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  1. Not poor planning. It was spread by the SLO and other sources that if you were near the away supporters entrance that you had to turn up early. The club cannot write to everyone separately. I live in Germany and I knew there was a problem at that end. Life is what it is and Information is given over social media.
  2. I agree but hopefully Barisic will be back as I don't think they would of scored if Barisic was playing. The first especially, Flanagan was hopeless.
  3. Thanks mate a great read and fond memories.
  4. 1980 Scottish cup final. My last game before I moved to Holland. Absolutely shocking and a fair amount of kids taken away with head wounds. Thankfully these days are in the past. BUT! Unfortunately when one door shuts another opens as we are now hit with flares, fireworks and even bombs that can have you blind and deafened for life.
  5. I was going to ask you but didn't want to offend or put off anyone else if you couldn't do it. If I am honest you are simply the best man for the job so it is also a Yaasss from me too and probably the rest of the forum as well.
  6. The Netherlands has a quick court for football hooligans or supporters who have erred. there were 6 arrested. After the quick court 4 were released to await a trial on 21st Nov and 2 were kept in custody until the court case. the trial lasted 8.5 hours 2 got 2months in jail 2 got 6 weeks jail 1 got 1 month jail 1 was not guilty and released. This was in answer to DB's question over the Celtic supporters.
  7. i seen him in a few games last year and he stood out as a really good player.
  8. Bill I don't always agree with you but on this issue i will back you 100%.
  9. No we need to win against the Young Boys and head the group.
  10. After tonight maybe at the weekend. Shocking defending.
  11. as I said in the preview their defenders can't build from the back. That is where we have to get pressure on. We did it a few times and they were all over the place. They are pressurising us and it has to be the other way round.
  12. I doubt it very much so he has not been fit for ages. He came back a few weeks ago but disappeared again. He never played at the weekend.
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