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  1. I do I'm not a betting man but my Son wanted a bet on the first goalscorer and I suggested Kevin he laughed and didn't bet him. Ah Well!!!!
  2. Re catering whilst I think cost of pies is overly expensive the cost for tea/coffee/bovril and soft drinks is way over the top. I know costs have to be met in the prices but tea for example costs £2.50 for a cardboard cup with a tea bag and small UHT milk cartons.These same cups can be bought in Poundland getting at least a dozen for a pound and at same price a packet of 80 tea bags which works out a cost under 10 pence. Personally as I like a cuppa at half-time I pay the price somewhat grudgingly and feel that the cost could easily be halved and still show a big profit.
  3. Grezda not right out of things played today and missed penalty. From report Barjonas continues to be good prospect.
  4. Is the bike still there?😃
  5. We moved the late Fernando into midfield and it worked and a midfield three of Tav,Jack and Davies appeals to me as it would drop Kamara. Re dropping Goldson maybe it would give him the kick up the backside he needs.
  6. Two errors from our captain,who IMO has not plated well recently,unfortunately cost us the game but also did Ojo who was shit poor and unable to read the game.Okay he is young but looks as if he could be a liability as time goes on,also our game went down after Jack had to go off as he was bossing midfield. Two games played and four to go we can still get there.
  7. In reply to my own post Helander had a total nightmare on plastic at Livi and Kamara has not played a decent game all season so IMO we are weakened.
  8. For tonight Katic & Stewart out and Helander & Kamara in WHY????
  9. They might have queued to leave but would have to have stayed awaiting the escort by plod
  10. Yes he did but failed to act properly when both McGregor and Stewart were "attacked" off the ball,yes yellow cards were issued but IMO both should have been red as ball was nowhere near when the kicks were made,that's my gripe with ref.
  11. Was there as usual and watched a "Masterclass" in tactics beautifully "Orchestrated" by Davis and "magnificently" carried out by rest of team. Honest I am not happy as ref was atrocious.👍
  12. No but Gazza nearly did after cycling it over to the then Albion training ground.😃
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