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  1. Uilleam

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Arfield can get pass marks. I won't argue. I forgot about McAuley, who must be for the off, and Flanagan, who has rarely, if ever, looked the part. We do need to clear the decks, and will, given the amount of loans, and players at contract end. What we don't need, thereafter,is to stuff the squad with essentially untried youth on loan, and ageing maestros who have lost their legs and mojo. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, is not a recruitment strategy.
  2. Uilleam

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

  3. Uilleam

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    A lot of them are on loan, so will, or ought to, disappear viz,, Worral, Koulibaly, Davis, Kent, Defoe. After them,Lafferty. Then look at Arfield; possibly Katic who seems to be out of favour; then there is Wallace, of course. That is quite a turnover.
  4. Uilleam

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Correct. I would have to add that a clear-out in the summer is essential. The bookies must love those who are suggesting, optimistically, that we remain in the Scottish Cup. It is possible that we will despatch Kilmarnock, but on recent form I cannot be sanguine about success this competition.
  5. Uilleam

    Gordon Banks Dead

    Don't disagree. Damned few, if any, better.
  6. Uilleam

    Gordon Banks Dead

    Yashin, for one. Shilton, too.
  7. Uilleam

    Compliance on Power

    He may have been going for the ball, but he did so completely recklessly, to the endangerment of his opponent, and, in fact, kicked him on his head, when that head was at, well, head height. Given that every contact sport now employs extreme caution re head injuries and potential head injuries, and have changed Laws, Protocols, etc, accordingly, it is ludicrous for Scottish Fitba' to assert that Power's action was acceptable, and warranted merely an admonition. He should have been dismssed. An interesting point to ponder: if Power had been given a red card, and had appealed it and the concomitant sanctions, what would the verdict have been?
  8. Uilleam

    Gordon Banks Dead

    Banks of England. RIP. A fabulous goalkeeper, who, if he wasn't the best ever, was certainly in the top handful.
  9. Uilleam

    Compliance on Power

    Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Taking into account the out and out jobbery which has accompanied and pervaded the role of Compliance Officer, we - and even those uninterested in Scottish Fitba' - detect the stench of putrefaction; and all the incense in the world will not disguise its reek.
  10. Uilleam

    Another found guilty

    Calling him a clown doesn't really narrow the field.
  11. I asked for clarification: "There was insufficient evidence." I requested more of an explanation: "There was insufficient evidence to charge a sellik player." I pressed further: "It is unlikely that the CO will ever find sufficient evidence to charge a sellik player." It seems fair to me.
  12. Uilleam

    Trial By Sportscene Must Be Challenged

    I give you Diego Costa.
  13. Uilleam

    Trial By Sportscene Must Be Challenged

    That is why the National XI is at the top of world football.
  14. Uilleam

    Notice Of Complaint/Tribunal Table

    The Compliance Officer should be renamed The Handicapping Officer. The club like no other (for which mankind must offer thanks) has clearly managed to impose a system on the SPL, which, unlike any other such arrangement anywhere, does not function to place disadvantages on competitors to equalise their chances, but to produce entirely the opposite outcome. The most notable and blindingly obvious beneficiary is itself. Hence, you are incorrect to assert that competition is distorted - it is clearly subverted.
  15. Uilleam

    [FT] Kilmarnock 0 - 0 Rangers

    Is it the pitch, or are we just, well......mince?_

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