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  1. And it doesn't involve a Toblerone....or an Alpenhorn ...and it works in chess. The "proposed new format may be complicated for fans to grasp" which rules out rasellik, obvs, so what's not to like? CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Ten group games against different teams in proposed Champions League shake-up Martyn Ziegler, Chief Sports Reporter Wednesday December 02 2020, 12.00am, The Times Uefa is to hold talks this week on a proposed new Champions League format that would involve clubs playing ten different opponents in the group stage in a d
  2. I am told that he would "die with his boots on".
  3. Somewhat like Mussolini, who, for all his faults, was an unswerving sellik man, fru' and fru'. Is there a service station near the Piggery?
  4. Just sayin'...... Paul Lambert battles for Ipswich future at a ghost club in rapid decline Ipswich have lost five of their past eight League One games and alarm bells are ringing loudly in a season crucial to their future Nick Ames Nick Ames @NickAmes82 Tue 1 Dec 2020 11.25 GMTLast modified on Tue 1 Dec 2020 13.58 GMT https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/01/paul-lambert-battles-for-ipswich-future-at-a-ghost-club-in-rapid-decline Last month the Ipswich goalkeeping coach, Jimmy Walker, tweeted his views on this season’s third tier. “Mass
  5. ....who sang with The Thunderbirds.... ....and Thunderbirds are "Go"... ....which is the message when you are Out of the Europa League Out of the League Cup, and trailing The Famous in the league
  6. Actually, from what I have seen on-line, I think that Poileas Alba showed remarkable restraint last night. And it was kind enough to provide an escort out of town for the Ross County party.
  7. They would have had to have gathered evidence in the first place, to lose it, subsequently.
  8. A minor inconvenience, and no threat to anyone or anything.
  9. The media, the club, and, indeed, the authorities, have indulged -and lauded, garlanded, supported, and encouraged- these people for years: their transgressions ignored, their whims accommodated. They have spoiled their child, and, thus, fostered a staggering sense of entitlement and a belief that it can do as it wishes. Last night's disgraceful -criminal- behaviour was a manifestation of a temper tantrum, unsurprising, and brought on by results which did not suit. Is an appropriate remedy to hand? Depressingly, I foresee only more pandering and pampering. I n
  10. A very professional performance from Rangers. I thought that Fa'kirk deserved some credit, played well, and kept going for the full 90.
  11. Disgraceful behaviour at Piggery Place. Surely there will be questions and a debate at Hoyrood Wind Farm tomorrow, Poileas action , special courts (at, say the meat market), to deal with the fhilth, and exemplary sentences dispensed. Can we still send the c unts to the Antipodes?
  12. One hesitates to ask, but was Councillor Nathaniel T aig a...... ....Presbyterian?
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