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  1. IF the Mccinness rumours are true I agree that Aberdeen are nuts to keep him in position for Sunday. Surely there'll be a little thought creeping into his head saying 'A loss for Sunday Derek will make Monday Derek very happy!
  2. I sit in the Govan stand pretty much inline with where Jack was. He definitely made a motion with his head towards broadfoot. Not enough to make him hit the ground like a sack of shit but these days the motion appears to be enough for a red... I do find it totally bizarre that the ref felt the linesman had a better view of the incident than himself who was 5 yards from it... Anyway, Jack just needs to stop f**king butting people! He has let us down yet again. Until that point i thought he was having a great game.
  3. I think you're right here. Defence is pretty frail with the injuries but with Jack and Dorrans sitting in front of them - Jack possibly a bit deeper than usual - we're still in better shape than April's thumping. They're definitely going to score at least 2 in my opinion. We'll just need to score more.
  4. I see Miller started with Herrera again. I'm starting to think that could be Caixinha's preferred front 2. I'd prefer to see Morelos alongside Herrera up top.
  5. Question for those calling on Rangers to say something about allegations of cheating etc. Could it not be that King and co are loathe to say anything at the moment as all of this relates to Oldco and not the current owning company? There's no need for them to say anything unless an official challenge is made against Rangers. I do agree that club 1872 should clear a few things up for those journalists spouting absolute horse sh!t. Re that Celtic SA letter to Regan, it appears to have been composed by a 13 year old ned. It's so unprofessional and filled with inaccuracies that it'll end up straight in the junk folder. If Club 1872 delivered something like this I'd be embarrassed.
  6. Journos such as Alex Tomo on ch4 are fuelling this mass hysteria with incorrect use of terms such as 'cheating' and 'illegal'. The ill informed then take that as gospel and start spewing about title stripping. The SPFL need to provide their stance on this promptly. Surely they had their response prepared in advance? I don't think Rangers need to say anything about it - unless one of the governing bodies indicates any sort of 'action' could follow. If so I'm confident King and the board would respond strongly. Until such time we can let the deluded continue foaming at the mouth.
  7. Manager and players should be utterly ashamed of themselves. That's one of the worst results in our history... I'm in utter shock.
  8. Feels more likely to concede again than score ourselves
  9. Final ball has been terrible. Miller out wide isn't working as he drifts inside every time. I'd like to see Dalcio replace him. Or maybe Barrie... oh yeah...
  10. Foderingham 5 Tavernier 5 Bates 6 Cardoso 6 Wallace 5 Jack 7 Holt 5 Kranjcar 8 Dalcio 5 Waghorn 4 Miller 6 Subs : Candeis 4 Rossiter 4 Morelos 3
  11. Happy Rangers Back in Europe Day! I think 3 of the new starters are certs: Cardoso, Jack, Dalcio. I'm going for Morelos as the 4th. Looks like it's big rain jackets at the ready tonight! At least we'll all have our new tops on underneath haha.
  12. I'd like to see Rossiter in there over Holt but taking into account the level of opposition I can understand the more attack minded Holt being selected. Ideally we'll be a couple of goals up by half time and give Morelos and Pena a run out for 30-45 mins. Possibly replacing Miller and Kranjcar. It's good to be back!! :-D
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