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  1. We are supposed to be helping the NHS not creating queues in the A&E with people needing broken jaws mended.😧
  2. It happened in America so the puppeteers of this Island come out in support,IMO that if something similar happened here it would not register in America nor have the same so called support for the UK. What happened was a poor action by their police,which has proved so in the past as well,but the actions afterwards riots/looting/arson is totally out of order.
  3. Could be but on a number of occasions depending where and who is commentating I have turned sound off so it won't be big deal for me.
  4. Well well the SPFL first to PAY a broadcaster to let them have the rights to show games this is Scotland
  5. Totally correct,what recourse does any fan who has no satellite/cable tv supply have in getting these games?. Also watch the spike in Universal Credit claims from the mhanks👽
  6. As far as I am aware spontaneous is something that happens in the heat of the moment so it could excuse the actions of ordinary people in the 24 hours after the incident. The ensuing actions of vandalism and looting which spread after that time period can in no way be described as spontaneous but"let's get involved and stuff the consequences. Also the catalystic actions of Trump continues to fan the flames.
  7. Well the riots won't end soon as that Moron Trump is acting as a catalyst and pouring fuel onto the flames with his words and actions,at least it takes his mind off the Coronavirus issue.
  8. Can just see it"We are going to get all this money in,how much of a pay rise do you want?,"
  9. Put it this way the public hears what she wants them to hear then when the sh*t hits the fan she sidesteps then the the public hears the NEW what she wants the public to hear.
  10. Something happens that the police/army etc do wrong,in this case no excuse whatsoever,what happens:- people protest quite rightly then out of the sewers come the looters/anarchists etc. bringing headlines that side-swipe the original protest.Pity that the correct protestors cannot then be identified and absolutely outrageous as the incident that caused the the problem is now on the back burner.
  11. No doubt with Liewell lurking in the background.
  12. Sandi Shaw will be resurrected to sing Puppet(s) on a string at the meeting☠️
  13. Re EPL BBC will show live games,bet they would not have shown any Scottish ones if league had resumed.
  14. Extension not possible if players on Government furlough scheme as far as I know so it could only affect those not furloughed.
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