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  1. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace. And what did that produce? The fucking Toblerone, which has a splendid shape, and impressive rigidity, but softens under a little bit of pressure.....
  2. Probably just as well...
  3. Dressed 'appropriately' were we?
  4. I was sent this I can't confirm comparability of situations. . I mean who remembers this kind of stuff?
  5. If "serious sport is war minus the shooting", both should be tried for cowardice in the face of the enemy, and, following inevitable verdicts of '"Guilty", horsewhipped.
  6. There are not enough serious sides in Scotland. Decimate them. 5 subs has to stop. It means that some players will be naught but benchwarmers, primarily B Teamers.
  7. Yes, but Clarke's record over the stretch of games before the Euros was deplorable, only beating the giants of Gibraltar, if memory serves. That is indicative of something, and it ain't good. However, Clarke stuck to his guns, and to his pals, and to his 'formation', if such it was, and to his 'tactics', if such they were, and paid the, ahem, penalty. It may only be described as a failure of management. Oh, and the 'pen' v Hungary was not a pen. Hungary, in fact should have had a pen, but didn't need it. And I'd take the Argentinian ref, and his assistants, and VAR men, for the next game v the fhilth.
  8. And I worry about flinging the bairn out with the bathwater....
  9. If you had a decent League structure, then I could see some sense in it. (Frankly, there are too many teams in Scotland's SPFL. It should be culled.) I don't think you could have, in Scotland, two leagues, with the lower division containing, what, say up to 10, or12, (or so) B teams. Unless you were able to have a B Team league on its own. (At least that would prevent a team being relegated, and having to play its own B Team, home and away.)
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