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  1. Gaffer

    Passing of a Bear

    It puts a lot of things in perspective when a loss like this is suffered. Condolences to you and the family Graham.
  2. Gaffer

    [FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Defoe 12)

    I've read a number of opinions on here, some suggesting it was the tactics, others suggesting it was player selection, etc. However, for me it was simpler than that. We did not approach the game last night properly. Killie are known to be a team that works extremely hard, and battles for every ball, so why did we appear to be surprised at that? The players did not appear to think that they needed to move as much, make the runs, be quick in moving the ball, or pass sharply. This is an attitude issue, not a tactical or technical one. This is the problem we've suffered from a few times this season and I don't know what the answer is. Our players need to get into the right frame of mind before these games and to me they are clearly not. This demonstrates to me that we lack the right mentality to win the league. Each time we've gone top, we have relaxed (as if this was job done). We need the players to change this attitude quickly. We currently have a winning mentality that enables the team to win games, but it takes a different mentality to win championships, and clearly we don't have it. We don't appear to have a focus on the goal of winning the league and I'm wondering if the team lacks that confidence in itself. I'd have thought that McGregor and Davis could influence that, but it's maybe not enough.
  3. Gaffer

    [FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Defoe 12)

    I don't normally do this, but I've had to switch it off. I can't believe what I'm watching in the second half. I just haven't seen us compete nearly hard enough. Everyone in the team should know by now that we have to work hard to beat Killie, but they're much more up for this than we are. We are playing this as if it's a friendly. Killie are playing as if they need to win it. That's the difference, and after the enthusiasm surrounding the club recently, this is a bitter blow, and for this bear it's just too tough to watch now.
  4. He certainly wasn't happy with BB yesterday but my feeling about this press conference is that he just didn't like that particular journo. His whole mood changed as soon as he was directed to that particular guy asking the questions. Anyone know who he was or if there's any substance to this? Gerrard's mood changed again when asked another question by the same guy (about Pena).
  5. Gaffer

    Four Lads Had A Dream Article

    Another great read. The authors are correct ..... there is no need to read the mindless nonsense from nowhere-even-close-to-being-in-the-know "professional journos" when our online community is so well informed. I also like that there is a good degree of sense and restraint applied to make sure that our targets aren't completely exposed to our competition. The club needs to keep its business relatively secretive, but equally it's useful allowing some of the news to creep out. It keeps us going back to reliable sources online rather than the usual clowns in the MSM. I like that we are able to quickly dismiss reports linking us with so many players. That helps manage our expectations, and it also helps accelerate the demise of our detractors at the BBC, BTsport, Daily rags, etc. Keep up the great work guys!!!! We need to continue to spread the word about Gersnet, 4LHAD, etc to our fellow bears because everyone needs to know where to find out the real Rangers news.
  6. I'm gutted the game is off. There are loads of reasons why the postponement is a good thing for us, but I'd still been looking forward to seeing us play.
  7. The game is going ahead based on current conditions so unless things change a lot, we will be able to watch Defoe score this evening.
  8. I agree. I'd hate the thought of us helping them in any way John. I was initially all for us building bridges with all clubs when we returned to the premier league, but all of these clubs (or at least most of them) just continually take shots at us. So, burn the bridges I say. Other than St. Johnstone and Kilmarnock (who appeared to abstain from attempts to continually hurt our club), We should do nothing to cooperate with them unless there was a massive benefit to us. A move to United would not help Rossiter in my opinion so I'd rather he went anywhere else. The news about JW remaining with us on loan is welcome news. He's a young guy with plenty of areas to improve, but he's a warrior and I like that about him. We need players that are willing to get stuck in because we are in a fight in every game we play.
  9. Gaffer

    Stairway 13

    Thanks for this Pete. I had never appreciated that there was an earlier disaster in 1902. This is an excellent documentary, but very upsetting too. One thing that sticks in my mind from watching it is the point they make about adversity. These disasters, and the recent issues faced by our club and its supporters just make us stronger, or at least it should. The faces of those remembering what happened are quite haunting.
  10. If it was you finally coming out of the closet and declaring your undying love for KT .... I think someone already leaked that news a while ago mate. As for Stevie's understandable anger, I find that watching the last old firm game's highlights helps a lot with anger issues.
  11. Gaffer

    Predict the unpredictable

    31 for me. I think if we get 29 or more points it will be enough to keep us top though.
  12. I like Katic too but it's such an important position that we can't afford to play anyone other than our strongest options there. Katic obviously isn't it yet so I'd rather play someone else who is, and use Katic in games like Cowdenbeath to develop his attributes and confidence.
  13. This is very much Rangers related Rousseau because this was one of the first departments Gerrard sorted out when he arrived. Gerrard knows how an appreciation of numbers changed (for the better) his own game, so he wants other players to appreciate their own game and develop accordingly. It is of course also used to scout new players. This part is nothing new, but what really interests me is how we are assessing a player's mentality before he is signed. The stats are one thing, and provide an excellent insight, but how do we assess whether a player is a capable of surviving and thriving in a cauldron such as Ibrox? It's something I've looked at as a pet project because to some extent stats have been reviewed in isolation. However, when stats are overlaid with the game/league circumstances at the time, it can be very revealing. For some players (Halliday and Jack being an example), the movement, touches, awareness and tracking appears not to dip even when the team is losing or under pressure. This contrasts with a player such as Ejaria, who, when under pressure situations tended to change his game style (which I doubt was tactical). I realise DMAA was joking when he mentioned Football Manager, but their database is now used by many top clubs around the world. They have more scouts than any football club has afterall. If we can scout a player's mental attributes we will save ourselves a fortune. Fingers crossed.
  14. I don't recall anyone suggesting he was anywhere near the finished article, but he is someone that Middleton needs to look at. Gerrard is playing Kent ahead of Middleton for a reason and I'm sure he knows why. It's a game of opinions and facts of course, but Kent has all the skill, he just needs to make better decisions more often. As we discussed on another thread, crossing is quite important but it's much more threatening to get into an inside forward position and cut the ball back. Kent does it but he should do it more often. If we do sign Kent, Murphy and Middleton will have to shoot it out for a spot.
  15. We all see the game differently. I don't base my opinion on one incident or one game, but rather over the first half of the season. All I know is that each time he has the ball I get the sense that he might create something. Only Morelos can do that too. It is an entertainment business afterall, and these are the two players that I'm excited to watch. My point is more that I'm very happy with the transfer business, but Kent (for me) would be the icing on the cake.

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