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  1. No Gonzo, although it wouldn't be the first time In human history the elite have killed millions to ensure their goals. I think it's interesting that all the unrest in HK, Asia, France, Spain and the recent focusing on Royals and Churches has suddenly disappeared. The social restrictions will be with us for a couple of years imo (it's reviewed every six months, I know) but it's all helpfully removing the limelight for some. Nothing is ever as it seems and a worldwide global shutdown and distraction suits a number of influential players right now. Maybe it's all coincidence, but either way millions are dying. The other interesting point is the economy, who wins or loses or does everyone lose? Would we have to somehow come to a compromise and economically "reboot"? Social freedom has been revoked and when the headline in the telegraph reads "End of Freedom", you know the gravity of what's happened.
  2. Just had a wee look at some figures from the states. 2017: total deaths from lower respiratory illness is 160,201 which is over 3K per week. Add on the influence and pneumonia deaths it's over 4K per week. Deaths so far this year from COVID19 is 925. 2016: UK death rates from lower respiratory illness is circa 63k (12% of 525k) which is over 1200 per week and approx 5K per month. UK deaths from CV so far this year 465. Tonight it suddenly comes out that 2/3 of us could already be immune as the virus has been here since Jan 27th. (I was very ill mid feb tbh). It's not really a question but a statement: something doesn't smell right?(and it not my arse!). I'm not suggesting there is not a new novel virus, of course there is. It's just all very bizzare? I'm suggesting the world has gone so far right that they have taken their opportunity to use it to further other goals. Strange how it all began in Italy just after the WEF in Davos? Incidentally has anyone noticed you can't use cash anywhere at the moment. Our cashless society has just been out on fast forward mode. Opportunistic politicians-shock horror! I think overall I'm with Trump on this, the cure looks like being worse than the problem?
  3. Herd immunity...mmmm? Well I suspect it was Dominic Cummings eugenics club project as a youth, that has currently become his daily source of Darwinist elitist culling! Herd immunity from a virus that mutates (think about it?...) and 90% of you who are advocating it are in the at risk group? 😂😂 Gents, we need two things: 1. The Rangers back and 2: a vaccine pronto!
  4. I actually thought they might just revert to last season's European placings if the season was void?
  5. Aye, I reckon Craig hates Polster because of Brittany! Pictures of her placed all round his house. Maybe he is asking the servants if "they know a guy" who could do with the money......🤣. Seriously though, he did cost us the third goal, but I can't blame him the way Craig does as he was just on the park?
  6. I take it you didn't watch Boris Johnson say "more families are going to lose loved ones" yesterday? Maybe try and keep up to date? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2020/mar/12/coronavirus-johnson-warns-many-more-families-are-going-to-lose-loved-ones-video?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other It's all about the forward infection from the people at large gatherings. As for the current advice, it's full of holes and hypocrisy. It's all about money and the economy more than health and lives.
  7. I am presuming dB seen it's been muted on Sky etc. EUROS's would be canx thus allowing a four week extension of leagues. This might be at the otherness if the curve in 14 weeks (if we are lucky) not 4. So it's the usual amateur hour from the authorities.
  8. We win on Sunday and they won't get it. Call me a cynic but I think that's why the SNP are willing to put 50000 people together 24 hours before health concerns dictate that more than 500 could potentially kill you or your loved ones. Think about that for a second......
  9. I hate to be "that guy" but it's just a glorified friendly tonight. Strange feel about it?
  10. Mark my words, right here; if they win on Sunday they will do everything they can to claim the title. I also wonder why we are waiting until Monday for the ban to take effect? What's wrong with tomorrow? However, if we win on Sunday it makes it very difficult for them to claim it as we can show we were still in it for the winning! Therefore, we win on Sunday, the season is canx, they go into a meltdown the lines of which we have never seen and the worldwide Masonic COVIC-19 conspiracy has been successful....WATP! Although, I was enjoying Europe😃
  11. Normal flu mortality is less than 1% and the WHO calculate the global death rate of COVID 19 at 3.4%. This virus will kill far far more people than any flu will. This was a f@ck up from the start as it should have been contained in Wuhan. As for the game it will be behind closed doors, no doubts on that whatsoever. Over the next few weeks life will change for everyone, at least for a while anyway.
  12. Not really Compo? That's where I and many others sit in a weekly basis. Why should we be forced to move or lose out on a seat because the club allow filth like that in? Never again should they be afforded 7000 tickets. I think 800 is too many, but am happy for them to have it and sit in the corner if they must. They just can't fill their midden for OF games and want the blue pound.
  13. Just seen this on twitter. Eh no, not now-not ever! Take the corner or nothing!
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