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  1. Because it was out and out saying come spend and other than the rip-off prices of the tops,which did not feel like quality,there was nothing in way of other merchandise for my grandson to look at.
  2. Just back in from a visit to the Ibrox store with my son and grandson,all I have to say is that is a total embarrassment of a place.
  3. Have mixed feelings on this and just hope next season he doesn't let us and himself down.
  4. From reading spotlight and other accounts of the so called separate entity there should be enough evidence to prosecute as I believe similar such cases outside football have been proved without a surviving accused.
  5. Biggest drawback in first game is that it is on the worst pitch in the SPFL.
  6. Have fond memories of Davy--the day he ran into me when he scored V Third Lanark(was sitting on pitch due to crowd overflow) and the night I had him in my flat when he was selling insurance--a true gentleman and legend. RIP Davy.
  7. Nippy ---she has £20million set aside so will rule!!!!!No mention is made by her on service cuts and the NEED for Westminster handouts(sorry funds)which will no longer be there should she win. Some think she will win and with her accepting all and sundry to be citizens(the rhats votes are hers) she is halfway there,isn't she?. After all she climbed to the top via Scottish Oil which is no longer an option under her climate changes strategy etc. What's to stop her suppose us on here can help by telling her to fcuk off.
  8. He burnt his bridges years ago.
  9. Think Balogun's contract end being used is a result of Goldson staying,so wish him good luck for his future and thanks for his service. Also good luck to Firth.
  10. So what!!! but if they can prove to be better than the "top" referees we have at present all the better.
  11. At least it has showed how the mhedia after a few mediocre results build the Scottish,and other <teams up. The result has shown up the Scottish team and manager just where they are.
  12. Surely the club confer with Castore regards strip colour/design and other related matters before release of these things.
  13. Got something more important on ---I am playing a bowls tie.
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