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  1. Uilleam


    All I see are argumenti ad puellam. So much misogyny; so little sense.
  2. Uilleam


    Didn't have you down as quite the archetype.
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  4. Uilleam


    Sheltered life, then?
  5. Uilleam


    Bitter: synonyms: resentful, embittered, aggrieved, dissatisfied, disgruntled, discontented, grudge-bearing, grudging, begrudging, indignant, rancorous, splenetic, spiteful, jaundiced, ill-disposed, sullen, sour, churlish, morose, petulant, peevish, with a chip on one's shoulder "a bitter old man"
  6. Brother Walfrid's Restaurant serving the magic mushrooms again, it would seem.
  7. Well, he's had a decent break, scoring runs in the County game. it would look desperate, mind.
  8. Roy at 3 would allow Root to go in at 4, apparently his preferred position, with Stokes at 5, Bairstow at 6. (No Denly). Who opens is a bit of a mystery. There must be someone in England, surely?
  9. I am not sure that Roy is an opener; a No 3, perhaps.
  10. Champions League whipping bhoys.
  11. Will there be play today? If so, here is The Guardian's Rob Smyth's advice on how to remove Steve Smith from the crease https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2019/aug/14/mission-possible-how-get-steve-smith-out Mission possible: is this how you get Steve Smith out? England will put their faith in two bowlers who did not play at Edgbaston, Jack Leach and Jofra Archer, to cause the imperious Australian batsman a few problems at Lord’s Rob Smyth Wed 14 Aug 2019 19.37 BSTFirst published on Wed 14 Aug 2019 19.00 BST 1) Left-arm spin Jack Leach might have played at Lord’s anyway, given Moeen Ali’s loss of confidence, but a stat doing the rounds during the first Test at Edgbaston certainly helped his cause. Steve Smith has a Test average of 35 against orthodox left-arm spin; against any other type of bowling he averages 70. The stat needs to be qualified – he struggled against the great Sri Lankan Rangana Herath on some viciously turning pitches – but equally it cannot be ignored. And the disparity is becoming more pronounced: CricViz stats show that, since May 2016, Smith averages 22 against left-arm spin and 96 against the rest. 2) Disrupt his rhythm Smith is such an eccentric, fastidious batsman that many have advocated trying to rip him out of his bubble. There have been many suggestions about how to do this, including bowling the ball earlier than expected, putting a man in his eyeline just off the cut strip or picking a fight with him. The most popular idea is to use more slower balls, particularly early in his innings, in an attempt to disrupt his rhythm. 3) Movement away from the bat Smith was the top-scorer on either side in the last Ashes series to be played in England – yet he made four consecutive single-figure scores at Edgbaston and Trent Bridge. It is no coincidence that those were the pitches that offered the most seam movement. Smith is most susceptible to the ball moving away from the bat, especially early in his innings, and he was caught in the cordon in all four of these innings. England’s seamers would love to challenge Smith on the green, green grass of home. 4) Patience On Sky Sports on Wednesday morning Shane Warne suggested a two-part plan for Smith. The first was to have a tight leg-side field to keep him on strike, with a few early rib-ticklers to stop him moving across his stumps. Then, once Smith is anchored to middle and leg, bowl a series of fullish deliveries in the corridor of uncertainty – which for Smith is slightly wider than with other batsman. In Tests in England, Smith averages 28.2 against deliveries on a fifth/sixth-stump line. Anywhere else and he averages over 60. 5) Jofra Archer There is more expectation on Jofra Archer than any England Test debutant since Graeme Hick in 1991 and he will surely be straight into the attack when Smith comes to the crease. We should not expect miracles, especially as Smith averages 92 against deliveries over 87mph (140kph). But Archer has a unique style – he gets very close to the stumps, has a wicked bouncer that comes from nowhere and the discipline to plug away outside off stump if England go for the Warne plan. Whoever comes out on top, his battle with Smith should be unmissable for the Lord’s crowd.
  12. It will be difficult for the usual suspects to traduce or ridicule the Club's observations , given that they are made subsequent to the post match debriefing with Kilmarnock FC, the Statutory Licensing/Safety Authority (East Ayr Council), and Poileas Alba. We have to assume that the statement does not contradict anything in the Minutes of that discussion, as, if it did, the other parties would, quite rightly, cry 'Foul!'. We are surely right to anticipate, therefore, several public apologies to the Club and the support. No, I don't think so, either.
  13. You weren't in Ballymena, you were in Novosibirsk.
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