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  1. Well the SNP did quite well out of FFTP, as they only got 45% of the popular vote but ended up with 81% of the seats (48) The Tories on the other hand got 25% of the vote but 10% of the seats (6) If Scotland reverted to a list system or STV system, their 1.2m votes may have given them around 30 seats and the other parties 29 between them with the Tories up from 6 to 15 seats, with Labour on 10 and LDs on 4.
  2. Jackson has the look of Jack Jarvis about him
  3. If he was guilty of that why disguise it????
  4. I wouldn't touch Allardyce with a shitty stick. If we are playing this game, then Sean Dyche would be another matter. I agree with earlier poster that it's more likely that SG would walk rather than him being sacked.
  5. Chelsea's 18 year old Scottish midfielder has now moved up to the first team full time. From Chelsea Website: Glaswegian Gilmour, who joined Chelsea from Rangers in 2017 and has been capped up to under-21 level for his country. "It's the first big step I think, moving into the first team dressing room at a club like Chelsea," said Gilmour. It's a pity Rangers couldn't have loaned him back for this season but good luck to him going forward for both the Blues and Scotland. Any views?
  6. I still think the squad is on the thin side, something that can hopefully be addressed in pre season. We are reliant on a few key players and when some are unavailable the team struggles. On Talsport today people were saying that Morelos should be sold to fund 3 quality players that would strengthen the team further, one of them being a new striker.
  7. I do love those who think that we have totally friction less trade with no form filling and goods just roll off the farms in Europe and into the UK and vice versa. As someone who has seen the mountains of paperwork created now, i'll wait and see how much extra is required, and whether those "friction less" queues either side of the channel actually get worse.
  8. But what about all the buried ordinance, wouldn't that be dangerous...............?
  9. If that's the criteria then surely Trump should get one for his overtures to North Korea....... await the wailing of the woke crowd
  10. Yes we seem now to be a bunch of weaklings and people moaning if anyone stands up, shouts, etc etc. At lot just to prefer to sit quietly in their seats and hardly do/say anything # middle aged moan of the day
  11. Maybe with all the extra money that is sure to roll in, he can stop fronting that bloody "We buy any car" advert for people too lazy or thick to sell their car for its book price
  12. Your first comment on this post and that is all you can say? No condemnation? No thoughts for the individual/family? It says a lot. "There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." (John Heywood 1546)
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