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  1. I already did, twice, you just not absorbing it RS?
  2. Nothing that you have said explains why you don’t think she does? You are challenging what I have said, so back it up. What do you know that convinces you she is not an elitist, liberal Tory?
  3. Great news👍 I got seats down the front for my niece and her pal (me too) hopefully they can see Stevie G up close?😃
  4. Did you read my last post RS? Now it’s you who is having trouble with knots.😱 Take your time, you will figure it out.
  5. It must just be Tav and you Compo? Pull your socks up ffs😂
  6. I have a working pair of both ears and eyes. However, RS tell us, what makes you doubt that entitlement and elitism?
  7. 😂😂 Never been fit enough for yoga?
  8. She is more Tory than many of the Tories! Oozes entitlement and elitism and not afraid to show it. You would have to say that, back when there was a vacuum for a decent central left party she and Cable took them further right. This as when Corbyn was taking labour off a communist cliff! Really not sure why they did that as made no political sense? Them we read of what is essentially harvesting influence and you realise why.
  9. Then when something happens? I’m sure you took my original point RS. It was a dig at the middle classes, but then you knew that.......😝
  10. I actually predict once certain elitist parents are charged and convicted of assault, after their child informs on them, you might see this amended or repealed?
  11. Not using a mobile device you can’t......and right on cue just checked on iPad👍 You can now, thx BG.
  12. I don’t see it Frankie, but then again we all see it differently. He makes me nervous and I don’t think he will cut it.
  13. I didn’t say he was at fault for the late goal. I said I felt he was a bit of a bomb scare? It’s just an opinion dB.
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