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  1. Exactly what is King's business here anyway? He claims to be a creditor for the oldco, which makes him part of the problem. Just what exactly is he playing at now?
  2. Who the fucking hell does Dave King think he is? He should piss right off and stop interfering. He's a blowhard and I don't want him anywhere near Ibrox.
  3. We'd end up that way if we ended up back in their league with 5m sanctions up our arse anyway.
  4. Division one means those clubs who vote 'no' survive with the same money from Sky. I don't really want to do those fuckers any favours.
  5. What the fuck? Jean Alain Boumsong wants to return?! Has his career gone so badly down the spout he wants to come back to us? Is this April 1st?
  6. A journo who can't type properly? What kind of journo can't type?! Like a navigation officer who can't tell left from right!
  7. To be exact it would be Craig Whyte's fault.
  8. Just common sense Pete. In the way without gravity we'd float, without money companies die. SPL clubs rely crucially on the Sky money for their very survival - and as you correct Gaz above, OF clause is part of the deal. So activate that clause, Sky walks away, or renegotiate, money goes massively down or disappears entirely. Just seems an inevitable outcome. You're right, nothing is certain and you can't predict the future, but the evidence here is pretty compelling.
  9. Not true. As Pete says. A stipulation is the OF deal. It's in the contract.
  10. tbh you're wrong. As has been stated by a few, SPL clubs are already living beyond their means. Take that money away and how exactly are they going to survive? Gate receipts alone? The only option is if another broadcaster buys the rights, and no one apart from ESPN has Sky's money levels, and it's unclear as to whether or not ESPN would be legally able to take exclusive control of the SPL rights.
  11. I remember that Pernis interview. It was absolutely fucking awful. Truly embarrassing.
  12. A renegotiation which would see the 110M the deal is currently worth probably halved. Which would still kill the SPL.
  13. I apologise for my part in this but it's not easy to ignore accusations as serious as CG's. And I will defend myself when someone makes as big a deal of something as he has.
  14. That is your standard insult to those you disagree with it seems. Pathetic behaviour, stooping as low as labelling me as timlike. Do you actually think I read your posts with more attention than anyone else's? Like I'd remember your opinion on things. Is your opinion really that important that others should remember it? 'time and time again'. I said once that I accused you of having personal dislike for McCulloch - in one post. Where the fuck is the lie, let alone the 'repeated' lie. If you could possibly provide evidence of me lying, maybe I'd understand why you repeatedly call me a liar. Oh, pity, I'll never get to hear a response to the above. Ah well.
  15. Then he is a raging hypcrite. But still not a relevant one, despite some airtime. Just because you work for the BBC and possess an opinion, it doesn't mean people take it seriously. Look at Chick ffs! He's the most lampooned guy around and he is in as big a position as Spence, if not bigger.
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