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  1. To be honest BBC Scotland had Sportscene on at 17.15 and on the whole were complimentary to us,even Michael.
  2. Oh to be able to be in my ST seat and see them run out of the tunnel is now top of my bucket list.💎🧡
  3. Atotal TEAM performance but having to pick one I voted Kent,back to his best and his run to pass for Hagi's goal was brilliant.
  4. A training session for most of game,if we had moved up through the gears it could have been embarrassing for them no failures today.
  5. Hope trouble hasn't broken out as two police mini-buses full of plod have just passed by my window heading into southbound Clyde Tunnel.
  6. Totally understand those that are there only hope there are no reasons for police to take action other than keeping it under control. Let's not have disrupting behaviour.
  7. Pity these two players took the criticism for leaks when they were coming from elsewhere and were plugged by the appointment of a new PR person.
  8. Really enjoyed that Kenny obviously still keeps up with us from afar.
  9. It was a certainty in our eyes it would and glad that a strong conversation was held with Crawford Allan regards referees.
  10. Wish I was as good in prediction league as I was here. SFA MUST take action against this imbecile Beaton.
  11. Don't know if it has been raised anywhere on here but I see a problem that Nippy hasn't possibly addressed. There are many "homeless" persons who are unlikely to be registered with a GP and also the "street beggars" many who are foreign and dropped off daily by their "masters" who again are unlikely to be registered. These groups pose a serious threat to eliminating the spread of Covid IMO.
  12. Got the three points despite an imbecile of a referee and assistant and against a team of thugs who have no right to be in the premier league along with their pitch.
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