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  1. They survive with massive handouts from the EU. Circa 394bn has so far been pumped into Greece and only about 6 of the EU are net contributors to the EU coffers.
  2. Well i'm not sure it has actually been tanking as Globally there has been a downturn and many countries within the EU are entering recession. Retail in this country is no more affected than in others as shoppers have access to everything online. I think the UK economy is holding up pretty well when you consider the 3 year Brexit debacle. If May had negotiated a half decent deal and Labour had been prepared to put aside party politics to back it, we would already have been through a trade deal and the economy would be even stronger.
  3. Fitting that both Rangers and Chelsea won today
  4. Yes, i think this needs to be challenged rather than ignored. Police Scotland over to you.
  5. I feel we are going to get a chance and need to take it. Cliche time: the longer it's 0-0 the harder its going to be to break them down.
  6. Wish we had his calm control in the team now, both Rangers and Chelsea!!!
  7. Quality. Thanks for that. Met Ray once and he was exactly as he came across on TV/Radio - a gentleman through and through.
  8. I wonder if Greta is now heading over to Algeria to harangue those naughty Houthi's for blowing up two Saudi oilfields?
  9. Dismissal is anything but hollow. Politicians lie, get over it. Remainers still hold on to this "they lied to us all" tract, when actually project fear was the biggest lie of all, as none of it has come to pass except the weakening of the £ which has helped exporters. And much of the weakness is due to the 3 wasted years of Remain intransigence in parliament. I love you're pseudo intellectual put downs as if you are Brexit oracle. I wonder if you know you are doing it?
  10. The Irish voted this down as well as the Paris treaty, but on both occasions were asked to vote again after some minor tweaks...that's democracy in the EU, get EU apparatchiks within each Gov and get the people to vote until they get the right answer.
  11. But you specifically called out retail - Can you explain specifically how this pre-Brexit period has damaged retail? Most economists i have read blame the inherent problems in that market, i.e over supply, poor management, poor strategy and planning, online shopping and business rates. Now i want a remainers view on how retail has been affected by this pre-Brexit period?
  12. https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/09/12/no-deal-bring-it-on/ For a less hysterical view.
  13. I just hope people thinking of voting SNP (especially those Rangers supporters that we are told on this site support the SNP) wise up and see them for what they are and how an Independent Scotland would shape up
  14. And your point is? We were lied to by Tony Blair's Gov on weapons of mass destruction and war in Iraq We were lied to by Wee Nippy on Independence as her solid plans were torn to shreds by economists and everyone else who could count We were lied to by the establishment over Brexit - and are still being.
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