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  1. Not poor planning. It was spread by the SLO and other sources that if you were near the away supporters entrance that you had to turn up early. The club cannot write to everyone separately. I live in Germany and I knew there was a problem at that end. Life is what it is and Information is given over social media.
  2. I agree but hopefully Barisic will be back as I don't think they would of scored if Barisic was playing. The first especially, Flanagan was hopeless.
  3. Thanks mate a great read and fond memories.
  4. 1980 Scottish cup final. My last game before I moved to Holland. Absolutely shocking and a fair amount of kids taken away with head wounds. Thankfully these days are in the past. BUT! Unfortunately when one door shuts another opens as we are now hit with flares, fireworks and even bombs that can have you blind and deafened for life.
  5. I was going to ask you but didn't want to offend or put off anyone else if you couldn't do it. If I am honest you are simply the best man for the job so it is also a Yaasss from me too and probably the rest of the forum as well.
  6. The Netherlands has a quick court for football hooligans or supporters who have erred. there were 6 arrested. After the quick court 4 were released to await a trial on 21st Nov and 2 were kept in custody until the court case. the trial lasted 8.5 hours 2 got 2months in jail 2 got 6 weeks jail 1 got 1 month jail 1 was not guilty and released. This was in answer to DB's question over the Celtic supporters.
  7. i seen him in a few games last year and he stood out as a really good player.
  8. Bill I don't always agree with you but on this issue i will back you 100%.
  9. No we need to win against the Young Boys and head the group.
  10. After tonight maybe at the weekend. Shocking defending.
  11. as I said in the preview their defenders can't build from the back. That is where we have to get pressure on. We did it a few times and they were all over the place. They are pressurising us and it has to be the other way round.
  12. I doubt it very much so he has not been fit for ages. He came back a few weeks ago but disappeared again. He never played at the weekend.
  13. General story at the press conference Botteghin came out first and when asked what they had done to improve from the first leg to see what went wrong he said they had studied video's. He said Advocaat had brought a different philosophy and was improving confidence. He said the Rangers strikers were aggressive and they would need to match that. Rangers should expect to see a different Feyenoord tomorrow and they are going to try the forward press, unlike having to go onto the back foot as against Groningen. Advocaat. A lot of injuries but he would not say who. A Lamont from BBC Scotland asked what he thought of Rangers. Scottish teams are underestimated in Holland but Celtic and Rangers are amongst the top European teams and it will be a difficult game. Rangers showed what they can do at ibrox and Feyenoord never turned up. That will have to be different. Thought Gerrard was a great player and looks like he is improving Rangers but he is new and training Youths is different to training top teams. It looks like he could go on to be a top coach. Rangers have bought good players and are a good team it will be difficult. Thoughts on Morelos and Defoe. My only thought is only one will play. DA: Or do you think different? Journalist: No. DA. Well that is that then.? Advocaat had his best time at Ibrox and it is a special club even down to the wash lady. When asked about Zenit beating Rangers he said I am confident of beating Rangers tomorrow but I was far more confident back then. Will it be a surprise if Feyenoord beat Rangers? Yes! Again he stated that he wants Feyenoord to control the game but it is not always possible as sometimes the other team have better players. Then when asked about Fernando Ricksen he wished his family well and that such a young daughter should not be missing her father. He said I took Fernando to Rangers and he became a legend there. Then I took him to Zenit and he became a legend there. Unfortunately it was not on the park. Even in his dark period he was always honest with me though. That was it in a nutshell really and not translated word for word
  14. https://www.feyenoord.nl/nieuws/nieuwsoverzicht/live---persconferentie-voor-feyenoord---rangers-fc---271119 For anyone interested if anything is in English.
  15. His pieces!? I used to have a colleague who left his house everyday with a briefcase and wearing a Columbo Jacket. All that was in the briefcase was his bread box. It was just all show for his neighbours as he just operated a turning machine.
  16. Rangers travel to the Netherlands on Thursday to play Feyenoord in Rotterdam. Their name is now spelled Feyenoord but was originally Feijenoord. They updated their name from the old Feijenoord and took a modern English language plunge to Feyenoord in 1974 - pity really; changing your original historical name. For anyone who has been to the Feijenoord stadium, known as de Kuip (the bath tub), will know it is a mass of steel. I would rate it higher quality than tin city on the east side of Glasgow, though. During the war years the Germans wanted to demolish it for the scrap metal to turn the steel into weapons but the director of the stadium estimated a much lower tonnage of high class steel and the Germans decided it was not worth knocking down. Later the stadium was also used for pop concerts and my moment of fame was going to watch Pink Floyd playing there in 1988 which was unfortunately the last time the band toured Holland. As we all know Jaap Stam begun the season as manager. Jaap was probably one of the best defenders you could get but after a spell of managing Reading and PEC Zwolle he got a move to Feyenoord,. The team started off playing not great and quickly got worse. Defeat against Rangers, who a certain Dutch journalist called a nothing club, and a chanceless 4-0 defeat against Ajax saw Jaap fall on his sword. Since he left, players have come out and said he was unclear in his instructions. Why didn't they tell him that at the time seems a logical question for me? After his management performances up until now questions do have to be asked about his coaching ability and man management, I am afraid. After Stam departed, Rangers old boss Dick Advocaat took over as interim manager until the end of the season. Dick Advocaat will do one thing to the team: discipline. He is up to this point unbeaten but after Feyenoord drew 1-1 with Groningen at the weekend the same Dutch journalist stated on telly last night that even Dick Advocaat can't polish a jobby! The fact that Feyenoord had less possession than Groningen must set some alarm bells ringing in Rotterdam. In general though, Dutch Journalists expect Feyenoord to win and stated they could not name one player in the Rangers team. I would say that it is their lack of knowledge as Steven Davis missed a penalty against their national team just a few day's earlier. I have to say that one of the problems with Feyenoord is that they have really only one central striker in Nicolai Jorgensen and he is pretty much always injured. The only other specialist central striker they have is a seventeen year old kid who is still learning his trade. They have been trying many other permutations of wingers or attacking midfielders with Luis Sinisterra playing there recently as striker, but obviously a natural striker is a big part of the backbone to the team. At the back their big money defensive buy Argentinian Marcos Senasi has instead of being a rock in defence actually become a laughing stock amongst the media. They have have painted him as the big money defender who can't defend and can't pass a ball more than a few metres. Dick Advocaat defended him this week saying he will be money well spent, and to be honest he had a reasonable game against Groningen, so maybe he just had problems getting used to his different surroundings. It is my view that we cannot let Feyenoord play football. We have to be in their faces every minute of the game. Defensively they are weak and Morelos should be able to role their defenders. I would try to let them give the ball to Senasi and the put pressure on him to make a mistake. If we let them come at us then they do have players that can hurt us in Steven Berghuis, Luis Sinisterra and Sam Larsson. Obviously a forward line built for on the ground football and not for high balls into the area. With Jens Toonstra, Leroy Fer and Orkun Kökcü they have a decent midfield but certainly not world beaters. Rangers Rangers didn't play that great on Sunday but we got the three points. Playing bad and still getting the points, is the sign of a good team. If we defend as we did on Sunday though then Feyenoord could rip us apart. The Hamilton goal was a comedy of errors with our central defenders caught out of position and Barisic looking on like he had bought a ticket for the game. Thankfully our defending has been great in Europe so hopefully we can keep the clean sheet and get the win or draw that we need. One thing we can all be sure of is that Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent must, and barring injury, will play. Morelos' value to the team is of paramount importance and Sunday's game showed that Jermain Defoe when not scoring goals is a virtual passenger. Morelos can score and also hold up the ball to bring the midfield into play. I may be biased but in my eyes Steven Davis, Ryan Jack and Glen Kamara are certainties for the midfield and are good enough to dominate the Feyenoord midfield. I think Ojo will make up the wide right position. With the knowledge that Feyenoord have small, quick technical footballers and virtually no aerial threat, would it possibly be better to have Edmundson at the back other than Filip Helander? We all know Goldson won't be dropped but Edmundson certainly looks quicker than both. I doubt Gerrard will mess around with the defence to be honest. I think the Rangers team will be: A draw will probably take us through to the next round depending on the result between Young Boys v Porto. With a Porto win being the only result to stop that. One thing is certain: to be sure, two wins from the last two games would be just what the doctor ordered and give certain Dutch football pundits a remembrance of who the famous Glasgow Rangers are and our players names. C'mon the Gers.
  17. Does that mean if Rangers should ever go bankrupt again the clubs history will be lost?
  18. I had to laugh at the Scottish cup draw. The female presenting said. "Teams to look out for. No.9 Celtic. No? BSC Glasgow"?
  19. You are right but it is possible to become a Rangers supporter of course. The guy from Weirs Pumps is a Rangers supporter but proffers to keep his money in his pocket.
  20. Barisic and Goldson are an embarrassment at that Hamilton goal.
  21. One thing is certain if Defoe doesn't score he is the waste of a jersey. Morelos did more in 10 minutes than Defoe 80 minutes.
  22. How can the difference between us and them be 6 points when we have only lost 5 each?
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