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  1. A 4 day week, the oil business at it's weakest ever and declining and the loss of Westminster money - the fiscal hole will be so great on Independence you could drive a bus full of flag waving yahoos through it on their way to the abyss.
  2. But what about the full day of Carry On films on ITV3???
  3. That's what I assumed. Given that reports say they will not be vaccinating healthy schoolchildren, it still means that the original estimates of herd immunity would be met if 60% of the adult population is either vaccinated or have had a positive test and have the antibodies. We shouldn't need to vaccinate everybody. Those that don't vaccinate have the risk of running into someone who hasn't had covid or been vaccinated - albeit a much reduced risk.
  4. So those economic gurus at the SNP have called for the Government to levy a windfall tax against companies profiting from the pandemic to fund economic recovery. The Social Justice and Fairness Commission (SJFC) was set up by the party last year to map out how an independent Scotland would tackle inequality. Addressing the SNP conference on Sunday, SJFC convener Shona Robison pushed for corporations who profited from the pandemic to aid the country’s recovery. She said: “I believe it is essential that those businesses which have benefited the most through the pande
  5. The first minister said it was too soon to be comparing statistics while "still in the teeth of pandemic". Oh really, i'm sure if they were better we would see her smug little face hailing it from the rooftops. Wake up Scotland before these numpties run the whole country over the cliff.
  6. Everytime i see some nut saying this, i just hope one of their nearest and dearest succumb, just so they know the feeling that their words mean to other people.
  7. It did that in 1997. Labour are too far behind to win the next election, they have to focus on 2028/2029 and as they have alienated a big chunk of their working class support its debatable whether they would get in then.
  8. Palace 1 Newcastle 2 BHA 1 liverpool 2 City 3 Burnley 0 Everton 2 Leeds 1 WBA 1 Sheffield 0 Southampton 2 United 1 Chelsea 2 Spurs 1 Arsenal 1 Wolves 1 Leicester 3 Fulham 0 Hammers 1 Villa 1
  9. Certainly up there but maybe not numeral uno.
  10. It's just at the level that irritates most Labour supporters.
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