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  1. I’m glad to see you now accept the double standards and marginalisation of Protestant culture though. That’s progress at least.
  2. I have no issue as long as we never request more than 4K from now on. They would rather ruin their finances than have us there then fair enough. Four thousand Bears don’t need to give them our money any more.
  3. Can anyone tell me how much an ST is in club deck?
  4. That’s all good with me. I will not be happy if we ever take extra tickets again. Why did they not just cut St Pats tickets?? No problem with me although it’s an away game I like going to. However, 4K it is from now on and we take no no more!
  5. £119 I just paid for child BG and that’s with St Pats. I don’t think I had any buy back credit but not sure (if I did it wasn’t much). I just went over and filled in forms at TO. It didn’t take long maybe 10-15 mins. Incredibly, the Woman at kiosk said there were now 13K on the waiting list!
  6. Just got this through BG. I will nip over to TO some time this week. I wonder how much child ST will be with St Pats? Probably about £150 ish I would think??
  7. Think we paid £55 last year BG? Either that or £50, one or the other.
  8. Tick the box that asks if you want St Pats tickets? Price goes on to your ST. If you are sitting with child/children then you will be asked nearer to game if they would like St Pats tickets.
  9. I had heard similar and I’m sure the pondlife at Snyde have too. Hence the aforementioned “sandbagging” by them last night. Working with Simeone would suit Morelos as would the Spanish environment. Our backwater country needs gutting from the inside out-like a fermenting septic tank!
  10. First thing they all wanted to promote was our “previous manager” highlighted to everyone that Alfie value will drop. Then Guidi, Duffy and co decide he is worth no more than £10m? As usual Snyde doing Liewells bidding for him. Turned off after 10mins after I hear what this evening propaganda is.
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