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  1. Lets keep believing and don't go too hard on Buffalo, enough biased journalist will do that, I can see the headlines tomorrow. Yes he is young, yes he is petulant but who else do we have that can put the ball in the net like him.? If Motherwell can take two points off Celtic we can beat them. Keep believing, the alternative is not worth thinking about. In Stevie G I trust. WATP,
  2. I have supported the Gers for 61 years..... Lets keep Politics out of this and concentrate on football and the return of our Club to the top of Scottish and European football.
  3. I agree with Craig on this, we all rallied round to keep the club alive in the dark days so I am in favor of re-energizing our support again to get us into a strong enough financial position to challenge Celtic sooner rather than later. The job is only half done. Despite the inconsistency this season the reputed £8M spent in the summer has strengthened our squad since last year and more funds would surely accelerate the process. Securing a new good manager is vitally important of course but we need better players on the park and this costs money, its as simple as that. Not everyone could afford to donate money and some would have a problem as they expect the Board to cough up more but the bottom line is that we have the most loyal supporters in the World and there would be many, like myself, who would consider pledging an affordable amount each month say. What about a Rangers Lottery or something similar which could be accessed easily on line by the many bluenoses who are unlucky enough to live their life remote from Ibrox. As Craig pointed out we had 200,000 + in Manchester so there is a huge reservoir of fans out there to tap into. Lets all become engaged with positive ideas like this and support our club in the hard times rather than being negative about everything and get back to being one of the best football clubs in the World. Ideas welcome! WATP
  4. Whilst everyone has an opinion on where our squad could be strengthened that was not the thrust of my question. I was asking whether we should leave Graham Murty in place until the end of the season to give the Board the time to do due diligence on our new manager which is of huge importance if we do not want continual management replacement as we have seen with Warburton and Pedro. As I said we could still strengthen the squad with the low cost players mentioned in the January window and allow him to make a fist of it for challenging for the top league placings and probably get us into Europe. Unlike some of the posters I cannot believe that there will be no money in January. If that is the case any new manager worth his salt will stay well clear of us. It is how and when we spend it that is of primary importance. Continual improvement in our squad in each window is a must if we are to get closer to Septic. Remember they will have more money from their European involvement to allow them to strengthen theirs.....Scary thought...... WATP
  5. Torquay Boy. I know we are all naturally caught up in who will be the next manager but what about the improvements necessary to our playing squad in the meantime? I am concerned that if it, quite rightly, takes us some time to appoint a new manager this is the worst time of the year to be awaiting for an input from some unknown manager before we put plans in place for the January window. Sacking a manager only months after we have backed him to bring in his own squad of players is not ideal as at least some of the players such as Morelos, Candais, Pena and Herrera will be wondering what their future holds which is not good for their moral. We all know that the squad needs supplemented if we are to end up as high up the league this season so the clock is ticking whilst we go through the manager recruitment process. It is obviously a Catch 22 situation faced by the Board. My view is that we should leave Murty in place until the end of the season but perhaps strengthen the squad with players such as McLean, Walker and Moult all of whom are low cost purchases and save the bulk of our ' player pot ' for a new manager coming in around May 2018. Does anyone agree.? WATP.
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