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  1. City lose at Norwich while Liverpool maintain their perfect start to open up a 5 point lead. That could prove difficult for City to claw back if Liverpool continue to be as consistent as they were last season.
  2. Had to go into work today so couldn't watch but checked the score every 10 minutes or so. Was frankly disappointed when it was 0-0 at halftime then despondent when we went 1-0 down. Thoughts of oh no here we go again. But as Tannochside has mentioned perhaps as a support we're a tad too impatient. This team does appear to have the ability to stick at it and dig a result out of these wall builders. Ideally we need an early goal on these occasions to settle the team and the crowd down and perhaps force the brickies to open some holes in their wall.
  3. JFK-1


    And Hearts lose again to rack up 14 league games without a win.
  4. JFK-1


    The pressure is going to ramp up even more if they lose to Motherwell tomorrow.
  5. Gave up the chance of CL football to play for Rangers. He shows an incredible desire to be at the club.
  6. JFK-1


    Hearts have taken just 3 points from the last 33 on offer. That encompasses 8 defeats plus 2 draws at home this season to Hamilton and Ross county plus an away draw at Easter road towards the end of last season on April 28th. They last registered a win towards the end of last season on 30th of March which was a 2-1 win at home to Aberdeen. Next up for them is a home game against Motherwell for which they have 8 out injured and will be playing a confident Motherwell who just registered 2 straight league wins scoring 3 goals in each of them. That's relegation form which if not turned around could see them heading back to the Championship.
  7. The mainstream started picking up on this in the past 24 hours or so after it had been flowing around at the likes of football insider for a few days. It would now appear to now have some credibility though obviously carries some risk. Transfermarkt says, KNEE SURGERY: RETURN UNKNOWN We can presume Gerrard etc know a lot more than that about the result so if we sign him he could be a top quality addition. I get the feeling that all this unexpected late activity involving substantial sums of money suggests that Gerrard and the board are going all out to take that title this season not next. On transfermarkt he's listed as dual purpose beiung either defensive or attacking midfielder. Guessing game as to who would make way for him. Can't be Aribo, he's going to be a great player and has to continue developing as a regular starter.
  8. Regarding Kent and Sutton inspired media chatter about 'panic buying' after a disappointing loss. The reality is that Steven Gerrard made it clear right from the end of last season that he wanted Kent back and Kent for his part was equally as eager. Steven Gerrard obviously thinks Ryan Kent is key to his quest of taking the title. And while being aware of conflicting opinions on that i'm encouraged Gerrard thinks he's so essential it's worth splashing out the second biggest transfer fee in the clubs history. And that following the financial issues of recent years. Stats have been pulled up against him but as many have said stats aren't the whole picture. Kent must have something and can do something for the team only someone like Gerrard with his vast experience at the highest level of the game can have the depth of insight required to really see. Reportedly the players who played alongside him last season were excited about it too. Gerrard has been chasing him for months and everybody knew it yet in the world of Sutton when they actually go out and acquire him it's a surprising 'panic buy' Quite the nerve suggesting the people who run our club are so unstable as to be throwing around pretty much the entire Europa league kitty while in a 'panic'
  9. That crossed my mind too. Could be looking at a mass exodus of the entire back room staff.
  10. Since that's a far better deal hopefully that is indeed the case. Apparently it's unusual for Liverpool to let anyone go for less than the asking price and their asking price was £12 million. Evidence seems to suggest he made such a fuss about going to Rangers they just had to let him go or be devalued in under 23 football. Chances are he may indeed be really worth that 12 million and even more in a couple of years from now as he enters his prime. He really does have something about him and he's fully aware this is the beginning of the rest of his career. What he does now shapes his ultimate level. He obviously wanted to be at Rangers and you would think he will be driven to perform.
  11. The major purpose in getting to the group is to earn money so with that in mind and the Kent deal I suspected the prices may be somewhat higher than expected. I would estimate the three games will generate around £4 million in ticket sales and since Kent is reportedly on around a million pounds a year it more than covers his wages for the time we're likely to have him. Latest sell on clause I heard is 20% so we need to turn him into a 15 to 20 million pound player to recoup that transfer money and a good return on the investment.
  12. There have been suggestions that he turned down other potential moves which seems plausible. He made it clear from the beginning that Rangers were what he wanted.
  13. I think it was always going to be the case that a deal for Kent would drag out to the last day. Liverpool wanted 8 figures we weren’t going to pay and Kent only wanted Rangers. An impasse.
  14. And oddly a Liam is the only one to predict a Rangers defeat.
  15. I see it as a must win or at worst must not lose.
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