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  1. Just in from the game have to disagree about Kent losing ball for first goal it came from a hospital pass from Aribo as we were pressing.McGregor no chance with goal. Second goal Kent should have punted ball away,did not,and Keystone Cop defending ensued. Thought Lundstram had his best game,MOM for me,but both Aribo and Kamara let us down badly. As for the referee he fell for all their diving and time wasting--no better than any Scottish ones. Was VAR in use tonight as I thought the push on Barisic was a penalty. Five games left to get it right but meanwhile roll on Sunday.
  2. John Nettles was indeed Bergerac and morphed into Barnaby in Midsommer Murders followed by Neil Gudgeon as said. Usually retire to computer when on or use it as a sleep tonic.😏
  3. In the rules if you forecast a defeat,without goals,you can still name a Gers first goalscorer in case they do score.
  4. If that were the final table would that mean the other mob would miss out on Euro qualifying?
  5. Against that team of cloggers I am pleased with result and for Tav's only real part in the game---what a strike!!!!
  6. Thanks for that it seems the Rangers curse of not being able to play against 10 men transcends all age groups.😒
  7. Well there is two guys at court---pressure getting to him??
  8. As an afterthought on my post it is a devious plan by Nippy to impose her selective lock-down ideas.
  9. Will be an utter shambles and bet you the COP26 won't be affected as it is not a sports(footbal) event therefore showing double standards by Nippy's Natsies.
  11. About the tattie hikers of the famine in Ireland telling the blight was ended so go home.
  12. If she goes back to that those denied entry should claim her government for the cost of each game they are not allowed to attend.
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