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  1. Bankrupt is his middle name. His real money is well hidden
  2. Bullshit! My finger is buzzing to lock the thread.
  3. At that speed. He couldn't play 10 minutes at the top level now.
  4. Rascal? Too nice bastard first class!
  5. I don't like Watterreus playing with Rangers after he he said something like he didn't really want to play for us. I can't remember exactly what he said but I thought at the time "You c***"
  6. The only place I can judge is the Dortmund stadium and the drink and eating stalls are mobbed just before the game. That people can have a drink without having to walk from a pub also plays a role. Down your pint enter the ground, have a pee and go to your seat to watch the Gers. Heaven!😀 I can see many getting off the subway and having a pint and possibly a snack. I take it the idea will be to better facilities and experience. It may not happen overnight though. Admittedly the weather will play a role on numbers but that is normal unless you live in a warm land.
  7. A lot of British supporters pay the full package and also a VPN to pay so us oversea'rs get it cheap.😀
  8. 17.25 pound is just 19 euro's maybe 20 after conversion. I accept that can be a lot of money to some that are struggling to make ends meet but thankfully I can afford it at the moment. If I go with pension then that may change.
  9. I have the 17pound + a month as I live abroad but well worth the price. Welcome back mate.
  10. As far as I have read is that Celtic will catch up in December but as we play Hibs on the Friday night that week it will be in the new year before we catch up.
  11. I stand corrected! 😀
  12. While it is called a 6 point game, you do only get 3 points so the difference would be 5.
  13. I like they films. I have totally no idea what Paul Gascoigne was saying.
  14. Watched the full game now. Normally you can't see past a hat-trick scorer but for me the fact is that without Stewart Defoe wouldn't have had a hat-trick. Stewart for me with his 2 assists and he was generally all over the place in a good way. Surprise of the season.
  15. My wife works voluntary for a foodbank here in Germany. All of the food comes from the Supermarkets.(ie Aldi and Lidel and more) They do fresh food that the supermarkets won't sell anymore. A supermarket won't sell Lettuce with bad leafs on the outside so the foodbank pulls the bad leafs and it is perfectly good. tomato's and peppers leeks carrots are other things that the supermarkets throw out while they are still good for consumption if the bad ones are thrown out. Also products with a few days to the sell by date are given out.
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