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  1. We signed Stewart as a forward though didn't we? I'd expect he'll replace Lafferty and is a much better option. I suspect after that it will be a case of replacing Morelos if he leaves. As for the marquee signing, I obviously want that too, but I don't think we will need it. In the past two weeks, I've picked up my hired car from bay 55, been given a new locker number at my gym (55), and seem to see this number continually in other every day interactions. These are signs that cannot be ignored!!!
  2. If we get Ono and Kent I'll be delighted. That's more exciting talent to watch next season. We now need two centre backs and we are set for 55. Anything more than this is a bonus in my opinion. Of course we then have to replace anyone we sell too. I just hope we can hold on to Kamara and Tav because I now see them as two of our 4 most key players in the team. Isn't it great to see us get our business done relatively quickly again, because we need to hit the Europa ground running again this year.
  3. We really shouldn't be putting Laudrup or Gazza in the same sentence as any of our recent players. As far as im concerned, I don't care how good/poor/risky they were anywhere else ..... they were BRILLIANT for us and certainly the two best players I've ever seen in the jersey. Can't we just leave it at that? This has made me feel down now. When will we ever see players of this calibre in our team again? It may not be in my life time.
  4. Things like this make me proud of my club. There's a market out there which we should tap into, but it's also a country desperate for organisations like our club to take an interest in its young people. Well done Rangers!
  5. This 100% I can't remember us bringing a player in and then improving him. My memory isn't great so perhaps there are examples, but not nearly enough. in the past season however, in my opinion the coaching team has clearly made an improvement to: Morelos Goldson Katic Halliday Tav McCrorie Jack Kent If we can identify more high potential signings like Tav, Goldson, Kent and Morelos, we now have the management team to develop that potential before we sell them on for big profits.
  6. Maybe they mean that they don't know whether to just write out a cheque for the £20m or send it electronically.
  7. Hopefully this is ok to post this here. If any of you are in need of even more football chat to keep you going, I suggest you listen to the Football Daft podcast. It's run by Ewan Cameron and Grado, and I laughed out loud on a few occasions. The various BBC programmes as we know are a disaster, biased, and boring. This however is great fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I've just listened to the first pod where they had Kris Commons on. He was really good on it and great fun too. Give it a listen.
  8. I'm offering to drive him to the airport before anyone changes their minds. I didn't like him the first time, and definitely didn't want him to come back.
  9. That's an interesting idea Bill. It wouldn't typically be something that would be included in a loan deal but if we can demonstrate consistently that we can add value to players, perhaps it puts us in a strong negotiating position to get such a clause in future loans. 👍🏻
  10. That's fair Frankie, but a few said they agreed with Pete so I didn't appreciate it was more the general point around missed opportunities. On reflection, Pete just sounds grumpy sometimes so that's why even his praise for Gerrard maybe still sounded like criticism 😋
  11. I do appreciate your point about loans, but I don't think our players were good enough to dislodge the loan players. In my opinion, Middleton just wasn't good enough to replace Kent, Katic was going through a real dip in form and so Worrel was quite rightly given the starting role, and earlier in the season, Coulibally and Ejaria were two of our best players so they couldn't be dropped either. I would rather we developed our own players, but the best place to do this for the ones that aren't good enough is out on loan elsewhere, like we did with Docherty. I'd personally take 11 loans for the first team next season if they were better than what we have.
  12. Great pod as usual guys. As always, I agree with some of it, disagree with some it, but enjoy all of it. I was surprised at how many of the guys on the pod agreed with @pete that Gerrard is to blame for sticking with Worrall and that cost us the league. I know we are all entitled to an opinion, but as @JohnMc has now coined the phrase "you are all wrong". 😜 Great to hear Graham give his opinions (and movie quote) on the pod and he's got to be involved more next season. It won't be long until we are back in action so have a well earned break from your duties and we will all look forward to more next season. Well done to you all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  13. We shouldn't have to lock our doors but we do. They should be able to holiday wherever they want, but they need to take care and holiday in safer places. I doubt these scumbags will be caught so these places aren't getting any safer.
  14. It's very inconvenient for me when my opinion is clearly contradicted by the facts @DMAA 😋. It's times like these when I'm going to adopt the BBC tactic of not allowing the facts to distort my deeply biased agenda in favour of Kent. And now he's signed on loan for another season, you've got more fan boy stuff to put up with from me. But seriously, I think I've also under rated the impact Goldson has had on the team. Like Ryan Jack, he's another that goes about his business quietly so perhaps doesn't stand out the same as some others. As I said at the start of this thread, isn't it just great we have so many contenders now.
  15. That's true @Bill. Jack is never going to be a "standout" player, but there's no doubt he helps make the rest of the team tick and we'd be a much poorer team without him.
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