2 - France 1 Germany 3- Hungary 0
  5. Sergio Ramos has left Real Madrid. We could do with a back-up centre half / penalty taker 🙃 Guy has had an amazing career and would walk into all / most teams in Europe. Will be interesting to see where he ends up.
  6. Well played Wales, deserved victory and on verge of qualifying.
  7. Played for BBs and school and then a couple of pub teams. Played right back or centre half and was the schools sub goalie. Was never any good.
  8. Well, there is an excellent article.
  9. 24 Hour Party People was a great film with a brilliant "soundtrack"
  10. Yeah there is no telling just how good / big JD would have been if Curtis hadn't taken his own life. The film Control gave a great insight into the world of Curtis and JD. As a "raver" far older than you sir 🙃, I can remember some DJs dropping JD songs into their sets. Remember at Streetrave 15th Birthday a certain Shaun Rider dropping Transmission and the crowd going berserk
  11. JD were an amazing and unfortunately short lived band. New Order are another amazing band and whilst they kept the JD torch burning (and it's brilliant hearing them play JD songs as part of their live sets), they changed their style and emerged with some great songs / albums of their own I have days where I think NO were better than JD then I listen to JD and realise that in my oponion, they are not. Have NO and JD versions of Substance album on vinyl and still play them constantly.
  12. Finland 1 Russia 1 Turkey 1 Wales 1 Italy 3 Switzerland 0 Ukraine 2 N Macedonia 0 Denmark 0 Belgium 2 Holland 2 Austria 0 Sweden 1 Slovakia 2 Croatia 1 Czech republic 1 England 3 Scotland 1 Hungary 0 France 2 Portugal 1 Germany 1 Spain 1 Poland 0
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