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  1. No replays stops diddy clubs trying to get away draw if playing us and saves fans a bit of money.
  2. Enjoyed game today some great play but Lawrence done me for full points,ah well. Glad that we were not getting stopped at turnstiles with our bottles of water,well done for that.
  3. Similar to Gonzo will wear blue as I too do not pay through the nose to wear tops advertising sponsors and Castore non advertising tops are too bloody expensive.
  4. You only have to look at the recent news of such persons in the SNP ranks----simple.
  5. Just in from the game elated and totally knackered from standing the 90 minutes as I have not been too well over last few weeks. Some really good performances,another dodgy ref. and as for VAR where was it in second when a definite penalty was not reviewed. Anyway here's to next test.
  6. Me too I remember the walk down to the old Merkland Street station with the associated smell of the old system,nostalgia eh?.
  7. I normally am but last night rankled as it seemed there was no real effort shown,IMO,and having attended games for nearly sixty years it was a low for me. Regards training it is obvious that all levels at Rangers are coached in same tactic sand individuality is now hard to come by. Roll the returns of Kent/Morelos the two players other teams respect/fear. Anyway I will be there on Tuesday hoping for the big turnaround but unfortunately will miss Saturday due to a family commitment,seat subbed my seat.
  8. Simple if they are so hot in training what the hell happened in the real world?. Watching some of the new guys,they spoke well in joining interview,what happened on pitch?.
  9. A decent player in that era---R.I.P.
  10. Soutar does not need time to settle he needs to muscle up and stop being bullied off the ball plus a little bit of speed would not go wrong.
  11. Aye remember him, but have now found out more about George Taylor thanks looks like a good move for us.
  12. Aye suppose so but have heard that the great Harry Kane has just won his first trophy!!!!.
  13. Got an emergency call this morning--"Dad could you take Arran(grandson) over to Ibrox as he has tickets for training session?. Needles to say was out of door in minutes to collect him and seeing look on his face when we got there---priceless. Wished someone could have seen look on MY FACE on seeing Alfie hit back of net probably even more priceless.
  14. Maybe just me but I won't wear tops with Nike/Adidas or any other multi national company splashed over the front. They do not pay me to give them free advertising and considering if you have bought the top actually paid them to advertise their stuff. I may be in a different zone to others but this is my feelings.
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