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  1. Or it's a bit of CYA by Wallace (or rather his wife) as he doesn't want to admit he made a terrible mistake. He should encourage his wife to keep quiet. It's best for both sides if that happens.
  2. Gaffer

    Fave XI

    Great thread!!!!! Mine would be: Goram Hutton Butcher Gough Brown Laudrup Durrant Souness Cooper McCoist Mols I think I surprised myself at putting Hutton in there but I don't think I've ever seen someone like him. Stevens was a better defender, but Hutton was the best I've seen at breaking forward. I had to out Coop in there but I'll admit to swithering between him and Mikhailichenko. Anyone think their team would manage to get the ball off my team?
  3. This is a real shame. He was a very loyal and effective player for us and this one incident has caused a real black mark against his name. As I understand it though, his removal from the captaincy was definitely warranted, but of course the lack of detail about the incident was always going to result in this confusion. I wouldn't want it any other way though. It wouldn't be appropriate for the club or players to comment and the whole saga is better just forgotten now. I'm sure a few people will have learned lessons from it. Having said all that, I would hope that the club makes a statement when he leaves which thanks him for his valuable and loyal service. He deserves that.
  4. She's a lovely woman and although she's never been one to seek attention, she deserves this acknowledgement for the role she's played at the club. I didn't realise that other members of her family were involved too.
  5. Another good piece by four lads. I agree with everything in there, except the part about Brown inciting our fans. We are grown ups and should be able to handle ourselves when faced with such a pathetic excuse for a human being. When we and the Rangers players wake each morning we are down hearted and certainly annoyed at the result of a game. Scott Brown may enjoy winning football matches and league titles, but when he wakes up in the morning, he's still just Scott Brown. He's still just a thick, ignorant, ugly, disgusting moron. I doubt anyone would swap places with him no matter how many league medals it came with.
  6. If this had been a single piece, it would have been 'understandable', however the context behind this is a player who in this paper and elsewhere has been subject to language that is disgraceful. We are either living in a world where free speech is acceptable, and I wish that was the case, or we are not. How can this crap be published and regarded as acceptable and yet we have politicians up in arms at less offensive material?
  7. That was some game. We've learned that we are only a couple of players away from competing if that's the main competition. They're a poor team and we gifted them goals and a man advantage. Bring it on next season.
  8. How did he miss? Great play rangers
  9. I wouldn't say he needs to cheat. If he goes down when someone kicks him, it's not cheating, it's just drawing attention to it. We can't however condone his behaviour can we? He's a superb player, but he is an idiot and too easily wound up.
  10. That'll just reduce his value though. He will play until the end of the season and will no doubt be sold in the summer. I'll thanks him for his goals, but for us to move on unfortunately it won't be with him. It's a shame because he has everything you need to be a superb player, and possibly one of the best strikers in the world.
  11. Kent, Arfield, Halliday, Candeias and McCrorie are still all up for this game and doing well. Worrall looks frightened still. This game is over, but looking ahead to next season, we need a reliable striker and another centrehalf and we will be able to compete against this Celtic team. They are bang average.
  12. That was typical Brown and Morelos fell for it completely.
  13. Worral needs to make a few short passes to steady himself. He looks too panicky on the ball
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