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  1. Look at the state of this also. Hibs fans are just thugs and they will get away with it. Appeal after Rangers fan knocked out at Haymarket Station http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-36354075
  2. Only 5 subs too and one was 17, great to have promising youngsters, but we need strong experienced players too. With leadership on the park. Wallace can't do it alone.
  3. Hi everyone. Putting the end of the game unacceptable behaviour aside yesterday. I would like to look at our team and the way we played. 3 soft goals conceded, which has been consistent all season. Where are the defence? I am enjoying being linked with different players, however none seem to be defensive other than Barton and he is a big if to come now IMO. We desperately need a commanding centre half like the way Davie Weir or Amasouso were. We also need a strong defensive midfield player, I am not sure if Crooks fits that bill or not. Someone who is smart and will not be bullied! Any thought?
  4. The press will do that, I can accept that's what they do. However when he states that he loves mind games as this article makes my point. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11792/10107752/hibs-boss-alan-stubbs-enjoying-mind-games-ahead-of-rangers-clash Then he referred to Rangers stating you can deny it as much as you want but it's happening. In reference to our form. The press may spin, but Stubbs enjoys mouthing off and he's not very good at it!
  5. Stubbs is in the paper and news every day trying to play mind games. He thinks he's Alex Ferguson! When Hibs get beat it's everyone else's fault! Rangers better come out all guns blazing! Centre backs should not play so hight up the pitch so they can't try long balls into space. If we keep it tighter at the back don't get stupid ref desicions going against us we can put 3 or 4 past these idiots!
  6. You're right. They're chasing Rangers for the tax, not the players. Would that mean that the players would have come anyway? Another point. Each time Rangers played during the EBT years there were 5 or 6 players on the field who didn't have an EBT. Are they to have their medals taken?
  7. I can see them bowing to the pressure, but the reality is there have been no rules broken. Let them try, King had better be good to his word and fight it. I think his words were so strong as he knows this and so do they. In reality they cannot just do what a bunch of Rangers hating ignorant twats want! No rules have been broken, just remember that and the next time someone calls us cheats ask what rules we've broke. You will get we bought players we could not afford. That is not a rule, all clubs borrow money! Then it will be tax dodging with an illegal scheme. No, it's not illegal and it's everyone's right to minimise their tax liability. They have nothing mate, in time we will laugh at this when we lift number 55!
  8. In regard to title striping and cheating. Cheating is a pre meditated deliberate braking of the rules in order to gain an advantage over a competitor, such as Lance Armstrong. Can someone please explain where Rangers have broken the rules that have lead to us cheating and which rules were they? EBTs were legal, there is no rule in the SPL/SFA rule book that states a club cannot look to minimise it's tax liability. The hearing last week did not conclude EBTs to be illegal, just that tax should be paid. The side letter issue was dealt with by Lord Nimmo Smith who concluded it was an administration error and we got fined £250,000, but it was confirmed no sporting advantage. The way I see it is quite simple Rangers have broken no rules and therefore cannot be accused of cheating. The SPFL/SPL/SFA are powerless as no rules have been broken and they cannot retrospectively change the rules to punish Rangers as that would show their hatred of all things Rangers, which of course we know to be true, but even they cannot be as brazen!
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