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  1. I am sure I remember when they all wheeled out their experts who said that not only were face masks useless, they would actually be dangerous. Or did I dream that? I think these are the experts bill is talking about. Or maybe it's the experts at the WHO who said this was not serious at all. Then after lobbying these experts are now changing their opinions. Funny that. It would be educational to look back at those interviews but I doubt many will do that. According to some on here, COVID is also a cure for other health conditions. It's cured flu completely (ONS statistics), and now very few people die with heart disease or stroke (ONS statistics). It's a miracle. Nothing to see here. It's also amazing that lockdown actually increased the death rate (ONS official figures again). Anyone want to dispute that? I won't wear a mask. It's not selfish, it's just called being smart (in my opinion). I think wearing a mask is stupid, useless, and still causes the same dangers we were warned about when the experts explained why they would do nothing to prevent the spread of this or any other virus. Selective memories, or short ones being demonstrated on here. I do however realise it's pointless because there has been a brilliant effort to brainwash the masses into believing the official story and that's proven on here. It's funny that Rousseau said I had made some pretty big statements and where was the evidence. I just wish that same question had been asked of the governments and officials when they locked us down, removed freedoms, and killed thousands of people as a result of their actions. Nope, there was no demand for evidence then, we just went along with it. Not me! Anyway, I just came on to send a couple of private messages and realise I should not have re-engaged. I've really enjoyed my time on Gersnet. Hopefully the one thing we do agree on (seeing a successful Rangers team) can be realised this season. I wish you all and yours the very best.
  2. I gave you facts about the numbers. You can check them. I told you about personal experience and why this is so important to me to find out the truth. Bluedell responded in a childish manner (in my opinion) and I reacted. I'll just leave it for a while because I'm not getting the feeling that anyone else is interested or bothered - which is fine. Good luck. Cheers.
  3. I was wondering why you'd be a moderator as it clearly wasn't based on your ability to engage in rational debate. But now I know .. it's down to your incredible wit. You win though. You've closed me down. ??????
  4. I'm not sure if that's a question or a statement. The actuaries have excellent data and have accurately predicted death rates over the past 20 years in particular. They predicted many more deaths in 2020 but this was before anyone was talking about COVID 19. They now have the challenge of predicting the devastating effects these restrictions will have on mortality rates in the future. I've seen some early indications of this assessment and it does really worry me. I know it worries many people in the know in the NHS but they're not allowed to speak out. If what we are being told is the truth, why threaten and silence the NHS staff? Wouldn't you agree that it's worth a closer look and possibly an independent investigation? Surely that's the least we should ask for?
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that but I completely understand. This is why I'm so passionate about this issue. There are three instances in particular that annoy me at the moment: 1. There are very important people in my life who are not receiving the medical treatment because of this lockdown and subsequent restrictions and it's going to be the cause of them dying. That is a fact! 2. There are people who have died and their families are being told the cause of death is COVID when they know it's not. That might seem a trivial thing to many of you, but to my family its very important that the true cause of death was recorded. It wasn't, despite many escalations to senior staff and even politicians. They know what's going on but seem unwilling to challenge it for some reason. 3. Family and friends have been unable to spend the last few days with loved ones because of these restrictions. I hope none of you have to suffer the torture of knowing your loved ones suffered and died alone. That to me is inhumane and something I will never forgive these people for. And then to restrict who can attend a funeral - only to see hundreds of people being allowed to line the streets in Ireland for an IRA terrorist. It's sickening. If anyone has a close friend or relative who either works in a hospital or has to attend one, please ask them what they are seeing. The hospitals are empty.
  6. I'm fine to talk about it I feel you want to, but they're not caused by COVID.
  7. In October 2019, the prediction was for an 83k increase in deaths for 2020. There are many reasons for this. The problem we now have is that there is a knock on effect of deaths which will be caused by the effects of the lockdown (e.g. Lack of cancer screening) and these numbers are what really frighten me.
  8. Corona virus does exist because it's well documented over the past 70 years, but what I don't believe is that it's so much more dangerous than previous strains. There is now overwhelming evidence that the numbers are grossly exaggerated. People are dying with it, but most of them are not dying from it - they're dying of other chronic and pre-existing conditions. In each of these cases, COVID was being out as the cause of death. Do you know how many people die each year because of flu in England? It's about 17,000 and that remains fairly constant, although in 2015 it was more severe and almost 29,000 people died that year. This year, how many people have died from flu so far? Zero! Does that mean COVID has cured flu? There's a similar story for other respiratory conditions. I have spoken to 6 fairly senior people in the NHS and they all fail to understand the rationale for the current guidance. They've all been warned however about speaking out, in fact they've been threatened with being suspended if they do. I am not trying to upset anyone, but I don't think it does any of us any harm to check out the facts of this rather than rely on the small number of people who are feeding the various governments the current lines. And for the record, I don't want or expect anyone to believe what I'm saying. In fact quite the opposite. I'd like others to look into this for themselves rather than relying on what they're being told by the government and the media.
  9. I don't want to stray too much off topic but we've never distanced for any corona virus in the past so I've no idea why this one is any different. The rate of infection and death rate is hugely exaggerated as is being proven by NHS whistleblowers. I hope this scandal is exposed at some stage but by that stage the damage is already done. I expect history will show that lockdown and social distancing killed more people and ruined more lives than the so called virus will. And yet no one in the media is strong enough to challenge the obvious holes in this horrible 'hoax'. As it's the Rangers forum, my particular concern here is the effect it's having on our club, and yet I don't see anything being done to mitigate the risk of what will happen if the stadiums remain empty. I'm still very worried about what this is likely to do to the viability of our league and club. With Doncaster and co in charge of the wider league I've got even less confidence. I'd love someone to give me a reason to be hopeful.
  10. I agree the sign was rather stupid, but for what it's worth I am one of a growing majority that believe this COVID 'pandemic' is no more of a virus than many previous years. And there s no doubt it does impinge on freedoms which I think is unacceptable. So please don't conflate these things as I think it just dilutes your argument.
  11. They are 'preventing' the youth players from getting game time because they're better players. It's 100% down to the youth players to show that they're better. If they are, they'll get game time. In my opinion I don't think any of the current players are good enough to break into the first team. Kelly has an opportunity to prove me wrong this season on his loan, and I hope he does. The rest are good players, but do we really think that Kennedy can be anywhere near as effective as Hagi or Kent? Do we think Patterson can do the job of Tav? I don't. It's an inconvenient truth but the only one who did look like a first team player was Gilmour and we've lost him to Chelsea. If these others were really that promising they'd be attracted elsewhere too. I'm sure they'll have careers but not at Rangers.
  12. I must have missed this caveat. Where did the club say that? Regarding the OP, for what it's worth I'm sick of the political stuff becoming conflated with the club. Equally I'm sick of the increasing restrictions on free speech. As far as the trans debate is concerned, I have a view that would be very unpopular with all trans people but I don't want our club to get involved in that debate. Leave that to the politicians and law makers to sort out (although in my opinion this current government mob will screw that up too). Our club has demonstrated that it can't even get enough support to ask for an enquiry when everyone knew corruption was afoot in our league, so who will care one bit about what our club thinks about non football matters? As a club and support we have much bigger problems to deal with if this idiotic/dangerous 'social distancing' continues. I've still not seen or heard anything from the club that suggests we are preparing well for the repercussions if the stadium continues to be empty. So to worry about who is standing next to us in a toilet is utterly irrelevant to me at this point.
  13. The signing of Hagi is a no brainer under normal circumstances. It represents excellent value for money and the high likelihood of a large profit at some point. I found myself reading this news and yet not being as pleased as I would normally be. The reason is that I've still got this deep rooted fear of the impact that this lockdown is having (and will continue to have) on the financial stability of our club. It would appear that despite overwhelming evidence that this lockdown was completely unnecessary, and in fact more damaging than the 'disease' itself, our government (and others) seems determined to persist with it. The consistent message is that social distancing will be a part of our lives for a long time, and "possibly for years" (according to some government advisers). If that is the case, what is the club doing to ensure its long term future? Does the board know something about the government's plans that I don't? Season tickets are out as normal and yet we don't know if any of us will be able to attend any matches. I still don't see any liaising with fans regarding contingency plans for next season. It is similar to the approach taken by the airlines. Despite no prospect of the majority of flights ever taking off, the airlines continued to sell tickets. Customers continued (and still continue) to buy tickets, assuming that if the tickets were for sale that somehow their flight must be running. As each flight was cancelled, those customers then attempted to reclaim their money, only to be told that it would take months for a refund. Why did the airlines do this? Because they still need the money, and it's worth incurring letters and emails from thousands of complaining customers to ensure their financial stability - for now. Is this Rangers' tactic too? I am desperate for our club to get 55, but until I get a sense of comfort that the board is planning for a season without fans (and the financial consequence of that) I cannot get excited about signings or any other onfield activities.
  14. I don't think there's any point having backups (goal keepers or otherwise) that can't compete for a first team place. Those not in the first eleven should be fighting for their places. Wes was never going to become our number one again so he is better away. I'd much prefer to see McCrorie back and pushing for the jersey. None of the players we let go were never a serious threat to any of the first eleven. Good luck to them as I've said, but we need to keep moving forward.
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