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  1. It was a really poor display but not helped by the Sheep getting fouls every time a Rangers player breathed on them and getting away with many yellow/red card offences. Would also be interesting if it could be worked out how long Brown kept in Clancy's face.
  2. Morelos for me for his input. Bassey not so good but should get credit for his eye to eye with Lego muncher who steered clear after that well done Calvin.
  3. Officials performance tonight woeful No.1 ref Brown moaned and gret all night,and his puppet Clancy done as he was told all night and one of the assistants was blind to anything that happened beside within a yard or two. Only thing is they could not conjure up "the next(Aberdeen)goal is the winner time.
  4. Okay but my post was meant to be about his overloaded ego than political regards government.
  5. MacK1950

    The NHS

    A wee bit up to date Yousaf states we must be aware and self/check/isolate due to the burden on th NHS. Now Yousaf states it might be necessary to transfer staff from NHS to alleviate pressure on care homes. I take it NHS pressure has been alleviated?????>
  6. He laid his bed so to speak.
  7. MacK1950


    Born 1950 went Secondary school attended by Danny McGrain/Andy Gray//Alex Millar and other well known footballers. Bought my first record player(looked like a vanity case) and first single--Love Affair Everlasting Love. Although not a prefect shared records in the Prefect's room with some others. In 1967 went to my first ever concert with a cast of Jimi Hendrix,The Move,Amen corner,pink Floyd,The Nice and others at Greens Playhouse,having pawned my first camera to pay for the ticket. In the follow on years went to see The Rolling Stones,The Who,Deep Purple,The Beach Boys and many more and to this day still live in these wonderful years where music is concerned.
  8. Have not read much other than last post but for me the EGO that is Djokovic now knows he can't overthrow a government.
  9. Where ever he goes he will be an asset to any club a true gentleman.
  10. Agree but it can be taken out if you play players in wrong way e.g. Gerard with Morelos and in past McCoist with Boyd.
  11. So the mouthpiece puppet speaks before Nippy confirms tomorrow her ongoing loathing of the Scottish people.
  12. Did not know it had even started🥱
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