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  1. Possibly, but she "retains a house in West Hamptead" .... of course she does.
  2. Thought he was on the Geldof boat with Lily Allen, Emma Thompson and Jamie Oliver getting the hell out of dodge after Brexit, but suprise suprise they are all still here.
  3. I'm neither righteous or angry, except when it comes to debating with the scum across the city.
  4. No. These should be real proven cases too, not accusations/insinuation in may of the cases blown up in the media. Ask Michael Vaughan about that.
  5. If there is a special relationship, it only exists in the minds of a few politicians and probably the DM. The widely reported Harry Dunn case would have killed off any lingering thoughts about any so called special relationship in many people. Their reaction to a trade deal since Brexit, their reaction to Brexit and ignorance of the GFA were additional clues to any that needed it. The US blows hot and cold on the UK, and i'd suggest most people in this country feel the same way about them.
  6. Sounds like a Tottenham tactic. Daniel Levy been spotted in Donetsk anyone?
  7. Being our resident all things Russo expert, was hoping you might enlighten us?
  8. He may have been referring to South Ossetia in Georgia, or the propping up of the Lukashenko regime in Belarus who have been voted out in the last two elections which have been fixed leading to mass demonstrations and arrests and journos taken off planes etc etc. Plus the threats to Moldova. Just off the top of my head.
  9. Well they have done twice before. Why was it in Russia's interest to go to war in Ukraine?
  10. Blimey, ASIL open that bottle you have been saving for the last few years
  11. I think it will be a while before the average person can afford one of those. The vast majority cannot afford a nearly new car, let alone a electric one and a driverless is pie in the sky!!
  12. Farage was attacked by lefties on the campaign trail, some labour types wouldnt share a platform with him and he was also followed to his local as well as the usual MSM negative attacks - especially the so called impartial state broadcaster. Corbyn was attacked in the media for his stance/non stance on Brexit, re-nationalisaition, anti semitism and his open backing of terrorist organisations.
  13. Exactly the same on the right in the UK. We are probably the only country in Europe without a functioning truly right or left wing party. When and if any surfice they are quickly shut down by a combination of the MSM, Police infiltration, legal action by politicised lawyers and other NGOs/pressure groups of all hues.
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