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  1. Incredible to come back from a set and 5-1 down to win the match. Just hope he's still got something left in the tank for the next 2 matches
  2. Maybe you could accidently pm the link to me............
  3. Yeah just need to have the coaches working on his delivery accuracy then we will have some player. Re Greegs it is a worry that he was one of our best players at home, he shouldn't really have a sniff of the ball nevermind making several goal stopping saves. And Jelavic's form does slightly concern me however, as I said in my earlier post I don't think he is seeing enough of the ball and/or getting the service he should be. I lost count of the number of times he has to come deep or wide just to get the ball because the midfield are not creating chances for him. One other point about his form, last season he seemed to have a burst of pace/sharpness to get away from players however, this season he doesn't seem to have shown this and seems to get closed down much quicker. Whether this is something to do with his training or perhaps other defences are marking more closely I can't decide but has anyone else noticed this?
  4. I remember reading a newspaper interview with Xavi from Barcelona around the time they played Arsenal last season. He talked about the Barcelona youth system and how their under 10's rarely win anything as they are dominated by the taller more physical players the other teams pick. Barcelona always choose the more technically gifted players no matter their size. He says that from that under 10 team 2 or 3 of the Barca players go on to become proffesional footballers whereas none of the other players make it. He says "You spot a youngster who can lift his head and play a first-time pass and you think, “He’s worth something, let’s have him come and train with us I feel it is the same in this country a youth level the local coaches are more interested in winning than trying to develop younger players for a future career in the sport and this really has to change. I actually just found a link to this interview it's very interesting. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1355726/Xavi-interview-Paul-Scholes-best-midfielder-20-years.html
  5. Was thoroughly unimpressed by yesterdays performance apart from the fact we actually scored 2 goals. Apart from Davis the midfield look uninterested and lacked cohesion. Edu and Naismith looked as if they had never played together before and Wylde as much as it looks as if he is putting the effort in, he put mostly inaccurate crosses into the box that only reached our strikers on a couple of occasions. Jelavic to be fair is not getting the service he deserves and is having to come out of position to pick the ball up. My match ratings are as follows, McGregor - 7 Whittaker - 5 Goian - 6 (Perry-6) Bocanegra - 6 Broadfoot - 6 Edu - 5 Naismith 5 Davis - 7 Wylde - 6 Lafferty - 6 Jelavic - 6
  6. We also have to consider that the takeover was only completed at the tail end of the season so Ally probably didnt start looking at targets until June which is much later than most clubs. I also heard that we had disbanded our overseas scouting network during the cutbacks so it looks like we've had a rush against time trying to find and sign targets before our season started (which also started earlier that usual). So all in all I am quite satisfied with our progress in the transfer market and would expect that work in this respect will continue throughout the season in preperation for perhaps January and next summer.
  7. Totally agree with Calscot, can't make a decision on the back of one game when quite a few players were poor including Jelavic and we know what he is capable of. I actually thought that Ortiz delivered some decent passes once he started to cut in onto his right foot. Lets wait and see over the next few games
  8. Bluedell, I kinda agree with you but according to the press this recent news has nothing to do with any terrorist group. If one of the loyalist groups had said it was them then I wouldn't be having this debate.
  9. I've heard a few rumours about this and possible counter chants from the Gers fans like a 2mins bouncy etc. but heard one that got my attention. Someone suggested that we join in on the applause to as a public display of how much we condone what has been reported in the news this week. As I said it got my attention and I can kinda get his point but doubt it will get much support from the Bears. Don't get me wrong I dislike the man but for reasons surrounding football, nobody deserves that and I still hope to see him crying at 90mins What are your thoughts on this.
  10. Trailio


    Yeah was a little worried it might kick off but surprisingly didn't see any trouble although I heard after I got back that there had been some isolated incidents.
  11. Trailio


    I got back on Friday and I have to say it was an awesome trip. It's the first time I've followed The Gers abroad since 2000 when we beat Monaco and I wasn't dissapointed, what a laugh!!. I went with my bro and neither of us had tickets but we were pretty confident we could sort something out over there. After taking the train from Amsterdam we drank with all the Bears in the main square in Eindhoven and spent most of the day trying to get tickets. Failed to get them for the Gers end but through a stroke of luck manged to get 2 tickets in the PSV end (we wore no colours so it was fine) and the people sitting around us were brand new, we even exchanged numbers with the guy who gave us the tickets as he wants to go to an old firm match. Had to laugh when the teams came out after half time to Simply the Best, turns out this is also one of PSV's songs I have to say the behaviour of the Bears throughout the trip was exceptional even considering that fans of Spartak Moscow, Zenet St Petersburg and Ajax were all out in Amsterdam after their matches and we didn't see any trouble at all. Also have to add that the police/security had a lot to do with this, although you could see a strong presence at the corner of your eye they never got involved. Good result as well
  12. Trailio


    Ha ha cheers Pete. I know Amsterdam well enough, I've been several times before just never ventured to anywhere else in Holland. Leaving tomorrow morning so if you don't manage it's no problem. I just thought that with us playing them a couple of times a few years ago there might have been a few people on here that had some experiences.
  13. Trailio


    I am heading over this week for the game. Staying in Amsterdam but will be taking the train there and back on the Thursday. Just wanted to know if anyone who has been before could recommend places to go/avoid in Eindhoven. Obviously will be looking to meet up with the bears once I get there so is there a known meeting point, Gers friendly pubs etc. Any advice would be appreciated
  14. Trailio


    Considering the circumstances and the level of opposition I thought the lad played well. He rarely panicked on the ball and his passing was decent enough. Looks like he could be worthy of more first team opportunities this season.
  15. For Walter I hope we do make the last 16 as that is the one thing he hasn't achieved yet. Also due to our squad size I wouldn't fancy our domestic chances if we were still competing on all fronts come April/May. Get the money in the bank from the CL, win 3 in a row and strengthen for next season, Simples!
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