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  1. The very last thing we need on the day when we might win our first major silverware in years is some moron detracting from it by setting off dangerous and illegal pyrotechnics. Anyone who sees some moron involved in such activities should alert the cops. These low IQ dimwits have to be eradicated from our support. If it isn't stopped it's only a matter of time before someone is blinded or worse and I don't want it be Rangers fans involved when that happens.
  2. FoderinghamTavernier Edmundson Halliday GoldsonPolster King BarjonasMurphy Defoe Ojo Subs Firth Katic Docherty Barker Flanagan Stewart Mayo Breen Kennedy Maxwell
  3. Having studied it you're right, two draws mean qualification. And while that has to be the absolute priority I would still like a win since a win has multiple benefits. I feel Porto will beat YB because firstly they're a better team and secondly if they were to say draw then they're reliant on other results in the final games to progress. They're going to go all out for a win and I strongly feel they will win. If they do while we also win a draw in the last game is then good enough to top the group. Topping the group has the obvious co-efficient for both club and country benefit then the prize money. Topping the group pays a million euros while runner up gets half a million. A win earns 570,000 euros in comparison to 190,00 for a draw so there's a difference of 880,000 euros in that scenario and that's still a significant amount for the club at this point. Topping the group would also mean drawing a group runner up in the last 32 which all in all may mean a better chance of reaching the last 16 which pays 1.1 million euros even if beaten there. Plus I suppose the prestige of being group winners and we would never hear the end of it if the yahoos top their group and we don't even if we qualify. But at the end of the day I will obviously accept any route to the last 32. Most of us didn't even expect to make the groups a second time in succession far less qualify for the knockout rounds.
  4. Isn't it better to only need a draw rather than be faced with a must win in the final game?
  5. I earlier mentioned my ideal draw if we go through would be Man Utd. Doesn't get much better than a battle of Britain and in this instance it has even more spice to it with Stevie G coming up against an old adversary. Beat them we can beat anybody in it.
  6. The ideal scenario is we win at Feyenoord and YB beat Porto which would seal qualification. I think we're capable of winning at Feyenoord but fancy Porto to find some form and beat YB. As has been mentioned there's a history of doing it the hard way or falling at the final hurdle but surely just once it can go the easy way. Man Utd and Arsenal are joint 6/1 favourites to win the tournament.
  7. On oddschecker Rangers are currently favourites to win group G.
  8. From their forums. You and I know it's unrealistic for them to truly compete but on their forums they don't know it or pretend not to know it. It's all the more ludicrous because they think that their relatively marginal financial advantage over the provincials should mean they utterly dominate them but that same logic isn't applied when approaching the gigantic financial advantage of the OF. This from just yesterday as an example and this isn't a rarity. I didn't have to look far to find it. So, 3 points minimum at home maybe lose away plus dominate the provincials. Hey presto, competing for the league.
  9. Probably not so easy to accommodate when there are more senior players also desperate for some game time. For example doesn't Polster deserve some time? As it stands these development players would have to be outstanding to get a chance. If they were that good i'm confident they would be put in. Wayne Rooney was in the Everton first team at at 16 simply because he was outstanding.
  10. I'm hoping Barry is wrong on this one on both counts. I'm hoping Morelos will still be with us beyond next Summer and hoping his £30 million estimate is inaccurate in the sense of being an under estimate. Goal scorers draw premium prices and Morelos is scoring prolifically at every level thrown at him. Which is why i'm hoping he stays beyond next Summer to do it in the CL and boost his price tag up into the stratosphere. Contingent on winning the league of course. I see little chance of him staying beyond next Summer if we don't. If get a go at the CL that could be the draw to persuade him to stay just one more year. Anybody getting the feeling that on this form he's destined to score against the yahoos at Hampden?
  11. I expect we all do or at the very least a lot of us do. it goes against the grain for me to want them to win but currently we find ourselves in a situation where either us or them losing is detrimental to not just the Scottish game overall but to Rangers as well. If I were English and a Liverpool fan I expect I wouldn't give the proverbial flying if Man Utd were beaten in Europe and may even be cheering a defeat. But if Man Utd say never won a single game in Europe this season it's going to have little to no bearing on the English placing in the co-efficient table and certainly wouldn't affect England's automatic entries to the CL groups. As we all know that's not the case for Scotland and further if we and the yahoos can continue the form of the past two seasons into next season we could actually rise to 10th which not only would give the country 2 CL places it would give the Scottish champions automatic entry to the group stages while the runner up enters at QR2. That has to be desirable. Just win the league and you automatically earn maybe up to £50 million.
  12. Set to start just before Alfies goal. Not one of his best but his first international goal is a big moment for him.
  13. He's already contracted till 2023 and realistically that will be his last contract with us. He has never hidden what his ambition is and he will be going to the EPL come what may. The best we might get now is hopefully winning the league then persuading him to stay one more year till 2021 to prove himself in the CL which could improve his chances of going to a top 6 side in the EPL. We're now in a better position to sign more young talent like him than we were when he first arrived. We're qualifying for and competing in Europe which has to be an attraction for the next youngster like him looking for an ultimate move to the top end in the EPL. Finding it is the problem. JJ deserves a plaque on the wall at Ibrox for the Morelos tip.
  14. Actually and this surprises me Hibs fans have of late become a shade more rational than their opposite number at Hearts. All season both have been wishing nothing but defeat on Rangers in Europe but now with the co-efficient rising rapidly and an extra Euro spot within reach hibs fans are starting to see the light. But not their opposite number who might be viewed at times as a classic example of Scottish football hating itself to death.
  15. Take a look around their forums and you will find the view I attributed to them is common. That's where i'm getting it from it's not just an opinion I formed. They may not be so vociferous face to face I don't know but online they are. Kilmarnock took 9 points from Rangers last season, Why shouldn't they? It's obviously easy. And the have a go rant isn't just the cry in circumstances where they're already losing. Apparently sitting in is what gets them losing because Rangers are 'bang average' is a common one. The common strategy of just sitting in isn't working so 'just have ago' from the first seconds in every game. From a Hearts forum prior to the cup semi. A side negotiating it's way through 4 Euro qualifying ties in two successive seasons which no other club in the world has managed is just ordinary. Then when reaching the groups not simply making up the numbers but competing, 'ordinary' They lost the cup semi not because Rangers have far superior players but because Levein didn't 'have a go' so even with him gone the team don't know how to. Fantasy stuff. They think because they have something of a financial advantage over much of the league that means they should be brushing them aside with ease. But that doesn't seem to translate in the opposite direction. The financial advantage we have over them is cavernous in comparison to the edge they have over a St Johnstone but there is no appreciation of that. They should be competing with us. Same in sheep land where I have seen it stated that if there is no chance of winning the league as 'that hun' McInnes more or less concedes what's the point? May as well just fold and give up. Which is obviously beyond stupid given that the vast majority of teams in all leagues the world over have little to no chance of ever winning their domestic league. There would be no game if not for those making up the numbers. In Scotland everyone outside the top two is making up the numbers and have been for decades. That's a reality you would imagine to have been realised by now.
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