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  1. He didn't just nibble but also groped Pogba's right chest/nipple=sexual harassment.
  2. Seen a picture on FF showing him in the Directors Box at game.
  3. Amazing to think that asshole will be there,with hospitality,when me and 45,000+ ST holders haven't a clue when we will get back to a game.
  4. Hear no evil/see no evil/speak no evil and they have no Liewell.
  5. TBH Spain v Sweden worst game to watch so far.
  6. Not sure but was the commentator tonight not Tyldsley who comments on our game.If so he has changed his correct pronunciation to suit this tournament.
  7. That's fair enough but precious minutes could have been wasted by having to carry him off on a stretcher and aid would have been more easily given within the vehicle,that's my point.
  8. Absolutely horrendous,why was there no ambulance brought onto pitch,surely even EUFA must have proper medical stand by.It even seemed that the Danish team medics didn't even respond well enough when it took the medics who raised on with the stretcher to realise what was wrong and start CPR. Scary to watch fingers crossed the lad comes round.
  9. Hope the big tooth Rylan ain't used as the face for the sponsorship.
  10. So obvious not Rangers rules!!!!.
  11. Watching the Italy game was similar to many of our games this season i.e. trying to beat the parked bus syndrome well done Italy.
  12. Definitely not it was as a result of Nippy's constituency and as a result of the "legal/illegal" mob rule from the unknown number of people who live in that area i.e. living in multiple occupancy and not registered,so contact tracing not possible and self isolating an impossibility.
  13. Totally agree with you but what it seems to me is that Nippy and her gang are escapees from the asylum now in their so called control measures. Certainly testing numbers seem to be high but with figures of those in hospital falling,which would not indicate "overwhelmed" it may now be time to get some normality back,even if using "Herd immunity" and give us a true indication of how this horrid is moving.
  14. Will he be in an obligatory photo at Castle Doom, before or after his self isolation or will there be special dispensation for this as well???.
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