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  1. In whose gift is this "Manager of the Year" award? Press/pundits? Managers? Players?
  2. Still better than mediocre. Very decent record at Test level.
  3. Better than mediocre, Compo 58 Tests, 229 wkts @28.39. 159 ODIs, 235 wkts @26.42 https://www.espncricinfo.com/england/content/player/13411.html
  4. Well, I would hope that the settlement of claims such as those of Whitehouse and Clark would not go through on the nod. I appreciate that settling out of court is often cost effective, but I am unsure whether it is advisable to let those who were instrumental in causing the claims in the first place licence to agree their settlement, without hindrance, and without being subject to scrutiny from outside ie from an auditing authority.
  5. There has to be some oversight, no matter the amount, and no matter the profile of the claim. Otherwise, there is scope for all sorts of malfeascence, expediency, graft.
  6. Why wouldn't they be? If such outgoings are subject to no scrutiny whatsoever the scope for abuse is huge.
  7. I was of the belief that one had to evidence loss, and to demonstrate/prove the value of that loss. Where the settlements are out of court, by the government, as they are in this case, then surely they will be subject to audit, and if not, why not?
  8. A sadly unsurprising turn of events, given results and performances. Chelsea spent a huge amount of money in the last window, although I thought that this was, maybe, the Club catching up following its Transfer Ban. The resultant team, however, has singularly failed to impress, in fact, in many respects, has struggled, and the new players, particularly the two German donnerstiefel, have looked, well, like duds. Tuchel, or a coach like Tuchel, will surely get a better tune out of the squad. As for Lampard to Piggery Place, I would be very surprised:
  9. We have been streets ahead, and 3 - 0 does not flatter in any way. Aribo's goal was not too shabby. A couple of goals in the second half before the hour mark, then bring on the subs. If we can convert this into a barraload, 6, 7, even 8, I would be happy: it would build the goal difference; it would build confifidence; it would have Timothy spewing (assuming he has anything left to puke).
  10. The Club has been hoovering up sponsorships and partnerships like nobody's business, so, perhaps, it should look, now, to sell 'naming rights' for the new facilty. In that regard, I am inclined to go for a beer Company, and would, respectfully, and humbly, suggest THE FAMOUS ORANJEBOOM HOUSE
  11. This is not just a Government Balls-Up, this is an SNP Government Balls-Up. Cracking photo, right enough. Queensferry Crossing ice problem was pointed out in design stage Kieran Andrews, Scottish Political Editor January 23 2021, 12:01am, The Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/queensferry-falling-ice-problem-was-pointed-out-in-design-stage-0dx050jd0 The Queensferry Crossing has closed three times because of ice accretionTIMES PHOTOGRAPHER JAMES GLOSSOP The risk of ice falling from the cables of the Queensf
  12. Unless we spend it. i don't think that he mentions that, but it's an easy mistake for a financial guru to make.
  13. There is still time and opportunity, when Clarke, after the Euros, takes the hotseat at Piggery Place. In fact, replacing Lennon with Clarke, and vice versa, could be engineered to minimise any financial 'hit' on the hoops. I wonder when the campaign will start.....
  14. I know what you mean, but Scottish Fitba' has demonstrated, in the recent past, that it is capable, -well capable- of self harm. Apart from which, would anybody in their right mind trust, in the slightest, those characters who comprise the JRG? They are up to something, it's just that it may not be 100% clear yet. As Milo O'Minderbinder once (nearly) observed: "What's good furra sellik, is good for Scottish Fitba'"
  15. You may recall that fitba' has a Joint Response Group, created to provide a cordinated response to Covid 19 and its affects. This group comprises of the following experts: Rod Petrie; Ian Maxwell; Neil Doncaster; and Dr John MacLean, the SFA's Chief Medical Consultant. These are permanent members of the Group. You may recall also that, following Dubai Daredevils FC's middle eastern adventure, and publication of photos, etc, indicating, pretty clearly, to this observer, at least, that SFA protocols, requirements,etc. may have been honoured as much in the
  16. Credible to a court; credible to a jury; dare I suggest to the Court of Public Opinion? There is no evidence, despite how much people -like you- would like there to be.
  17. Let's just say 'credible evidence', then. If credible evidence exists and may be demonstrated, why agree to publish an apology?
  18. If it's not right, ie if incontrovertible proof exists and may be demonstrated, then why agree to publish an apology?
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