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  1. Is that from the £200m that Westminster gave the SG to to help fund Covid relief? I believe there is an investigation by Govt auditors to see where that money went.
  2. Ignore them. They left the UK for privacy concerns, straight into a big fat cheque from a coast to coast Oprah Winfrey show. The King and Queen of Wokeness, should just disappear from public life, but i doubt we will be that fortunate. And of course they played the Race card.
  3. You sure you wasn't watching the women's game?
  4. Brilliant. What a season, first time the squad was good enough to challenge and they crumbled and Rangers dominated.
  5. Your right Compo It is interesting: New Labour’s secret IRA fan? He is not as rare as you’d think... This is Peter Hitchens’s Mail on Sunday column A prominent New Labour journalist, Roy Greenslade, has finally admitted he is a lifelong supporter of IRA violence. You should care, even though you may think Mr Greenslade is obscure and unimportant. For it is yet another of those lightning-flashes which reveal something I have been trying to tell you for years and which you do not want to believe. New Labour, whose ideas have now captured the Tory Part
  6. I think Hudson will still be picked by Southgate as he is playing regularly under Tuchel. He is certainly ahead of Lingard and from the list of midfielders there isn't too many out and out wide players like him.
  7. I wonder if she knows the answer to "Are you up shit creek without a paddle"?
  8. No Hudson Odoi or Barclay who seem to turn it on for Southgate and will be in a squad.
  9. Saint & Greavsie was quality, sadly missed and unfortunately Greavsie isn't too well.
  10. Looking at the recent poll if it is to be believed, the sides are split 50/50 now which means they have lost some ground. Surely all but the swivel eyed yahoos will need to question the competence of this lot actually running a proper Govt.
  11. Here here, in same boat, though for me i left when i was 7 lol
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