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  1. Guys, I am looking for a swap for seville? I am behind the goal but my young niece got a ticket yesterday when they released some more at 1.15pm. Anyway, if anyone is in a group behind the goal and would swap one ticket for the other end of the stadium please message me privately. I am happy to meet up and swap the tickets over email wherever is convenient in seville? I would much prefer to get something sorted before I have to revert to behaving like a cheap hooker and accosting anyone I can find in seville...😄.
  2. Thanks for the clarification Rousseau👍. That's not good news tbh. Hope TF we win the EL!
  3. 3-3, Fgs Roofe (Bears win on pens). Yes, I am putting that on at bookies..
  4. Gollum wet his panties at all the penalty decisions. I actually thought he had forgot his cards until Lundstrum made him get them out. VAR can't come quick enough.
  5. Let's get right into them the day! Not felt this sick before a game since about 20 year ago! Massive performance and leave everything out there. Worry about Thursday when Thursday comes! Let's dismantle this shower today.
  6. Maybe my perception of that is we are unable to maintain the same psychological intensity after the weeks lay off and conscious realisation of our achievement. Downing tools is a poor choice of phrase on my part (well Bill's actually but I agreed!)
  7. Just coming to the end of my final year now Ian, been mental the last year. Finding time to eat had been difficult ffs! Lost a stone in weight?
  8. I know that...I'm sure I can still comment on how poor we were though? Ffs?
  9. Long time Ian!? I don't think they were better? Good side but we let ourselves down. We were awful, really a chance missed imo. Just couldn't find our rhythm?
  10. I'm not sure GS? I thought we looked really really poor at times. Maybe the rest done more harm than good? Lost our rhythm.
  11. Agree Bill. No idea what was wrong but we looked disinterested at times. We should have been right up for this tonight. Big chance missed to go far in this I fear. Disappointing.
  12. Walter is a legend and what feels like a family member to several generations of supporters. Let's hope that he makes a full recovery. Get well soon Gaffer!
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