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  1. We don’t need him imo so not that fussed. Jones has been on fire and is similar to Kent. If he comes fair enough but I would prefer a tip class left back tbh.
  2. They seemed a decent bunch when they were up here last year. We all know what it’s like to be in that position, hopefully they come through this? Perhaps the club could organise a friendly to help with initial funds if they come through this mess?
  3. Haggis, Black pudding (although that will be racist pudding) stovies and a 1/4 pound of mince for a week should fix them👍
  4. I’m actually sat at the cafeteria across from what is clearly two rabbits dressed as humans? Attractive female rabbits, but rabbits none the less? What is going on? Does nobody eat meat anymore?😩
  5. While we are at it, add taxi drivers that don’t know where they are going? WTF is that? Quite literally that’s their job, the only part of their job? Then they never shut up!!🙈 Oh please let the ground open up!!!😱
  6. Vegans do my head in! Why are they on this planet? Eco warriors, Vegans and First bus drivers should be rounded up by the “halfwit” police!😁
  7. We should charge them £200 and see if the accept the allocation? Hopefully they won’t and it’s more for us😃
  8. Wow! There is nothing good or positive about his demeanour or body language? Very little interaction all round, and players with no intention of initiating eye contact. Lost the dressing room imo 100%.
  9. Truth be told Compo, I have mostly watched the cricket today. Only switched back and forward from the game.
  10. Oh I see.....pedantic loyal at the crease! “If” he is called up I hope he takes his chance. I hope that clarifies my stance?
  11. I hope he takes his chance with ROI? They are a better set up and he will have a better chance of making finals. Good luck to him!
  12. This is the beginning of the tilde wave of claims from UK to USA and Australia. This will go on for years and cost them tens of millions (if not hundreds by the time the USA get involved?).
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