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  1. Probably right, Villa looked a little more dangerous going forward but Everton certainly had chances to equalise.
  2. Must have had a few himself - how else can you explain him selecting Kenny over Patterson 🤷‍♂️😁
  3. I don't think we will - Celtic on the other hand..... sporting integrity card is hovering as we speak....
  4. Patterson not named in Everton squad today. Maybe offer a couple million to bring him home?
  5. But Doncaster has already stated there are no free dates... However, sure they'll find one if Celtic as for game to be rescheduled.
  6. Various reports saying a deal has been made and Souttar will be a Rangers player in next couple of days.
  7. All managers have different styles of play simple as that. GVB might be "negative", but in comparison to what and whom (If we are not allowed to reference the past)? Anyway, I'd rather win 1-0 than lose 4-3...⚽️
  8. But those players were classed as pish even against lower league opposition, Mccoist was booed for years. GVBs style was never gonna be same as SGs and many fans were screaming for a change of style as we had become "predictable". In reality, we were never gonna be as good as we were last season. Last season we played some of the best football in years, but in other games, especially the cups, we were very poor. GVB will stamp his style on the team and we'll just need to see how it pans our. If he guides us to the league, is more negative style (If that's what it turns out to be) will be forgiven/forgotten. We've lost 1 league game in 60 and GVB is unbeaten in his 11 games in charge. Not bad records if we're honest! We need to sign players and need to sign players who'll fit into Gios style, hopefully we get them in this window.
  9. Whether he is good enough or not is another debate for another day, but it appears he's the latest player our fans have written off before he's had an opportunity - a long list including pish Rangers players like Mccoist, Goram, Hateley and thro to Borna. He wasn't pish tonight, none of our players were pish. Some played better than others, tonight was a no win game. Expected to win easily and that's exactly what we done. If we want to discuss pish players, let's talk about Emilson Crobari, Faure, Ian Black, Kevin Kyle et al
  10. Bacuna set up two goals and his pass to Fashion for his goal was pass of the game by a country mile. Wouldn't say he was MOTM material but wasn't "pish" eirher 😀
  11. Job done, in what was a no win game really. Overall more positives than negatives but don't learn much in these type of games. Special mention to the lad Lowry. Watched his progress with interest and it's early days and it was "only" Stirling Albion but the kid looks to have something about him. He's shown signs in Lowland League but other games have by-passed him. Fingers crossed the kid keeps improving.
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