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  1. Aye, me Gonzo! Can't come quick enough (not usually an issue for me.....🤣) but we win tomorrow and the champagne is on ice! I am mental busy so not been on here for months. Good to see your all well and and still here! Think might pop some tunes on? Watched some reruns today instead of working, what can I say? Clearly I lack motivation when faced with a "work" or "Rangers" dilemma.....
  2. Liverpool sell on clause (10-20%) and agents fees etc. It's not much left and no chance we should be selling him to make just a £2m profit. Ohhhh, how I have missed the daily debate on here.......😉
  3. Totally agree. No idea why some would settle for £10-15m? No chance-we should be looking for minimus £20m as he is on a 5 year deal and we bought him for 7.5 and Liverpool have a sell on clause. Do the math, selling him for 10-12m is hardly worth thinking about. £20m minimum.
  4. Everything that's Rousseau just said and.....Clive Tyldesley please take a bow👏👏👏 Incredible commentating as always.
  5. Got mine today but my niece had had no email or advice on delivery? I have emailed castore so let's see what they have to say? Quality on mine is excellent though👍 Bo idea why no advice on my niece's top though, they said Tuesday at the latest.
  6. I have to say I agree BF. Folk saying we are over reacting etc but if I pay £5 delivery and get a pre order 4 weeks before launch I expect to have it before anyone else. My niece was waiting all Saturday too and now we find out I could have just went to a shop and got them😡 That's very annoying and if it were any other pre order item I would feel the same. The SD thing I hadn't heard as I haven't been on much. Another shambles if true?
  7. Exactly the same as you except for the away euro and away friendly but I also used Seatsub when I couldn't make it. My points will also be substantial over the last three years as was ST, plus on CCC, home games not on ticket and my attendance was always excellent. If I am not in the gold tier I want an explanation why? If it's just that away European games are a prerequisite for gold tier, we should be told.
  8. I am boiling with rage over it TB. I literally have everything from the ST/MyGers/RTV/Away scheme/attend home cup games/on CCCS/great attendance for last three years and bought kit from Carstore. Yet, I was put in silver on 1365 points (my niece is a shandy as PTS and got over 1100😂). Raging over it as I can't physically do anything else? Unless travelling in Europe is a prerequisite for gold membership?
  9. No Gonzo, although it wouldn't be the first time In human history the elite have killed millions to ensure their goals. I think it's interesting that all the unrest in HK, Asia, France, Spain and the recent focusing on Royals and Churches has suddenly disappeared. The social restrictions will be with us for a couple of years imo (it's reviewed every six months, I know) but it's all helpfully removing the limelight for some. Nothing is ever as it seems and a worldwide global shutdown and distraction suits a number of influential players right now. Maybe it's all coincidence, but either
  10. Just had a wee look at some figures from the states. 2017: total deaths from lower respiratory illness is 160,201 which is over 3K per week. Add on the influence and pneumonia deaths it's over 4K per week. Deaths so far this year from COVID19 is 925. 2016: UK death rates from lower respiratory illness is circa 63k (12% of 525k) which is over 1200 per week and approx 5K per month. UK deaths from CV so far this year 465. Tonight it suddenly comes out that 2/3 of us could already be immune as the virus has been here since Jan 27th. (I was very ill mid feb tbh). It's n
  11. Herd immunity...mmmm? Well I suspect it was Dominic Cummings eugenics club project as a youth, that has currently become his daily source of Darwinist elitist culling! Herd immunity from a virus that mutates (think about it?...) and 90% of you who are advocating it are in the at risk group? 😂😂 Gents, we need two things: 1. The Rangers back and 2: a vaccine pronto!
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