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  1. pete


    The Westfalenstadium is one big cement block with a few yellow girders. I would hate Ibrox to look like that.
  2. Tav has played as a RM, but it didn't go too well if I remember right. Having a player in front of you is completely different from having players running in all directions around you.
  3. I think picking Beaton is a get it up you call by the SFA. His not sending off Stokes for his wrestling of Tav to the ground against Hibs is probably one of the worst football refereeing decisions I have ever seen.
  4. Is there any way we can bring this in safely and legally. It is a fantastic spectacle, but it has to be done safely.
  5. Not for me. Maradona in place of Ronaldo up front and Johan CruiJff in at CM.
  6. I agree he did a lot of tracking back, and it is possibly no coincidence that in all three pre-season games the right-back gave us the most problems. It is of course an attacker's role to score and assist, and that is where he fell short. How often did you see him breaking a gut to get in at the back post to score? Not often in my view.
  7. Genk were the better side over the two games but blew it because their defence is poor. The Genk striker Tolu would have been a handful for our defence, as he is a man mountain and dangerous at set pieces. He even scored in his own goal.😁Against Genk it would have been a slogging game, whereas this will be a more patience and build-up game.
  8. Let's hope, Danilo's contract has a Santa Clause.😁
  9. Unfortunately, he is surrounded by Celtic placed men and will never be able to change things that Peter doesn't want. As others have said, it is a yearly swap with a Celtic representative.
  10. Yfeko looked good for the first few minutes he came on, but then made a few poor decisions and thus mistakes. Not stopping the cross for the goal was a lethal mistake and one of the basics of football. You have to stop crosses at source. He is young and will learn. Not ready for the first team yet, but maybe unfair to judge on the few minutes he was on. Rice is going to be a massive player. Unfortunately, the modern trend is that he will be bought away before making an impact in the Rangers team. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Lowry showed that he deserves some more game time and was unlucky not to win us the game. Raskin was the jewel on the crown, though. What a player he is. John Souttar was the other stand out for me and one of the few I would say was up at Newcastle standard in the first half. Due to a stagnant midfield, he got pulled out of position at the first goal'The midfield at the goal was shocking standing in a straight line across the pitch, giving the Newcastle players about 4 metres room and totally open for the wall pass that ensued. Ryan Jack and John Lundstram should never be the mainstay of our midfield ever again. They are metres off the pace and that is not pre-season cobwebs, that is a few years of failure. Lundstram has had a good 6-month period in 4 years at Ibrox. Just my opinion, and no doubt others will think different.🙂
  11. We do get a fee for players who sign for other teams, but as Cammy says, I hoped up a good clear out and new ideas. We can still hope up Lowry and I think Rice has an excellent chance of the first team football if he is not pulled away from us first when he is 18.
  12. pete

    Bleep Test

    You have more chance that a diesel will win a bleep test than a sprinter. A bleep test is not for people with a 15 yard pace explosion apart from helping with general fitness
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