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  1. MacK1950

    New Ibrox

    That echoes my thoughts if they can do the screens in that manner at Hampden why not Ibrox?.
  2. MacK1950

    New Ibrox

    Only waste of space is the big screens perhaps something could be done with them so that every fan has the benefit of being able to see them or just get rid of them.
  3. Compassion yes but admiration for him in admitting that he knows, in his still active brain, what is coming. A hard player and a good man.
  4. Only watched game V Belgium to see the Belgian team playing, real superstars,especially Du Bruyne and Hazard.
  5. MacK1950


    It hasn't skipped my notice but most times when I visit doctor/dentist I have been seen by an Ethnic person and on watching reality programs on tv regards hospitals foreign staff appear to outnumber British.
  6. MacK1950


    Tongue out of cheek please they are clogging things up and a burden on budgets/targets,but I admit the foreign nationals that are keeping the NHS going are the Consultants/Doctors and even nursing staff.
  7. Sturgeon is rubbing her hands as him getting to Prime Minister will p*ss of many Scots and could fall into her trap,I feel sorry for the up and coming generations.
  8. MacK1950


    Unfortunately this is the unseen side of immigration,refugee seeker,asylum seeker etc. who can bring problems they may accept in their own countries and education on the problem can be hard with the need for translators and those carry heavy costs. It's alright for Sturgeon to advocate "one country many nationalities" but there are hidden costs.
  9. MacK1950

    TV Licence

    Surely if this is implemented the cost of the license should drop for everyone with 3,000,000+ new fees X £160 coming into their coffers???
  10. Even more back to neanderthal times dinosaurs still live.
  11. McGarry is out on bail good applicant her past is out in the open.
  12. Ah well the good old SNP---"Suffer No Punishment".
  13. I remember well the days when your Mum sent you for 3 pound of tatties,a pound of mince,a couple of carrots and onions,a "pat" of butter,a sliced loaf all served up by a shop assistant and wrapped or bagged in paper bags from your local shop before the days of the "supermarkets". Now we are paying the price for these soulless establishments as is the planet.
  14. MacK1950

    TV Licence

    The BBC is an out of date institution with a bias towards England,has too many stations both TV and radio,highly overpaid self-centred so called "stars" and presenters etc.. With regard to radio I have not listened to any BBC station for at least 25 years.
  15. Not holding the clubs responsible but dislike them because of my dislike of Manchester since that time and would not visit Manchester again.
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