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  1. MacK1950

    The A to Z

    Z actually equaled Zalelam a bad joke.
  2. The job's a poison chalice will be hard to get a new boss but then again who cares?.
  3. Have never bought any top with a sponsors name on it,and basically won't wear a football top for that reason. However might be tempted to buy one if I could get it without a sponsors name.
  4. Me? I am so glad both teams from that city are out as I still have bad feeling towards the treatment of our fans at the EUFA final.
  5. Let's watch for their administration in future years without the "blue pound"
  6. Hopefully the Gers legal team will ask to be made aware of ALL fatman's subsidiary companies that have clauses re us.
  7. Only mitigation to them doing this is it is not a retaliatory action but will be funny seeing all the empty seats.
  8. Agree how convenient that an alleged???? attack by Ajax fans on the green scum were quickly found and passed on in proper manner.
  9. I thought dispute was directly with fat man's parent company but reading the post seems to be a little known subsidiary making the claim and no doubt fat man has many of these such subsidiaries so could keep claiming forever.
  10. Wish he had never been with us then we wouldn't have to put up with reading this sh**e on here.
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