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  1. Not much to get overly excited or concerned about in 1st half. St Johnstone camped in their own half, we are a bit pedestrian at times but 1-0 up. Need to improve 2nd half.
  2. Wish I had stuck a cheeky fiver on at the bookies 😁
  3. I voted Lawrence as he was excellent especially in 2nd half
  4. Decent start to season for the B Team (and Bo'ness United). Believe EK are faves to win league this season.
  5. Ok, I'll bite..... I like / rate Borna, always have but he is a confidence player. When he is confident he plays well. His crosses have led to numerous goals in important games. However, he has his defensive lapses. Borna's strengths are hugging the touchline and giving us width and an outlet on the left and whipping crosses into the box (he can do this from bye-line or from distance). What I noticed yesterday was Yilmaz can go and looks comfortable, either wide, but also cutting inside which gave Lawrence more space out wide. For a small player, up against a much taller opponent he did win his fair share of headers. Wasn't the greatest league debut I can remember but certainly wasn't the worst.
  6. Thanks but I wasn't guided by any one else's post, was just interested in your 1st impressions of 3 players who went on to be Rangers legends after having difficult starts to their Rangers careers. Anyway, asked and answered.
  7. Why avoid the question? I'll reword it. If you were around when Ally McCoist, Mark Hateley or Andy Goram signed for the club, in your opinion, what, if anything was worth noting in their 1st 60mins of their league debuts?
  8. We're you around when Ally Mccoist, Mark Hateley or Andy Goram first signed for the club? If you were, what we're your 1st impressions of them?
  9. And we were miles of that level when we played Malmo. Its because its early in the season. Without checking back, I doubt many on here predicted a Europa League final when we lost to Malmo.
  10. Steve Davis for me as well
  11. Another meh 45mins - too slow in the build up - Lawerence unlucky with shot off bar but that's about it really.
  12. Yeah I've had an email for the two friendlies, today's and Tuesday's games confirming my smart card has been activated and a reference number
  13. Can't see us buying before we sell - hopefully not Kent, but maybe Fashion or Roofe moving on?
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