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  1. pete

    New Ibrox

    I was going on the assumption that we cannot grow out. Obviously as long as we can keep growing Ibrox then that would be the first choice.
  2. pete

    New Ibrox

    Love Ibrox but loyalty to a stadium cannot hold the club back.
  3. Is this a stupid Question? Could Rangers not just run down Rangers retail company keeping it alive with some dormant cash and start up a new company to which they can operate. I am sure Celtic have a few companies like that.
  4. I am afraid he wasn't always a good man. In fact more of a ned in his younger days.
  5. He is still only 19 and he did start to struggle last season. You could see his confidence in trying to go past players was getting less and less. I think he is better out on loan.
  6. Probably not but then Rangers have been in a bad place and we still support them.
  7. Totally agree. My heart shrunk when I heard that Petrie and Mulraney have taken over the roost. You just know that it is not going to be good for Rangers.
  8. He is far too technical for Aberdeen. McInnes just wants cloggers.
  9. I understand that point but I still think that Rangers supporters should go and support and be louder than the people who jeer our players. I have always thought you never solve a problem by walking away.
  10. I may be wrong but I think this will come into play if Rangers are well in front in the league or win it and gain entry to the Champions league. Celtic would be hoping to replace us. Seemingly cases put in front of the CAS take ages for a decision so the SFA could rule us out of Europe until they make a decision. Of course they could make that decision and ban us from Europe this season and until there is a CAS decision.
  11. I don't really get why you would not want to support your national team to be honest. I support Scotland, not the SFA or the Tartain Army. I won't let these people take my support for my national team away. Do I agree how Scotland is run these days then the answer is no but we can't change things by running away we can only change things by being bigger and louder than the rest. If people want to support Engerland or Ireland then fine but unless you have a connection then they are the ones with the identity crisis. My support is in front of the telly of course.
  12. Now we know why Petrie and Mulraney have been put in place. I don't understand what they hope to gain from pursuing this. It can only be a fine. It will probably cost more to chase it.
  13. My father talked about Woodburn Brand Baxter. When our sons ask us about Matt Polster it will be "WHO"? Oh ye he was married to Brittany Polster.
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