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  1. The signing of Hagi is a no brainer under normal circumstances. It represents excellent value for money and the high likelihood of a large profit at some point. I found myself reading this news and yet not being as pleased as I would normally be. The reason is that I've still got this deep rooted fear of the impact that this lockdown is having (and will continue to have) on the financial stability of our club. It would appear that despite overwhelming evidence that this lockdown was completely unnecessary, and in fact more damaging than the 'disease' itself, our government (and others) seems determined to persist with it. The consistent message is that social distancing will be a part of our lives for a long time, and "possibly for years" (according to some government advisers). If that is the case, what is the club doing to ensure its long term future? Does the board know something about the government's plans that I don't? Season tickets are out as normal and yet we don't know if any of us will be able to attend any matches. I still don't see any liaising with fans regarding contingency plans for next season. It is similar to the approach taken by the airlines. Despite no prospect of the majority of flights ever taking off, the airlines continued to sell tickets. Customers continued (and still continue) to buy tickets, assuming that if the tickets were for sale that somehow their flight must be running. As each flight was cancelled, those customers then attempted to reclaim their money, only to be told that it would take months for a refund. Why did the airlines do this? Because they still need the money, and it's worth incurring letters and emails from thousands of complaining customers to ensure their financial stability - for now. Is this Rangers' tactic too? I am desperate for our club to get 55, but until I get a sense of comfort that the board is planning for a season without fans (and the financial consequence of that) I cannot get excited about signings or any other onfield activities.
  2. I don't think there's any point having backups (goal keepers or otherwise) that can't compete for a first team place. Those not in the first eleven should be fighting for their places. Wes was never going to become our number one again so he is better away. I'd much prefer to see McCrorie back and pushing for the jersey. None of the players we let go were never a serious threat to any of the first eleven. Good luck to them as I've said, but we need to keep moving forward.
  3. I'm in agreement with you, but does that mean we have to thank Joey Barton too?!? That's a stretch for me I'm afraid. As for the current players leaving, this is obviously the right decision. They'll all find their level somewhere else. They all served the club well and as a fan it's great to see someone like Halliday get to live out the dream many of us have/had. He will clearly have hoped to have a winner's medal but I'm sure he will still enjoy celebrating in the stands with the rest of us when we get 55.
  4. I like that statement. What I hope is that this goes beyond a "no confidence" vote and that these SPFL directors are challenged in court. We've had clubs claiming that they have been bullied, the CEO informed, and yet no inquiry. This is not optional. It is a fundamental requirement of every business in the world to protect whistleblowers and to investigate their concerns. It is a criminal offence not to do so. Why do they think they are above the law? I'd be happy if my Club 1872 funds went towards legal proceedings. This is just mind blowing that this is happening, never mind seeing that commentators think it's alright. There's a huge story here. Don't they want it?
  5. I read that Peter made a "rousing speech". Can anyone explain to me why he is making any sort of speech at all? He isn't on the board. Funny how he's had nothing to say up to now. This is just going from outrageous to ridiculous by the hour.
  6. Today's vote is really just about due process. We will not get our inquiry as a result of this vote, and in fact I'll be surprised if we even get 20% of clubs voting for it. The clubs know who runs Scottish football and are living in fear of consequences. Having said this, we must go through the process before we can take it through the inevitable legal process. That will take time unfortunately but we must do it. There are a few interesting things that may come out of the vote however ... 1. At what point does it become obvious that Doncaster has to go? If 20% of clubs vote for this, is that enough to warrant his resignation? 30%? 2. The noise will not go away and will only intensify regardless of the outcome, so what will the next steps be? Will individual clubs take their own legal routes or will they band together? 3. Rangers must take a stand after this. I mentioned earlier about clubs fearing the consequences of voting against Celtic, err I mean the SPFL. There must also be consequences for them mistreating us constantly and that has to be in the form of ticket sales. We must NOT take tickets at these clubs and the club could help this effort. 4. Will the SPFL immediately then seek to hand the title to Celtic? I fully expect this to be their next move. In fact I expect this to happen within days of the vote. They will do it after "receiving the support from its members" and certainly before the legal process makes it difficult. As soon as they've been handed the title I'm sure Peter will be looking for his next puppet as Neil Doncaster will have served his purpose.
  7. I have a solution. Declare me the winner or I'll burn your house down, kidnap your family, hack the Gersnet site and post pictures of @Rousseau and @BEARGER naked together. Please note that this is not a threat, it's merely me pointing out the consequences of your actions. It cannot therefore be misconstrued as bullying in any way. Please also remember that I am making this suggestion purely as a fan and not in my capacity as a member of the Gersnet prediction league.
  8. He's either a perpetual liar (not a very good one) or grossly incompetent. Either way he's got to go. If any club votes against an inquiry they deserve to die off. Incompetence/corruption is rife in our game.
  9. This is all heating up nicely and we are in a strong position to get the outcome we want, but I do hope our board is also working on a plan as to how we will survive this season. I remain concerned about the lack of apparent cost cutting I'd hope to see under the circumstances. If we cannot return to capacity crowds, how many of our season ticket holders will seek refunds, and what will that do to the stability of our finances? The board is performing well at the moment in other matters but I want to see some action in this regard also.
  10. I've written an open letter to the Gersnet Prediction League board Dear Chairman @Rousseau I have just received a fourth cease and desist request from your solicitors. For some reason you have suggested that I implied that you were being economical with the truth when you brought the prediction league to an early close. I refute this claim and wanted to put what I actually said on the record so there's no ambiguity. What I actually called you was a lying, deceitful, conniving, scum bucket of a moron who is so far up @BEARGER's backside. Everything you do is to help him win the league at all costs and I'm going to call on all my Masonic brothers to see that you not only lose your job, but that you never find another position in Scotland. And for the avoidance of doubt, if I can't get the support of my fellow Gersnetters to get my inquiry next week, I'm going to stop liking their posts. They don't deserve my blue thumbs up, and let's see how they all survive without them. Screw you all. No one likes me, and I don't make care. I am the people. Get it right up ye ya corrupt bassas @Gaffer
  11. I'm calling for @Rousseau to be suspended pending an inquiry. I've received threats from @Bill, @Frankie and @Gonzo79 but I will not surrender.
  12. Any club that voted YES in the SPFL proposal and who is subsequently bleating about the lack of reconstruction can just GTF!!! If they really thought that was going to happen then they're as unfit to run their clubs as the executives are at the SPFL. This is an utter shambles. Despite this, Rangers is under attack from the usual morons in the media. Some of what they're writing is beyond belief to anyone outside of Scotland. These guys are to blame for the state of our game, just as much as ND, RM and MM. Time and time again they fail to play their role in presenting facts or even a rational opinion.
  13. I've been really impressed with SR in his interviews. He I said calm, articulate, intelligent and persuasive. I have criticised his inability to effect changes, but he is acting the way I would want a Rangers CEO to behave. Proud!
  14. No one outside of our country would believe that he was once the head of our football league. I still wonder whether I've just had a nightmare.
  15. This is really well presented by Rangers and there is so much in there that was not made public before. If members are asked to make decisions without material disclosures, ND has no option but to go. Furthermore, if RM or MM knew about these then they have to go too. This is exciting. The legal counsel is spot on in terms of the material breaches of their fiduciary responsibilities. If that's any other director/chairman of any other company they will be struck off and be unable to be a director again (at least for some time). Sometimes small to medium sized businesses (which is what all clubs are) are given a bit of leeway but I don't imagine that high profile businesses can be afforded this same luxury. This is definitely the end of Doncaster at least. I just wonder if he will take all the blame and allow RD and MM to remain. Rangers has enough to take this to court but I wonder if they will. Even if ND avoids charges, his reputation is surely in tatters and as a result will have to be removed via a no confidence vote (which might be their next tactical move). I would prefer this route because he might then be encouraged to speak up and take the other chancers down with him. If we take the litigious route, they may all clam up and then it's down to how much evidence exists to take down RD and MM. As someone said earlier, this is time for the popcorn. I hope we hear from the other clubs now. Surely no other director at the SPFL will want to be seen to be supporting this trio now because they're all dead men walking. If they take legal advice they'll be told to be seen to be pushing for this 'possible' corruption to be investigated. If not, they could find themselves implicated. In some cases I hope they are because many of them are guilty.
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