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  1. That's strange as the Vikings came almost entirely from Norway, Sweden and Denmark (although the nations did not exist) but they were largely similar in culture and language. Iceland came into being sometime in the 9C when Norse settlers migrated there. Cultural appropration at work - quick tell the Danes? And i think you probably dreamed fans dressed like St George
  2. Any score predictions. Looking at the odds i'd expect something like England 3 Scotland 1
  3. Kent league standard.Played in the very prelim stages of FA Cup for a few years and had a trial for Torquay when they were in 4th Div - but too far away.
  4. May be temporary as the oil price has shot up but may not hold?
  5. I just think that with possibly three teams qualifying from most groups there is little jeopardy in the group games so the better teams will take it easy.
  6. I think you are right, but are there enough of them?
  7. Interesting to look at the corresponding articles from both GB News and the BBC on the Australian / UK trade deal confirmed today. https://www.gbnews.uk/news/uk-and-australia-formally-agree-terms-in-first-major-post-brexit-trade-deal-for-britain/105925 There is a clear distinction in editorial style and content between the GB news article when compared against the extremely pessemistic approach from the BBC (echos of the Guardian's approach). The BBC always seem to want to give us their view on any news item, which neither informs or goes with the optimism such a deal
  8. So do i, so will give it the benefit of the doubt for having old wobbly head Redknapp on there supporting taking the knee and telling fans not to boo.
  9. Looking at other forums there is a view that this deal is not the sort of money you would expect. Yes after 2 years without it is good for new money into the leagues but it is far from transformational and perhaps in real terms is around the same amount as the previous deal. Time will tell.
  10. Well it sort of worked, he certainly featured in a lot of clips yesterday and is also in the recod books.
  11. This was the first time you thought Ferdinad was thick as Sh*t? For me it was when he deliberately missed his drugs test and got an 8 month ban, then compounded it by getting involved in his brothers spat with John Terry and ended up showing his racist credentials by calling Ashley Cole a choc ice. To be fair, him cheating on his wife proved he was just as much a liar as being thick, and yet the BBC still employ him and let him spout off about the working class fans who do not support the knee taking. I suppose the BBC need to keep the quota up as that can be the only reason why th
  12. I may be biased but Gilmour has to play, he can both pass accurately sideways and forwards and can link the midfield and forwards.
  13. Well at least we are on record as the opponents in the longest goal ever at the European Championships. Over 49 yds wow.
  14. Yeah sorry i should have put link in at the time
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