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  1. Let's remember that our new manager will want his own players brought in over next few transfer windows. The team / squad is in relatively good shape, but we do need to improve. This will inevitably mean players will move to allow us to bring in new players. I mentioned Borna as he was brilliant for the style of football SG played where, IMO he isn't as suited to Gios style. He might be one player who the new manager may see as someone who can bring in much needed money/funds. There may well be one or two more. All just my opinion but over next few windows we'll need to face the fact that our team / squad will change and hopefully for the better.
  2. Unless we are looking to ship out a couple of defenders during the window? Simpson and Borna?
  3. Hearts looking for £500,000, we've offered £250,000 is what is being "reported"
  4. For many I'd agree but for others it may be an issue, hence, it be easier to just put an end to international football 😀
  5. Various outlets reporting we've made a "substantial offer" to bring Souttar to Ibrox this month. Offer has, as yet, not been accepted (or indeed rejected) by Hearts.
  6. I agree 100% , however, would players still sign for a club knowing they wouldn't be able to represent their country? I'd go further and stop international football full-stop!
  7. Alfie called up for Columbia and will miss Old Firm game. Likely to be without Sands, Alfie, Aribo and possibly Roofe. Need some reinforcements.....
  8. Poor all round but Goldson was best of bad bunch.
  9. Is the compliance officer still a thing? They'll be all over it Im sure.
  10. IIRC we appealed a yellow for Alfie when he got booked (wrongly) for diving at Livi last season?
  11. At times tonight Aberdeen went to a back 2 to flood midfield and it worked as they only had Alfie to mark as Gio plays his wingers very wide instead of narrow with the full backs creating the width. We lost the game as they were hungrier than we were and our midfield was continually overran and bullied. The only times we looked dangerous was when we played the long switch but we stopped doing this and tried (and failed) to pass through a congested midfield where we were outnumbered
  12. Not managed to beat them this season. An utter woeful team with a centre defensive pairing of Bates and McCorrie and we've not managed to beat them home or away this far. The winter break was meant to give Gio and his team time with the players on the pitch, but that was up there with the worst performances of this and recent seasons. One look at our bench and the throwing of Sands straight into the game should our lack of depth and quality in midfield. Still lots of points to be won and lost, but hopefully that's a wake up call for Gio and his team as well as the players.
  13. Tom the commentator just said it's been a decent performance 🙈
  14. Because he was stupid and gave the cheat a decision to make. Out thought by a Lego eater. But ref is not to blame for tonight. 2nd best to a bunch of journeyman who are more up for the game than we are
  15. Kent was stupid fell for it hook line and sinker. Out thought by a Fuckin Lego eater
  16. Can't string 2 passes together. Bullied by a team of hasbeens and will never will be' s. No excuses, not good enough
  17. And other than Fashion, we've nothing on the bench
  18. Rotten. Absolute rotten. We'll lose this game now. Honeymoon period over, this is as bad as anything under SG this season.
  19. Bit of a "meh" performance, need to dig deep - be a long 25mins if we can't snatch a 2nd.
  20. Lampard now in the frame apparently
  21. Scored from our only passage of quality football. Defence are all over the place. We were comfortable for about 10-15 mins after goal but have lost our way a bit. Never mind, would have taken 1-0 at half-time but need improvement in 2nd half.
  22. Given what's gone on prior, you are 100% correct
  23. A fight between chocolate Hard Man and CalvinBassey, would only be one winner...
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