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  1. As far as I know, in this forum, and any reasonable place, the rules are supposed to be that anyone can post an opinion on anything no matter where they live. It's a debate, there are no consequences. However you are also incredibly hypocritical in that you don't think a citizen of the union is allowed to talk about the issues of the potential break up of the union. Take your jimmy hat off for goodness sake. The weird thing is that much of the no campaign was English based. I've seen a ton of copy and paste from English publications on here. You guys have no self awareness whatsoever. As I keep saying, there is massively, one side of the debate who demonstrate that they can't talk about the issue with any decorum and now there are four that resort to this low brow rubbish. Like I said, it will be interesting to see what other unionists think about it. I really hope most are cringing. This is embarrassing stuff. I might not agree with the nats on a lot of stuff, but at least they actually talk about the points instead of this self righteous crap. I can't believe that a thread can be so derailed by the animosity against a British Scot living in England having the temerity to give reasoned points on Scotland and the union. The weirdest thing is that I lean towards the union while seeing merit in both sides. As I say, it brings out the extremists.
  2. I will apologise once again for getting mixed up about free nursing homes which ironically is quite a normal misconception in England which is used to talk down Scottish independence. As you have demonstrated great immunity to irony, I'm sure that one will be lost on you along with the ability to admit the when you are wrong. I was also wrong about Scottish stamp duty and again I admitted it and apologised. And I apologise for not always getting everything perfect. But I have to say, if you have to get it right every time, then you must be the biggest hypocrit on here. What a joke to bring up stuff that someone got wrong and apologised for when you post some really illogical crap and then go mental when the flaws are pointed out. Ffs if you have a good point then make it instead of nursing your misplaced wrath to keep it warm. Move on ffs.
  3. Try again... Pedro deserved to be sacked but at least I'd have a begrudged respect for the board if they had stood by him compared to the shambles we have now...
  4. Spoke too soon, message deleted for trying to edit...
  5. Wish I could edit - too many lefts. Looking forward to the next forum software... VB is crap on a phone or incognito mode on a pc.
  6. All I can remember is that we were 1-0 up and instead of looking to increase that, we looked like we were trying to gift them a goal. I got the fealing ANYONE could make a difference...
  7. Ho ho, I was more expecting some OCD x comment...
  8. Stop deflecting, "simple" questions, in the same format as yours. Yes or no? You know some people can admit when they are wrong.
  9. Don't think I've ever felt so reactionary, but sack the manager and sack the board. Absolute shambles. Funny thing is that Murty outwitted McInnes but has been shown up by Clarke and Wright. I think I'd rather have one of those two, or some brolly guy, and right now I'd even welcome Eck. Never thought I'd say that.
  10. Two "simple" questions. You hate Scotland but choose to live there? You hate someone living in England "sticking their oar in" about Scottish independence but call yourself a unionist?
  11. Can you BE more wrong? I immediately gave a simple answer to your "simple" question. Please catch up and stop digging a bigger hole.
  12. You backed it up by giving the loaded part... If it was so simple then why not accept my first simple answer which was, "Yes."? The validity of my position on the matter? Wtf is that? The validity of my position is in the points I make. Your points show that your position as a unionist is invalid as you don't respect the union or even respect the fact that everyone in the Union would be affected by independence. But if you are questioning where people live rather than the validity of their points, then your own position has absolutely no validity.
  13. Do you even read your own posts? Your second paragraph exposes the irony of your first. Anyway it's hilarious. You say you're a unionist and then take umbrage at a citizen of the union, living in the union, making reasonable points about the part of the union they come from, where a lot of their family live and where they will probably move back to some time in the future. To think the issue of independence doesn't affect me is naive in the extreme and highly arrogant. The massively ironic point is that that shouldn't even matter, I should be able to be from Timbuktu living in Greenland and be able make well reasoned arguments on any any subject, anywhere in the world. I don't have to be Catalonian to be able to discuss their issues either. Or North Korean or whatever. If your own opinions are sound then it shouldn't matter a jot as you should easily be able to debate each point as it comes. Obviously you lack confidence in your convictions. I've explained it several times now but you are obviously too entrenched to even understand the implications of your own posts, nevermind mine.
  14. Ha ha, you've just described some of the unionist on here. I'm no Nat or Unionist as I've said many times. And I lean towards Scotland being in the union. That does tend to expose those who would rather get personal with those they disagree with rather than make a valid argument. If you would get off your high horse and actually read the posts you would know that and realise that my point of view is that Scotland can be alright as independent but I'm not convinced they should. As I've said many times, an extremist always sees someone in the middle as an extremist of the opposite end of the spectrum. Anyway I'll leave you to it. You've no interest in real debate and so it's pointless.
  15. It takes a strange unionist to ask a as a really weird, loaded question of a Scot daring to live in another part of the union. It takes a strange person to argue that a message starting with, "I absolutely detest people... " is not hateful. And I'm sorry but to say someone is not allowed to have an opinion on something due to where they live, is bigoted in my book. And then feeling abused when called on it, just takes the biscuit. Well you made me laugh at the irony of it all. It will be interesting to see if other unionists back you or are embarrassed of you. As I've said there are valid arguments on both sides of the debate but this kind of stuff is just brings the forum down. .
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