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  1. Was there and enjoyed game but think Tav was out of position too much with the number of cross-field balls that found the left winger too easily. Aribo great first half but not so much in second but still MOM. Hagi looks as if he was played in correct role tonight and has certainly muscled up. Morelos a couple of loose balls but had a good game.
  2. Was between Lundstram and Aribo,the goal swung it for me.
  3. If he has it can only be money that would tempt him to Newcastle as that club will not be rebuilt before Klopp goes and Steve returns to his spiritual home.
  4. Finally logged in as it took me so long to believe/disbelieve this game. First half playing like we are capable of,superb passes/flicks and a tremendous goal. Second half unreal,subs unreal,misses unreal and so on. Whole game Referee and assistants allowed the Hearts thugs carte-blanche to kick us off the park. Ah well just another Saturday.
  5. Thought about it till I seen price £68.00!!!
  6. Hibs/Hearts fans etc. most are probably it is an element within ALL clubs that cause problems as do ours.
  7. Still went for Lundstram as he,like Bassey,is not a central or out and out defender.Central defense posted missing not for first time this season.
  8. Probably last place I expected to see the Headline regards this also noted not a mention on either BBC or STV news sites but good to see action now starting.
  9. The injury where both Barisic and the Hibs player stopped game for some time(3mins) and with subs and time wasting 5 minutes was correct.BTW the Hibs time wasting started immediately after they scored and they were lucky to finish with 10 men still on field. Reading some of the comments it seemed few on here were actually at the game as there was quite a lot going on off the ball by the Hibs hammer throwers which they were lucky went unpunished. Our two stand-outs today were Lundstram and Paterson.
  10. Should that happen then I foresee many many fans being lost to the game.
  11. Not in my case I got what others have voted for.
  12. So had many others past and present but when defense/midfield can't give the necessary service speed is a waste of time.
  13. Only person worth voting for McGregor kept us in it but let down by those in front of him,defensively and offensively.
  14. Watching and listening tonight to me these kids were being orchestrated either by the home club, or other sinister forces,regards our couloured players.Not totally unexpected though. Gonzo Sakala and the other forwards are being coached by a team including Defoe ,who although a great scorer,found himself off-side numerous times during games.
  15. Their cup game v Elgin City is live on BBC Scotland so your friend can judge themself.
  16. Not good could be massive blow for us.
  17. What a kick-off time truly s**t,wonder who,what or why is the reason for this?.
  18. 3 points from a totally s**t performance
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