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  1. And debate about how shit the SNP are.
  2. I certainly hope it is not through an injury, I just hope Helander is better and we are stepping up a level.
  3. I was only joking mate. I have just never really thought about starting polls to be honest.
  4. Only because he is a bombscare.
  5. Agreed! Your the only one that can do these polls.
  6. Probably but I started because of the agenda against Katic. I can never be sure but I believe if we had stuck with Katic last season we would have been mighty close to winning the league. Worrel certainly never helped our chances. I just hope Gerrard doesn't make the same mistake twice.
  7. Jack was my MOTM yesterday.
  8. Because certain people think Goldson is some kind of god and sit waiting to pounce on Katic for making a mistake even if he is not the perpetrator of the mistake. Goldson makes a huge mistake almost every game. I am not talking about a small mistake I am talking about a "What the F*** are you doing" mistake. A lot of people don't seem to want to see that, but if Katic farts they are on his back. Thankfully there are a lot who agree with me and it is becoming more and more obvious. Katic is the best defender we have at the moment and Gerrard made a big mistake last season dropping him for Worrel.
  9. Another game where Katic saved Goldson's skin
  10. If this keeps up I will go back to using illegal streams and stop paying for nothing.
  11. I read that relationship is out although not from a good source.
  12. Unfortunately not a choice. I had a sickness in my fishpond and have buried 6-7 koi-karpers this week. I have emptied my whole pond 40.000litre water and put the remaining fish in a swimming pond with medicine. I hope I can save the remaining Koi.
  13. I was busy in the garden until 20 minutes before the kick off and wasn't near twitter. I expect to be able to login to RTV anytime before the game and not have to search twitter for a link.
  14. I am a paid up member of Rangers TV but I had to watch an illegal stream tonight because I couldn't get on to the Rangers TV website. My internet was okay as I had a great illegal stream without any problem. Not getting on to RTV pisses me off
  15. Preview now up. https://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/ipboard/topic/40744-legia-v-rangers/
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