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  1. I'm trying to picture the shockwave from a blast like this. I expect many people to have been killed and severely injured by it. They wouldn't need to be touched at all by either flame or flying debris. Picture an almost unimaginably massive vibration passing through human bodies. It will shred arteries and organs.
  2. Only time will tell but I think Roofe may do a job. He hit 6 goals in 13 league games for Anderlecht who finished 8th in the Belgium league. That has to be a good return playing in a team that far down the ladder. Contrast it with our sheep 'rivals' superstar Cosgrove who hit 13 in 25 league games. Roofe is now going to be playing in a side who will in general and unlike Anderlecht be far superior to and swarming all over the opposition. I will be expecting him to get up around 20 league goals. And expect him to be inspired to prove himself in Europe which will be a new experience for him. Cedric Itten hit 19 goals in 34 league games for Gallen so we can expect him to be chipping in with his fair share too. He has been highly rated by many Swiss commentators as one to watch and one of the major reasons Gallen, who have a Swiss mid table market value, finished second in the league behind Young Boys.
  3. One of the most memorable Apollo moments for me came from the Apollo 15 mission which was the 4th successful landing. I grew up in a house littered with encyclopedias and science books collected by my father which he encouraged me to read. I knew Galileo back in the 17th century had predicted that all objects regardless of mass would fall at the same speed in a vacuum. He couldn't prove that because he had no available vacuum. An Apollo 15 astronaut did it for him.
  4. Yeah, the fact it just sticks out there hanging from the rod but unmoving while retaining the creases actually proves they're standing in a vacuum.
  5. My view of it is that while there has been no domestic silverware during the Gerrard era it's wildly inaccurate to say that it's been a total failure. The club earned around £18 million from Europe this year alone. And given one of our biggest and arguably the biggest problem post journey has been finance what's more help to the club in re-establishing itself at the top? An £18 million run in Europe or a Scottish cup?
  6. If you mean this picture the answer is that it isn't fluttering.
  7. Only thing I have heard about Hamilton is that they voted for reconstruction.
  8. Apologies if you though I was implying that, it wasn't my intention. But the doubt you express over the first mission is actually further proof this hoax claim is untenable. The height of the cold war, in a race with the USSR to be first to land. And in fact the Soviets had a mission ready to land a matter of weeks later which they cancelled. The whole point for them being to get there first. No point in spending vast sums of money and risking an embarrassing disaster to be second. Now think about that. A superpower with all manner of satellite and surveillance technology can't track that craft all the way there and all the way back? Can't tell those transmissions are coming not from space then the moon from some studio? Or they did and decided to support the capitalists in their hoax? There isn't a shadow of a doubt they landed six times.
  9. JFK-1


    I don't know if they do since I rarely watch any of their games. I certainly suspect the sheep might but think that may be down to their imaginary rivalry with us.
  10. JFK-1


    That's very true but one problem with that is it leaves you open to a last minute sucker punch to drop 2 points. Just like the sheep yesterday the opposition will dig in like their lives depend on it even when 1-0 down then throw all caution to the wind in the last 5 minutes or so.
  11. Without a shadow of a doubt they landed on the moon and not just once, six times. Apollo 11 and 12 landed. 13 famously had a problem en-route and failed to land but managed to loop around the moon and safely return in a remarkable but also somewhat lucky escape from disaster. Then Apollo 14, 15, 16 and 17 all landed. The first time this hoax drivel was ever raised was in a spoof documentary that some simpletons took seriously. Others learned you could make money out of these simpletons and it went from there.
  12. JFK-1


    I'm unimpressed. Hamilton have the smallest budget in the league the sheep third largest. And is everyone forgetting we hammered the sheep 5-0 at Ibrox last season? It's the opening shots and we will have high scoring games at Ibrox against relegation candidate opposition.
  13. I watched the return live, first splashdown with humans in 45 years. The computing power available to calculate re-entry parameters since that time is on another level. Materials too. Lightweight materials on the heat shield NASA could only have dreamed of during the Apollo missions. Should be noted that this isn't on a par with an Apollo re-entry. Apollo craft were coming in around mach 40, the SpaceX vehicle around mach 22 or so.
  14. While you are so self unaware you just proved everything I said about you, continue.
  15. It's not a topic about Humza, it has veered all over the place including references to Israel, Palestine, anti semitism, the global consequences of the pandemic and much more. You didn't dive in there saying it's a Rangers forum and that has nothing to do with Rangers, Scotland, or the UK. No one did because it's idiotic to do so. So don't make a complete tit of yourself just to be contrary and striving for your obsession with a last word even when you're saying absolutely nothing of any worth. Donald Trump is front page news and headline news on TV all over the world on a daily basis and for good reason. Only a complete tit with no purpose but trying to be contrary would interrupt to proclaim any mention of Trump as an obsession. What would appear to be an obsession with some is trying to portray any criticism of this dangerous, simple minded incoherent buffoon as an obsession while saying nothing about him. Have you sought help for your obsession with talking and saying nothing just to be talking? You know, that old last word obsession even if it amounts to nothing but an emoji. I would advise getting help for that. Had a family member who had that compulsion and it affected every facet and relationship in his life. I would be willing to bet it has yours too. Something far more impactful than a mention of someone who is daily news globally.
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