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  1. Just watched Sportscene no after highlights discussions,wonder why????👽🤢
  2. Nearer to 55 and lego muncher off at last what a great night. No doubt red will be appealed as player put his face against the hand
  3. Just seen their squad/team for tonight as expected no Nicham/Eduoard.
  4. Me too gave very negative answers in reply.
  5. I feel that now the "freedom" of movement should now be finished and that Britain should be adopting same rules as likes of U.S. and Australia and refuse entry.
  6. Don't know how this works now ex Brexit but would think work visas are needed and if so surely they should be treated as no entry because there are sufficient(probably) personnel available locally/Scotland-wide.
  7. He is a man sitting at the bottom of the sea and drowning and should now be called before the CO as Gerrard said much less and was reprimanded.
  8. Maybe under Alexander they will give the scum a game.
  9. Aye remember being at a game where he was being used betwixt and between,won a header and had to chase it himself and nearly scored.
  10. This award has nothing to do with us financially,but further proves how we were DONE OVER at that time.
  11. From when I started watching Gers, when a handshake and a clap on the back sufficed, I honestly detest all the OTT celebrations that go on.
  12. This is one revelation that MUST be apologised for and also belated/posthumous charges brought to the fore.
  13. Regards the comment on STV by Maxwell "the Compliance Officer may look at it"!!! The Compliance Officer will look at anything that has nothing to do with Sceptic but of them no chance.
  14. Only their bench was depleted,but lot's of questions to be answered.
  15. Excellent does us good and even better that the equaliser was scored in sceptic time.
  16. What performance could an injured player(Julien) give?this points even more to it being a "jolly" for them. Reap what you sow is my thoughts.
  17. From everything it seems,Covid19 rules break,Claire White pursual etc.
  18. Why would we choose not to rack up a good score and end the game under pressure from 10 men??.
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