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  1. The Board did try to help Scottish Fitba', only recently. Scottish Fitba', for the very most part, scorned and mocked it.
  2. Yeah, but is there not an old Merle Haggard song about this cultural appropriation: "We don't drink no maté in Fochabers, We still pay for goods in LSD..."
  3. When the Rangers team performs as poorly as the referee, it drops points.
  4. This could go completely belly up, very easily. We have lost control of the game.
  5. Now then, Rangers, no sitting back on laurels which you have not yet earned.
  6. Hibs are controlling this match, with some degree of ease. Disappointing.
  7. Lex Talionis is not the new Box-to-box midfielder, then. A splendidly Jacobean interpretation of the match. A word, or two, of warning: not only does the avenger often end up in a bloody mess, himself, but this kind of piece, in all likelihood, will fall foul of the present administration's proposed Hate Crime Legislation (truth, again, outdoing fiction).
  8. Good for him. Dundee boy, is he not?
  9. There is a statue of him in Auchtermuchty. Just sayin', like.
  10. Open season on Rangers' players now. Boards, various, have, over the years, maintained silence, dignified, apparently, but read as uninterested and unconcerned, and have kept the club's powder dry, so dry that to detonate it now would result not in a bang, not even a flash in the pan, but a puff.
  11. If you can remember, you weren't there.
  12. Syd Barrett was many things, fey, drug crazed, hippy dippy among them, but prog rocker? I think not.
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