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  1. If that rumour is true then give up on him immediately as we don't want mercenaries.
  2. As long as they don't do it next season-----no more plastic pitched please.
  3. Yes was Tav's biggest assistant in that area.
  4. Would prefer it to be banned as it puts attending games a turn-off IMO and a total distraction for me whilst at game.
  5. If THEY vote it out Scotland will follow-----BY THE END OF THE DECADE no doubt.
  6. Went for Raskin as I didn't miss Lundstram.
  7. Left happy as well but felt for Roofe as he done a solo lap to wave to the crowd,what we missed from a good player through him being injured so much.Wish him all the best for the future.
  8. Will make forecast later just a heads up re kick-off time being 7.30.
  9. Probably Sterling missing due to severe dizziness from confusion of where to play?😈
  10. Still two games to go for them to come through uninjured, so wouldn't make early forecasts
  11. Might be someone from the Fergus Marine Shipyard on board as they are not on ferries!!!.🙄
  12. Oh for the "Four Lad's That Had A Dream " to be still about or get persons of the same ilk then maybe our dreams will be re-kindled.
  13. In reply to the new poster via a question "Who sacks the board do they do it to themselves or is it by some other factor"?. Anyhow welcome to the forum.
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