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  1. Is Stones fit? If so, hopefully Maguire might not start
  2. Depends on their financial situation, Serie B is a big drop and they don't get anything like the parachute payments the EPL give. Maybe £4- £5m might secure his services?
  3. She had just nipped to the bar for a snifter, normal service has resumed!
  4. Rumour is they will not get the 14 votes needed. Clubs tend to vote with what the EPL and media want. The EPL has fully bought into the tech and does not want the league to be viewed as backward by Europe, also the rights holders believe VAR is great TV. Both do not care how this manifests itself with the match going fans as they are smaller demographic than the global armchair fans.
  5. Run out of money and havent got the new owners in place?
  6. Prob a few more than four, but not vastly more. When Silva isn't playing the average age has dropped to 22! Against Spurs 14 of the squad were injured, but the 17 and 18 year olds that came on did well.
  7. Looks like Everton may enter Administration before this is finished? 777 have had offices raided and looks like will fail the owners test, leaving the current owners who have run out of money. Not sure if the board had any other groups interested Compo?
  8. I'd be happy for one that could a) catch the ball, b) kick the ball where intended and c) save a shot when required, but alas, that is not to be in Chelsea goalkeepers these days. As long as they can fanny about with the ball at the back and allow us to lose possession on the edge of our own box then job done!! I did note that Pickford kicked long whenever he could and created chances on the edge of the Liverpool box.
  9. Dont give me any ideas!!! I can think of a few players who need a good whipping this season
  10. Blue socks!!!! That's Everton. Chelsea, royal blue shirt and shorts with white stripe on shorts and white socks. Plus original badge was very similar to Rangers. I thought I read somewhere the same person designed them or the ground?
  11. Prefer this picture of the maestro Compo!!!
  12. I wouldn't put 2063 in your diary Compo. I think the computer must have had a breakdown to predict that.
  13. Sorry Compo, we usually try hard to let teams back in once we have scored, in fact we gave Everton the opening chance.
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