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  1. Wasn’t it the case though that he requested to leave and decided not to keep what might have become an unhappy player who has given good service?
  2. I just can’t figure out why they think forcing such a player out is a good idea. He’s currently the best they have and one of the best they have ever had.
  3. Yep, they captured the top prize, Von Braun. And in fact the Soviets were working on a moon landing and were close to launching when Apollo 11 negated the main purpose. The main purpose at the height of the cold war was to be the first to do it. Once it had been done it simply wasn’t worth the time and money to do the same thing. And that’s pretty much why it hasn’t been done since. What would be the point? Spend a fortune to gather more rocks when we already have a pile of moon rubble to study? The only point in going back even now would be to construct a permanent base and that would be mega expensive.
  4. Couldn’t have asked for much better and if we can’t beat them then we’re simply not good enough to be in the groups. I feel confident we can win it and presuming that happens it then all comes down to the qualifying round draw. Going to need some luck there.
  5. Everything in science is theory but some aspects of the overall theory are beyond question. It's indisputable that massive objects exert an attractive force on pretty much anything else around. That includes even light which prior to Einsteins theory of general relativity was deemed to be insubstantial and not subject to gravity. Einsteins theory wasn't known to the public in general until around 15 years or so after he published when an astronomer confirmed a prediction the theory made. That prediction being that light is affected by gravity. It then made global news while the theory became pretty much universally accepted by those in the field and Einstein became the first superstar scientist. Einstein himself early on wasn't always entirely sure what he was working was accurate until he discovered it could account for a slight wobble in the movement of the planet Mercury which Newtonian theory had never been able to explain. Until Einstein provided the answer astronomers were constantly looking for an undiscovered planet close to the sun which could account for the Mercurian wobble. These ideas aren't just pulled randomly from random arses then accepted. They're rigorously tested until it reaches a stage that we have to accept the reality of it. If anything at all were suggested and tested to prove the theory was questionable the theory would then be dropped like a ton of bricks and people in the field would begin looking for new answers and why wouldn't they. Proving such answers is what gets you in the history books like Newton and Einstein. Now with all due respect if we were to take seriously the random disbelief of every Tom Dick and Harry non scientist with some risible conspiracy theory we would have no science worth the description. If they have no evidence to dispute a theory then they're just another random arsehole pulling random shite from their own arses.
  6. There was a little of the old problem on show. Exerting dominance but failing to kill it off. I expect that to improve with increased fitness and a more stable line up.
  7. I find this hugely encouraging and I don't mean Defoe scoring. He's always been a goal machine and still is so that's just par for the course. I'm talking about the perfect cross from Jones and how it was executed. I read a report from some rag or other that Jones was 'given the time' to get in a cross. Given the time? One quick touch to line it up then the cross and it's in the net. He wasn't 'given time' it was simply executed too fast for the opposing defenders to get in his way. The more I see of him the more I think he's going to do a good job. An opinion on Jones from Steven Smith. https://www.ibroxnoise.co.uk/2019/07/former-rangers-defender-may-just-have.html
  8. What's disappointing is that of all the daft conspiracy theories out there this moon landing denial has to be right up there as one of the daftest and what's even more disappointing is that many who go for it know absolutely nothing about the Apollo program. Just one example of that is that the vast majority of those denialists I have ever spoken to face to face don't even know there were 6 moon landings not just the most famous Neil Armstrong landing. They apparently believe that such a gigantic hoax which would have to involve tens of thousands at a bare minimum was pulled of 6 times at the height of the cold war and that the Soviets were involved in carrying out the hoax? It's seriously believed that the Soviets were so involved or so backward they couldn't track the missions all the way to the moon and back?
  9. What fun a moon Olympics would be. Pole vaulters might launch.
  10. JFK-1

    Jermaine Defoe

    I get the feeling he wouldn't leave Britain at this stage in his career and might have an eye on coaching in a couple of years or so. Better to stay at home if that's the case and where better to round off his playing career than with a team who will win most of the time and have the chance of honours instead of the drudgery of playing with relegation battlers..
  11. It is steep for a pre season online friendly in fact approaching exorbitant might be a fair description. I'm irritated with them for that but not angry as such. I know they're putting every penny into the club.
  12. Animation shows no flag movement between two different photos
  13. No more than around 33% or so of the electorate actually voted for Hitler in the last election before he established a dictatorship. The Wehrmacht was distinctly unimpressed by him from day one which is a major reason he introduced an oath of allegiance to himself rather than the nation. He was playing on the Prussian military sense of honour to try to keep them in line and for the very reason he didn’t trust them he created the SS. A personal army populated by nazis loyal to him. And still the Wehrmacht was conspiring to whack him all throughout the war.
  14. I’m hoping and think there is at least a possibility that Tav is just too invested in the team and the potential of the coming season to think of leaving at this stage. He’s been there since the disappointments of the Warburton SPL season and he knows as well as anybody that we have turned a corner. Hopefully he’s simply so invested that he won’t want to miss this. He’s still young enough to make an EPL move next season.
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