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  1. Manager contracts don't mean anything really, but I hope we do keep him for as long as we can. I've said a few times that it's great to win, but for those of us who remember how tortuous our football was during those Smith and McLeish years (never mind all the crap since), I'm loving the standard of football we are capable of playing these days. If we can start to add a few trophies it'll prove that you can indeed have your cake and eat it.
  2. We will take that. We would all have taken that when the group was drawn.
  3. Jack had to do that. He couldn't take the risk of them breaking.
  4. The fans have been brilliant again tonight. There's barely been a minute where they've not been singing. And 'the bouncy' is always great entertainment.
  5. Anyone else enjoying this Morelos/Aribo/Kent combination up front. I don't want to jinx it but this looks very dangerous.
  6. Get in there. Brilliant by Kent and Morelos. 1-0
  7. I bet they don't though. There's no need, afterall there will be no politicians rushing to condemn this, and no report by FARE or any of the other hate speech organisation. They are all too busy watching Celtic tonight, or trawling through Rangers supporters' footage to see if they can see or hear anything from big bad Rangers fans. I'm sick of these double standards.
  8. I see Arfield is back in the team. I'm really hoping he can have a good game. We need our front three to create chances and score a couple because despite what some think, this opposition is very capable of scoring a goal or two.
  9. I really couldn't care less what he sings. I really don't care what people say in general. I would however be horrified if one of our players did it because it shows a lack of class. What really does annoy me though is the double standards. If this was a Rangers player it would already be front and centre on the BBC website and there would already be dozens of tweets by MSPs declaring a national emergency. And there would be others reminding us that sectarian chants and child abuse are not as bad as tax avoidance. When Scott Brown woke up on Monday morning he had a winner's medal and another few thousand pounds in his bank account. When Tav woke up Monday morning he had no medal and fewer pounds in his bank, but at least he's the Rangers captain. Brown has to wake up every morning as the scumbag he is and no amount of medals of money will ever change that. I know who I'd rather be.
  10. We definitely need to win something and soon. There's no doubt about that, but winning isn't all that matters. Those Smith years were terrible for quality of football. I know I wasn't alone in feeling utterly bored watching a lot of our games. I could only have dreamed of our team playing the quality of football we do these days. Having said that, I'd accept a poor performance if we had won today, but not most weeks.
  11. That's what you call stating the bleeding obvious, but @craig is still correct .... they were minging. We murdered them, and if we do that in our remaining games against them, we will win.
  12. I thought our fans were amazing today. Our fans sang from start to finish. Great performance and effort all round today.
  13. Well, that's gutting but after that I'm very optimistic about the season now. If we play like that against them again, we will win. This was just one of those games. Morelos needs one goal against them. If he gets that, he'll score loads more. Great effort Rangers!!!
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