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  1. Was Salenko traded for Peter van Vossen?
  2. Uilleam

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    That, if anything, was worse than Wednesday, and that is saying something. May we consider the season over? It is difficult to oppose that notion.
  3. Uilleam

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    Worrall is shot. Should be hooked, then sent for hypnotherapy. You have the winter break, Doc. Convince him he is a centre back.
  4. Uilleam

    John Maclean

    The point is that Germany in fact lost the war militarily, and we need to accept that.
  5. Mental health professionals in this country are under the pump. Sevco obsessionals surely should be way down the priority list, somewhere below compulsive musturbators.
  6. Uilleam

    John Maclean

    I don't think that we have had a love-fest about mass slaughter. I do think that the war was won militarily in the final 6 months or so. To suggest that victory was achieved only by a revolution in Germany -which did not actually occur then- seems to me to play to the Nazi myth that Germany was 'stabbed in the back' by communists, Jews, and social democrats, and hence lost the war, a conflict which it had already lost.
  7. Uilleam

    Who is The Best Player in Scotland?

    Take my word for it, then....
  8. In 1956, the Communist party of China, under the great Helmsman, Mao Zedong launched a(nother) campaign, called "Let 100 Flowers Bloom, and 100 Schools of Thought Contend. The aim of this was, ostensibly, to allow people to criticise openly the regime, its policies, and political, social, and economic issues of the day, in a constructive manner. Ultimately, Mao used this campaign to identify, weed out, and punish opponents of the regime. There is nothing new under the sun.
  9. Uilleam

    Who is The Best Player in Scotland?

    Morelos is better than anything pederastyfootballclub can put on the pitch, hence the focus, not on his playing exploits, but on matters of temperament, and other such guff. By stereotyping Morelos, they stereotype themselves. It is good to see, now, however, some of the football press going off message about him, as the other thread attests. Currently, Freddo is the best outfield player in Scotland. McGregor, of course, is the best 'keeper. His performance against Villarreal at Ibrox, on Thursday, was the stuff of legend.
  10. Did anybody notice -on BT Sport- Michael Stewart going all Alan Cumming at various moments during the coverage? "Christophe...Oh, Christophe.. Christophe....". Are these fellows an item, or what? Not that it bothers me, but should a guy be asked to commentate on his spouse?
  11. Is it McGregor, or is it Morelos?
  12. i think that we ouight to start with 10 men, and when we get the -inevitable- red card, we can bring a man on.
  13. Uilleam


    Fury was out the ring for, what, 2 years or so. He did no training, no road work, no sparring, and let his weight balloon to 28 stones (now 18st 4lbs) He had significant health and lifestyle issues during this period. His two fights on the comeback trail were against, basically, cannon fodder. Therefore there are questions over his general fitness/conditioning, and his ring rustiness. Many are suggesting that if the fight goes to 10, 11, 12, the more likely a Fury victory, which seems to be based on the assumption that the Champion is little more than a slugger with a devastating if somewhat wild punch. I suspect that this does Wilder a disservice, and may overrate Fury's general fitness. If Fury lasts until the stretch, we will see what affect his sabbatical has really had. If we get the Fury who flummoxed, frustrated, ought thought and, in sum, out boxed Klitschko, it is game on, and he could win. Betting wise, however, it is difficult to oppose Wilder.
  14. Uilleam

    Neil Young

    None of them could sing, either.

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