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  1. I'm inclined to agree regarding Naismith. I really hope we do sign Docherty and if we could get Cummings on loan that would be excellent. However, I haven't seen enough of Jones to pass judgement - okay he played well against us but so did O'Halloran and it hasn't worked out for him (yet).
  2. I have no idea how much he would cost but that would be a fantastic signing if we could make it happen.
  3. If that's true I'm not surprised he's managing out in Qatar where no-one really notices
  4. McLean and Walker tentatively agreed for January or summer 2018?
  5. Will it still be someone with knowledge of Scottish football or will Plan B (or is it Plan C) see a coach from the continent appointed? Could we tempt a Bilic, Koeman, F de Boer, ten Haag etc?
  6. Liked him as a player with Villa and Fulham and was delighted when he joined Rangers. Well deserved honour for a true professional and great player.
  7. I'm sure when Toral signed he said he had another year at Arsenal. That should clear up your half dubious source.
  8. I think he's looking for someone to fill the role Sandy Jardine did with Le Guen - someone to explain the rivalries and customs in Scottish football, the grounds, the atmospheres. I don't think he's looking for a Scottish assistant coach
  9. King wasn't part of the recruitment process and isn't the owner either.
  10. Will the local assistant be involved in coaching players or is it more an assistant to Caixinha to provide info on the opposition coaches, players and grounds etc?
  11. Not necessarily. It just means there are no leaks. Perhaps new manager isn't available until the summer and Murty will remain in charge
  12. Do you mean Toumani Diagouraga? A defenensive midfielder who has now been loaned out by Leeds to Ipswich? Or do you mean Joleon Lescott or Adrian Mariappa as the centre halves we went for before signing Senderos?
  13. Oh good - more cryptic moonbeams from ITK posters
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