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  1. I haven’t seen anyone comparing him with Gaza or Ferguson!!. Great to see Jack getting game time, thought he was excellent when he came on, he could be vital if he stays fit
  2. I hear you! I'm just thinking how a lot of fans were not too happy that Patterson never played as much, me to! although that was mainly due to Tav's consistency. I'm not suggesting he starts every match, but he could get more chances to get more game time than Patterson as he can play anywhere across our midfield.
  3. Hagi doesn't normally get too much game time, that's why I am suggesting he becomes part of the 1st team squad, with a view to giving him more game time!. He wasn't the only player tonight make 1 or 2 mistakes! some times you've just got to give young players the chance by playing them! also he handled the disgruntled atmosphere very well.
  4. With Hagi out for the season do we have a ready made replacement in Lowry??, or should we be looking to buy a replacement for Hagi??. We still need to sign a RW.
  5. Spot on with that. Lowry played even better than I expected, the lad is a real talent.
  6. However this ugly win seems to be ongoing, don't get me wrong I will be happy winning every game ugly to the end of the season, but it's rank entertainment, we should be blowing most teams away at Ibrox. We won but we were slow & ponderous like I said earlier.
  7. Came off his chest mate! you seen that in one of the camera angles.
  8. Just the same old ponderous Rangers! been like this for a wee while now, we have lost our high tempo, high press, quick passing! not clinical enough in the final 3rd. We need to win this match, Separate Entity FC are 0-2 up at HT.
  9. Watched The Father with Anthony Hopkins as the main character, about a man getting older, good film
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