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  1. cooponthewing

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Halliday is our most consistent and reliable left back at the moment tbh.
  2. cooponthewing

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Davis is worse than a man short. His legs have gone so hopefully we won’t have to rely on him? Arfield is the man that really makes us tick.
  3. cooponthewing

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    I guess there is an argument to say we were missing 75% of the spine of our team? Shagger-Arfield-Alfie all out and only Goldson at the back. Looking at it that way and it’s not hard to see why there was no leadership. I would give the armband to shagger or Goldson now. I seen Woral complain to Goldson yesterday but I would have Katic back in there quick smart!
  4. cooponthewing

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Genuinely Ian I’m scunnered with the whole affair. Its so blatantly biased from the officials. I was wondering again yesterday if it’s in some of our players minds too? I know it’s not an excuse but this must be demoralising for them too. They must see they are playing in a division where officials are influenced and will not allow them to win. On another note I detest that wee bigoted pr**k Walker. When I hear his voice I want to vomit. I still remember his rants about Rangers and their fans getting all they deserved. Also spouting pish about our club having to apologise for decades because of bad management and the new business (this happens on a regular basis daily all over the world btw). Horrible poisonous individual. So Lego muncher should not have been on the park to score in 91mins! Not mention of it anywhere so far??
  5. cooponthewing

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    I’m most annoyed that the majority didn’t look interested again. No desire or hunger for victory. That’s worrying that we settle for second best? Also Davis looks done (blowing out his arse still??) and Defoe was awful along with Candeias.
  6. cooponthewing

    Catholic Church Free to Cover Up Crime

    It’s time all those of other faiths stood up and legally went after the perpetrators. It’s clear many are being shielded by the cult of Catholicism. All of this should be splashed over the media 24/7 and chased by police and courts. However, no it seems many are still weary of the influence these sickening people, politicians and members of the Catholic Church have. Young boys, disabled children, those with learning difficulties, a group of nuns continually used as sex slaves and not long ago a mass grave of over 400 found in a former catholic home. Yet, this is the tip of the iceberg on what priests, under the protection of the Catholic Church, have been doing for generations. I also couldn’t agree more re the SNP. They know the Catholic Church votes are keeping them in office. Could it be possible they know more than has been revealed?
  7. cooponthewing

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Davis looks like his legs have gone and he knows it? I hope not but when he came off he didn’t seem outwardly positive at all. Defoe can’t play on his own and we should have went 4-4-2 today.
  8. cooponthewing

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    One of the worst games of football I have ever seen. We were lucky to get a point. Davis-anonymous, Defoe-anonymous, Candeias-anonymous, Barasic-Gives me the fear! Kent was the only pass mark today. Just awful and league over. On a side note; it was probably one of the most subdued atmospheres at Ibrox in a long time? Weird and eerily quiet today.
  9. cooponthewing

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I have never worn a kilt or would ever wish to. Just not my thing and you couldn’t pay me to dress up with one. I have always found the long material known as “trousers” which cover my whole lower body to be frightfully comfortable. Magnificent innovation!👌
  10. cooponthewing

    Don’t let Blind Hate cost you a First Date.

    I’m was using the iPhone mate, it’s always a pain in the arse.
  11. cooponthewing

    Don’t let Blind Hate cost you a First Date.

    Damm gif won’t upload 🙈
  12. cooponthewing

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Ian does a great job in trawling the print tabloids for their guff but whenever I see someone with a paper now I just sigh. They look like a historical artefact who belong in a musesm. Print journalism is dead and they don’t give a monkeys anymore. Anyone can print anything that is controversial or derogatory towards us and get well paid for it.
  13. cooponthewing

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    I have no interest in the national side whatsoever. I wish all our players would blank it. It also can’t be much fun for any bears who decide to watch Scotland at hanpden?
  14. cooponthewing

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Surely the facts speak for themselves then re the citation table etc. This is so blatant it’s physically nauseating. People remember the Gordon Kung fu kick etc that was deemed legitimate by the CO Pete, so the consistency question is bang on. That being taken into account McGregor would have no case to answer. Additionally, the blatant bias is breathtakingly arrogant on the part of the CO. As GS exclaimed, Wow?
  15. cooponthewing

    Compliance on Power

    Famous last words🙈

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