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  1. Bet you septic have an agreement from last year to return to Dubai with a financial cost if they don't.
  2. Anything goes when it's for them---stuff the rest.
  3. "ALLEGED CELTIC SUPPORTERS" "MINORITY OF CELTIC FANS" Just what you expect isn't I'm sure there were hundreds of fans there but were mistakenly thought by presenters/mhedia to be Bears clamouring for the mhanks to keep Lennon.🤢☠️
  4. Might cause a lot of civil unrest. Would like to see release of documents in the Salmond case which might cause downfall of Nippy,and then the effect on the Nats.
  5. Read a report saying"a minority of Celtic fans",who the hell else were there????
  6. Don't know how to paste or whatever but definitely says Falkirk4-0Rangers and match report and still there this morning. I know it is an error or the way they printed it but thought it quite funny.
  7. Hang on folks have just been on Gers main site we got beat 4-0 according to the writer.(I hope he is emoji).
  8. Can totally believe it everything SHE seems to do is akin to follow my leader/copy cat.
  9. The "blackmail" has started with the promise of free school meals for all primary pupilsIF she,sorry her party,are re-elected.👽
  10. Unbelievable and they are not sponsored by Specsavers like the Scots ones😀
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