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  1. Watched it. Good film and I liked the single continuous shot aspect of it. Felt like following the adventure.
  2. It's up to you wheher you want to believe that Accies don't give the proverbial flying about any "romance of the Cup". But I know for a fact financial feasibility is their major concern. And frankly I would hazard a guess this romance of the cup pish means absolutely nothing to club chairmen all over Scotland.
  3. With a game in hand so potentially 33 points. While 16 points ahead of second placed Man City with a game in hand. Yesterday you could get 50/1 City. It's now 80/1 Chelesea 1,000/1 Leicester 2,000/1 Liverpool 1/41
  4. I was at that game, Adrian Sprott who was a full time cop and part time footballer did the damage. Threw everything but the kitchen sink at them but it turned out to be just one of those freak occurrences. My suggestion isn't about disrespecting Accies. It's about what their preference would be given the option. Another memory of that day was that Chris Woods broke a shutout record during the match then conceded a goal to a part timer. It was actually the fault of Dave McPherson who was out the door soon after. The glare Souness gave him sticks in my mind too.
  5. I'm from Hamilton, I know the club very well indeed and have been to more Accies games than any other team but Rangers. They have never won a major trophy in their history and they know they're not going to win this one. It's all about getting as much money as possible for them. If they had the option to switch this tie to Ibrox they would do so in a heartbeat.
  6. Would have been a lot better at home and i'm confident even Accies would have preferred it to be at Ibrox. They have no thoughts of winning the cup it's merely a source of income for them. And since the Scottish game is so cash strapped in instances like this it would make sense for the SFA to break with tradition and allow the teams drawn together to decide which of their grounds it's played at no matter who is drawn out first.
  7. The Hearts fans celebrated dodging us like they had won it.
  8. If you listen to the usual suspects we're a cert for BSC Glasgow at Ibrox. Of course if recent history is anything to judge from that likely wont happen. At this stage last season we pulled Kilmarnock away then in the next round sheep away. A personal preference would be DU/hubz at Ibrox.
  9. I looked at the odds last night before Liverpool beat Man U 2-0 and you could get 50/1 City for the title if anyone thinks it's still a possibility. 1/41 Liverpool
  10. This game means nothing in the overall picture. Yes the performance was a a bit flat overall but there was still never a hint of anything but total dominance. Stranraer didn't register a single shot at goal or even gain a corner. Rangers got in 33 shots and had 12 corners. The yahoos hardly covered themselves in glory against a Partick side looking good to drop into league one but who managed to get in 6 shots 2 of which were on target. I still think we have the best side in the league.
  11. I know. Read a couple of boxing biographies specifically Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson both of whom he conned. At one time he owed Ali a million dollars but didn't want to pay him, no surprise there. So there's litigation which Ali would have won. But Ali who was barely literate, barely numerate, and frankly not very bright was conned in a fashion it would take a semi literate not too bright individual to fall for. King turns up at his house with $10,000 in small denominations in a suitcase. To someone like Ali this looks like a lot of money and he signs a piece of paper ending the litigation. Gave up $990,000.
  12. The whole fight. Take note at the end that piece of shit Don King while his fighter is lying over in the corner obviously severely hurt with a neck brace and on a stretcher only wants to hang around with Benn. Entirely uninterested in the condition of McClellan. All washed up. Thrown away like an old rag.
  13. Tedious affair to watch partly because there was a total lack of urgency to the play but I suppose we might expect that in a case like this. No refection on Stranraer for that they were never in it and in fact I don't recall them registering a single shot even off target nor even a corner. They did nothing with their possession superiority. 😉 It played out almost entirely in their half with an air of inevitability that the ball had to go into their net at some point which it ultimately did, twice. Then it was over. Thankfully. Stranraer get their money we move on to the real business on Wednesday.
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