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  1. I actually heard BBC Radio Scotland's fitba' programme last night. By Christ, it was clear that both Tom Sellick and The jacobite hate Alexander McLeish; with a passion; with a poison. Our Cameronian Correspondent, whom God preserve, of Douglas, is correct: receipt of an EBT was declared to be unacceptable to the "Tartan Army". However, a tax avoider, user of spurious arrangements such as investing in non existent fims, and merely hypothetical technology companies, was suggested as a candidate for McLeish's chair, and with approbation; their lodestone directed Lurgan. I don't know if this had been run past the Intelligence Analysis Corps of the "Tartan Army"; I suspect not. Would it matter in the slightest? I suspect not one whit.
  2. https://www.irishnews.com/news/northernirelandnews/2019/04/15/news/anti-semitic-abuse-filmed-in-derry-pub-branded-as-disgusting--1597985/ Anti-semitic abuse filmed in Derry pub branded as 'disgusting' CLAIRE SIMPSON 15 April, 2019 09:21 Several men in Derry's Bogside were videoed making anti-semitic comments after a Jewish filmmaker asked why so many Palestinian flags were flying in the area A video showing several men spouting anti-semitic abuse has been condemned by politicians across the political divide. Several men were interviewed in a pub in Derry's Bogside by Jewish playwright and journalist Tuvia Tenenbom (62). In the clip, Mr Tenenbom asked drinkers why so many Palestinian flags were flying in the area. "You have a lot of Palestinian flags here? Why do you support them?" he said. One man answered: "Because we hate the f***ing Jews." "The Israelis are child-murdering scum. "They stole their land and killed their children." One of the group shouted: "The only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn't kill enough f***ing Jews." The man added: "They're the scourge of the world, the scourge of the earth." Mr Tenenbom was filming in Derry for part of a documentary series he was making on Brexit. The comments have been condemned by politicians including DUP leader Arlene Foster, Alliance leader Naomi Long and Ulster Unionist MLA Doug Beattie. Mrs Foster branded the comments as "disgusting". "The small Jewish community in Northern Ireland will always have my support and that of all right thinking people," she said. Mrs Long said she hoped the comments would be investigated. "No place for this disgusting anti-semitism in our society. None," she tweeted. "Neither have you any credibility criticising the actions of the Israeli state whilst making such despicable comments about Jewish people and praising Hitler and the Holocaust. I hope action will be taken here." Mr Beattie tweeted: "This must be condemned by all right minded people & all political representatives and parties." "But I certainly don’t think this is mainstream thinking in Londonderry or anywhere else in Northern Ireland."
  3. Grunt, "Faddy", and gk coach Stevie Wood have also been bulleted. One imagines, therefore, that there is a compen bill to be settled, and one pretty substantial in Scottish Fitba' terms. If the SFA moved to appoint a manager and associates, who are currently under contract, then another compensation package for the releasing club would be required. In addition, the salaries and perks they currently enjoy would, presumably, have to be bettered. I suspect it likely that the next Manager (and staff), if appointed from outside the SFA, will come from the ranks of the resting, or from those whose contracts will expire without renewal at the end of the season. Neither option encourages optimism; nor does appointment from inside Hampden itself. Mind you, I could care more.
  4. Uilleam

    The A to Z

    Whatever the technology, the results have been, all too often, X-RATED
  5. Uilleam

    The A to Z

    Gone but not forgotten. X should have been for X-rays, specifically those of Daniel Prodan's knees (and others, too numerous to mention).
  6. Uilleam

    The A to Z

    Urquhart, Billy
  7. Uilleam

    The A to Z

    E is for Edmiston Drive
  8. Headhunters required. Alternatively, Dial-a-Tim Employment Consultancy would be cheaper.
  9. Paul Foote got there first, in a book still worth reading, if anyone remains interested in the old imperialist. Powell was actually a bit nuts, in my opinion. The comparison I was making was about seemingly strange bedfellows, with some similarities between alliances then and now. However, you, it appears, can read my mind. Do you read the stars, too?
  10. Yes, but would the officials have awarded a penalty, if a defender had bundled the ball -a la Llorente- away from goal? I suspect not, but am no expert.
  11. Great to see Abu Dhabi Town, the vanity project and PR masterpiece, financially doped beyond its eyeballs, come up short against the pride of North London. Enjoyable match to watch, I must say, with a couple of cracking goals. Overall, Abu Dhabi was the better side, although whether it 'deserved to win' is moot. The resolution of injury-hit Spurs surely must count. No doubt debate over Llorente's goal will continue. I am unsure about it myself. I have to ask, however, that had he been defending, would the referee, VAR-aided or not, have awarded a penalty?
  12. The point was that, then, left wing Labour icon, and sacred cow, Benn shared a platform with right wing politician and icon Powell (who has a very significant claim to be a maverick, himself), and that, now, we have an ex Labour 'left winger' allying himself with an English Nationalist. History repeats itself, although I am unable to distinguish which of the above examples represents 'tragedy', and which 'farce'.
  13. Reminiscent of Tony Benn sharing a platform with J Enoch Powell. Plus ca change...
  14. I can't see the problem: we all have to acknowledge that the Green Brigade is a separate entity.
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