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  1. The feck he shit himself when we approached him. Dodged a bullet. Lennon a stick-on for sheep job, match made in hell.
  2. Good interview with Dave King https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/12240165/rangers-title-win-former-chairman-dave-king-on-steven-gerrard-premiership-victory-and-wanting-celtic-to-improve
  3. Thank you Mr King and the board of directors. Thank you Steven Gerrard and your excellent backroom staff. Thank you Captain James Tavernier and all the players, yous have been utterly relentless this season, and are well deserved Champions. Yous have all elevated yourselves to legend status, the immortals, the ones who regained the title and delivered 55 and ensured a special place in our deep, rich history. To those we have lost along the way (especially Sandy Jardine), I hope you are up there celebrating today and we offer a toast to absent fri
  4. Not wanting to piss on anyone's chips but Liverpool just lost to Fulhum - Klopp form the chop? Someone switch SGs phone off 😁😁😁😁😁
  5. Was in the Brechin end that day as couldn't get a Rangers end ticket. As said above that game, plus the league opener at home to The Shire will live with me for a long, long time
  6. Went for Hagi, he had a great game.
  7. I might have heard it incorrectly but sure SKY said it's at Parkhead - that'll be fun 😀 Would imagine our next / or last home game?
  8. Tim's will be ragin, sure I saw that Terry Munro celebrating beside SG and Jimmy Bell
  9. Find it difficult not to like Kenny Miller and though he and Wallace were treated shabily by the club. Two who I'll remember fondly and thank them for playing their part in our journey back to the top. Kenny scored so many important goals in his times at Ibrox and always gave his all (if only others could say the same) even when the team were struggling. Had pleasure of seeing him and Boyd at a Q&A and both spoke well. No doubts from this Bear as to where Kennys loyalties lie.
  10. Alfie doing interviews now 😀 Needs to work on his Scottish accent tho
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