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  1. Aribo just skipped about playing surface as if he had played on it all his life.
  2. Ryan Jack has been in great form this season hope he keeps it up.
  3. Re the BBC content of the above link I feel assured that it has been swept into the growing lump in the carpet at castle doom🙄
  4. Some absolutely horrendous replies/tweets on there glad I only do this forum and only see halfwit tweets when I view these posts on the forum.
  5. Poor show King/Barker have not been with club long enough to be conversant with playing style and other players.
  6. Agreed re conditions but Kamara has been poor in recent games played with short and hospital passes IMO.
  7. It could be like closing time in a pub ,you know you will be going so you fill yourself to the brim!!!!!☠️
  8. It is no longer worth talking about as it TOTALLY SPOILS THE GAME OF FOOTBALL. Players are left bewildered,as are fans and when good/expensive monies are paid it is a total pain in the a***e system. To think all this crap sprung from wanting goal-line technology.
  9. Aribo shone above everyone else so my m.o.m. but Defoe also up there. Kamara too many errors hope he isn't starting on Thursday.
  10. To me this should be a gimme but I am fed up with all the stop trebles,ten in a row etc.. All I am interested in is us getting back to winning silverware.
  11. A second or two could mean 5-15 yards so waiting is not always the answer.
  12. Davis for me with Goldson a close second. Flanagan could do with taking lessons from Davis on the use of both feet.
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