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  1. Sitting outside in the sunshine listening to TMS😎 Sounds like a great atmosphere but pity about the weather!
  2. Just awful and difficult to watch. The admiration we all share for Fernando is without doubt. The strength he shows is an inspiration. What a horrible illness that strips him of his dignity and physical ability, while his brain remains lucid and alert.
  3. Totally disagree compo. The main stand and it’s facade is a wonderful historical illustration of our past. It’s what sets us apart from all the other clubs in Scotland. The history of our club is embedded within this reminder of those who have gone before us.
  4. Don't see why we couldn’t put more seats in where the screens are, and put big screens attached to both roofs behind the goals?
  5. And when they do, no matter how long it takes, everyone involved no matter who they are or where they are, will be brought to justice.
  6. The board intimidated previously they would go to war. It’s time we went after everyone in the SFA and Shame FC re their cover up. We publicly challenge why that sewer of an institution is being shielded, and we have to get cross border authorities involved. If we receive chastisement in the press we challenge them to prove they are not involved? It’s time the gloves came off and we go to war with these scumbags! We have to go with the Nuclear option, these lowlife need to be held to account.
  7. Why are we not suing the journo and the newspaper? The new club thing has to be stopped.
  8. I wish I “was” that ice cream👀
  9. I expect the Tories to be the second largest part at the next Holyrood elections.
  10. I agree with what many on twitter are saying. Nonce FC will not be touched until their shameless political wing are ousted from holyrood majority at the next election. The SNP will not touch them. However, it will be the responsibility of the next unionist parliament to bring those involved in this cover up to justice. That includes child abusers, the Scottish MSM, those in the SFA and Politicians!
  11. India look a very good side and have fielded and batted well. I’m not sure there bowling is up to making it to the final though? A great victory none the less!
  12. It’s looking like India 👍 Blue and Orange everywhere 🏏👏👏👏 7/283 Aussies
  13. Great innings from India and you always have to love their support! I hope they give the Aussies a proper pasting. I can’t see them chasing down 353?
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