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  1. Not the Tartan Army, but cryptozoologists heading for a conference on the Loch Ness Monster, tomorrow. Equally as deluded, granted, so an easy mistake to make.
  2. Humza likes to dress up. Does that mean he is a dedicated follower of Fashion? (Or that he will be after July 1st?) He will have to change his alleged allegiance, which raises issues. The principal question is not whether he will do so, but whether we would want him numbered among us. 'Everyone, Anyone' , Ah ken, but standards, people, standards.....
  3. I think that most -if not all- intelligent voters can see through them. Government’s PR strategy is simply corrupt The subordination of Public Health Scotland to prevent embarrassment for the SNP means the public are being cheated Alex Massie Tuesday June 15 2021, 12.01am, The Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/governments-pr-strategy-is-simply-corrupt-53d9g6kzc For the greater part of her career in government Fiona Hyslop, the former culture secretary, was a rare example of “a safe pair of hands”. She only rarely “made news” for all th
  4. And you might well be right. New lord advocate Dorothy Bain QC ‘backs referendum’ But, nil desperandum, Ms Joanna Cherry, QC, SNP MP, describes the new Lord (Lady?) Advocate as a "woman of the highest integrity". Quite how her probity and professional rectitude will survive being part of a government which regards the rule of law as a moveable feast, and UK law as something that may be ignored on the caprice of cabinet colleagues, remains to be seen. I am sure that she knows what she is getting into. (She is styled, below, as a 'barrister', which
  5. (I have this information from an impeccable, unimpeachable source) David Marshall is keen, desperate, for a return to rasellik. Hence, to attract the attention of its new Head Coach, he went walkabout. Explains it all. You're welcome.
  6. Almost a chat-up line there, Jean-Jacques. You might be on to something. Plums, likely.
  7. Steve Clarke speaks to the BBC. “It was quite an even game, I don’t think there was much in it. Obviously they were a little bit more clinical with their chances. Losing the goal with a second-phase set play was disappointing and we went in at half-time on the back foot, then the boy’s hit a wonderful strike from just inside our half. It was a shot that got blocked that fell perfect for them. So those moments went against us. When we had our chances to get back, we didn’t take them. It’s a good learning experience. We didn’t come here to learn, but you still learn your lessons, that’s what hap
  8. The hero of the hour, Patrik Schick, talks to the BBC. “The first game is so important and we are happy to have won this game. It’s always hard to play against us, because we have a lot of hard-working players. Scotland was a tough opponent, but we were ready. I saw the keeper off his line, I checked already in the first half. I thought maybe this situation will come. I knew he stays very high, so when the ball came, I quickly checked where he was standing, and it was a nice goal. Croatia will be a little bit different but we will prepare.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/live
  9. Teófilo Cubillas. Juan Cayasso. Stefan Effenberg. Gazza. Abdeljalil Hadda. Patrik Schick. (I am indebted to The Guardian for the above.)
  10. A pusillanimous team selection has, so far, got what it deserves.
  11. Not just the BBC!! The Times, formerly a newspaper of record, presents us with this sublime attempt at subliminal influencing This is almost beyond comment; it is certainly beyond contempt. Ajax fans go free after Dutch court queries identification Paul Drury Monday June 14 2021, 12.01am, The Times Ajax fans waves Rangers flags before their match against Celtic in November 2015 MARK RUNNACLES/GETTY IMAGES Ten Ajax fans who allegedly ran riot in Glasgow before a Celtic match six years ago have avoided conviction i
  12. NZ chasing down 38 to win the match, and the 2-match series. England have performed so badly that we must assume that the players wanted to watch the Crotia game this afternoon. To be brutal, this side needs 2 test class openers, a test class no 3, a test class 'keeper who bats, a test class spinner, a test class captain...... and Stokes.
  13. I've just quickly re-read the article. Yossi Cohen does not once mention the Green Brigade, nor Rasellik North Curve. That can only mean that they scare the shit out of him. Surely.
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