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  1. Don't forget Compliance Officer and referees.
  2. Septic to be awarded the 3pts for game in hand and league result called any time now.💀
  3. Take it your SG relates to Scottish Government and not our manager?.😏
  4. Saw the highlights of Newcastle v Brighton and thought the referee over-reacted with the red card for the Brighton player.Okay he caught the Newcastle player in the face,but he was attempting to do what many players do i.e. flick the ball up then overhead kick it, and to his misfortune the Newcastle player has come in and been hit in face.IMHO it was not a foul but an unfortunate accident, maybe a yellow for dangerous play but certainly not aggressive/violent conduct.
  5. I know we have covered the Tav thing in the past but again today his mistakes/crossing and most of all decision making were again poor. The mistake and crossing were obvious but the decision making shown in the last few minutes was when we had a free kick a few yards outside the box.The position was tailor made for a Borna attempt but what does our glorious captain do takes it and floats a beautiful cross straight to their keeper,definitively change needed IMO.
  6. Didn't see it but have noticed that SG has updated news on Roofe as not being as simple as first thought so another on list and happens on plastic pitch.
  7. Our defence today failed---Borna too easily beaten allowing pass for first goal.---Even allowing for blatant off-side,Tav too easily beaten and Helander static at cross,might have been chance for McLaughlin to try a nd punch ball but as I say MIGHT. It's alright to say Kent and Arfield missed but in my eyes keeper done brilliantly,if it had been ours we would have been over the moon. It's time to regroup and get set for Thursday.
  8. Same last game is his head getting muddled akin to Morelos by the speculation?.
  9. Totally agree with that but so my post is to reflect on that.
  10. The 4 UK countries are going to meet? but what can they do? 1) Have another full lockdown= financial madness! 2) If so get figures down again and start phased returns again, then what? 3) Another spike and even more testing with further lockdown. It could become a vicious circle so really even with the rises in positive cases they should stick with the return to "normal" and hope things work out eventually and also pray a vaccine is found.
  11. Wait till you hear the wailing from Lewis Hamilton,will probably take them to court!!!!!
  12. Former winger/left sided player needed like a hole in the head.
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