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  1. pete

    Good Bargain XI

    The PSV game in Eindhoven was epic.PSV had never been beaten at home. I could still watch that game on a daily basis.
  2. pete

    Good Bargain XI

    Amateur/junior teams were ruled out as he was my first thought.
  3. Voted! Since Frankie mentioned me on the podcast over the great Ajax academy myth I will try and write a post when I get back home next week to put it up for discussion.
  4. Has Jeffers been named yet?
  5. I remember standing in the old enclosure and the blind supporters getting a running commentary.
  6. The Compliance officer league confirms that.
  7. I tend to agree with that. I don't believe for a second that he was the best option not being picked for punishment reasons. He was out for 2 years with an injury I guess that paid a price to his fitness. Some even think he was feigning injury.
  8. When was the last time Ajax won the Eredivisie? Ajax have now improved their academy but for years they were placed 7th in Holland for the quality of their academy. Not so long ago Ajax had more first team players sitting in the stands than in the first team pool. The Ajax super academy is a blast from the past. They were also the first team to scout all over Holland and abroad for youth players. All the top teams do that now.
  9. Shit! I booked to come to Scotland on the 14th if I had known we play the tims on the 12th I would have booked for the 11th
  10. I am pretty sure we are stuck with Davis for another 12 months. That was a part of the deal.
  11. Video's of himself as he could hit a ball as well.
  12. pete

    What the hell

    Must be Dutch. Only they could come up with that.
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