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  1. What an oaf. Incompetent even on a one leg scooter.
  2. Oh dear, Relying on the good ol British Army. The request must have stuck in Nic's craw. Nicola Sturgeon has called in the army to help with Scottish ambulance chaos today as she issued a grovelling apology after a patient died following a 40-hour wait. The SNP leader has officially appealed for support from the military to deal with pressure - but still refused to admit that the situation is a 'crisis'. Grilled on the problems during First Minister's Questions at Holyrood this afternoon, Ms Sturgeon said sorry to those affected, including the family of 65-year-old Gerald Brown, the Glasgow man who died while waiting 40 hours for treatment. She said asking for aid was 'under active consideration' - but just a few hours later it emerged that the request had been made. The MoD has said they were asked to support the mobile testing units currently deployed by the Scottish Ambulance Service, which would free up resources within the service. A spokeswoman said: 'The Ministry of Defence has received a request from Scottish Government under the Military Aid to Civilian Authority process.
  3. What else should we expect from that swivel eyed plank.
  4. For all those wondering, no it isn't me the cops are chasing for giving McGinn some stick on Saturday
  5. Nicola Sturgeon has put independence ahead of Scotland's economic recovery. Robert Kilgour Robert Kilgour is Chairman and Founder of Scottish Business UK, and CEO of Dow Investments City A.M It’s that time of year again, when politicians, members, delegates and the media begin to pack their bags ahead of the party conference season. First up this year, albeit online, is the SNP, who, after almost fifteen years in Government, will set out their priorities anew. It should come as no surprise that independence is top of that agenda, just as it was the main priority in the First Minister’s Programme for Government speech to parliament on Tuesday. Close observers of Scottish politics will have noticed a busy few weeks in Holyrood. Nicola Sturgeon will no doubt be hailed as the party leader that delivered an unprecedented fourth term in power. However, all is not well in Scotland, and Sturgeon knows it. A reckless deal with the Scottish Greens has exposed how little stock Sturgeon puts on supporting our economic recovery and creating an investment friendly environment in Scotland. When Scotland’s company leaders think back to past conferences, they remember an open-arms welcome from an SNP hierarchy that studiously courted businesses. The SNP studiously assured businesses the economy was in safe hands. No longer is that message anything like credible. In signing away Scotland’s prosperity to the Scottish Greens, Sturgeon has left Scottish business out in the cold. Taking a look at the agenda, the focus this year is on independence, next year’s council elections and climate change. There isn’t a thought about the nation’s recovery post-Covid 19. To put this into context, the recent GERS numbers, which provide insight into the economic performance of the Scottish Government, show the budget deficit doubled last year to over £36bn. Let’s be clear, Scotland doesn’t want to be reliant on England and as an entrepreneur, I instinctively believe in creating value to the economy through jobs and growing businesses. However, I, like many Scots, have valued the partnership that we have with our closest neighbours when times are really tough. The reality is that the power sharing arrangement with the Scottish Greens will do the exact opposite to what the economy needs. The Greens’ manifesto was full of red tape and additional burdens on an economy already struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. They would have us believe the only way to grow our economy is through independence. However, when push comes to shove, are the right decisions being taken? Take the Cambo oil field, West of Shetland, which could help create and sustain thousands of jobs for the next decade. I recognise that fossil fuel extraction is becoming increasingly tricky for politicians of all colours. However, rather than demonstrating leadership, fearing the loss of pro-independence votes from the Greens, Sturgeon has chosen delay and obfuscation, passing the decision like a hot potato to Whitehall. The SNP faithful, for whom independence is the only policy that truly matters, will inevitably lap up the words of Sturgeon and her colleagues. Good for those who want to get involved, but what about the voices of business for whom pandemic recovery is still unfinished business? Sadly the SNP is becoming a no-go zone for Scotland’s wealth creators. Ultimately, it’s the Scottish people who’ll suffer.
  6. Not sure, but it would be great if so, although i would miss the fun of them losing to some teams we have never heard of!!
  7. Would love that to be the final table
  8. A fiasco from start to finish just like Iraq and Libya. And only resulted in more economic migration to the West.
  9. Thought St Pauli were a bunch of lefties?
  10. Certainly, bask away https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/09/10/is-michel-barnier-a-eurosceptic-now/ this one also https://www.politico.eu/article/michel-barnier-brexit-france-candidate-eu-campaign-trail/ more detailed on his actual campaign https://www.politico.eu/article/france-eu-uk-michel-barnier-election-president/
  11. Dipped in and out of Brandon's projects, I have Westworld by ToH and One Eyed Jacks by SoD but didnt get much further as my tastes got heavier, but good indie stuff.
  12. This made me laugh. Michel Barnier wants to ‘take back control’ from Brussels. That’s right, the man best known to us Brits as the EU’s hardline Brexit negotiator – who tried to make it as painful as possible for Britain to leave the EU – is now complaining about the EU smothering national sovereignty. The reason for this is that Barnier has thrown his hat into the ring for the French presidency. And given that a lot of French people really don’t like the EU he has decided to make some loud Eurosceptic noises on the campaign trail. This week, Barnier slammed the European courts. ‘We must regain our legal sovereignty so that we are no longer subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice’, he told a rally organised by Les Républicains, the party he hopes to represent. A few months ago, he raised more than a few eyebrows when he called for France to tighten its borders. He called for a rethink of the EU’s passport-free Schengen area. He even proposed a temporary moratorium on all non-EU immigration – a proposal far more isolationist than any prominent right-wing Brexiteer has ever come out with. His standing has got to be a ploy to leech a few votes away from the real euro sceptic parties. Surely he cannot be that much of a hypocrital remainer, oh the irony.
  13. I said econimic migrants not freeloaders. Given that 90% of them are male and aged 16-50 and they have crossed the continent of Europe to get here they cannot be anything but economic migrants. If not, why not stay in Iran, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, or France which is often their route? What is so special about the UK if it isn't the benefits inc the NHS?
  14. Palace 1 Spurs 1 Gunners 2 Norwich 0 - surely they will win this one? Brentford 2 Brighton 1 Leicester 1 City 2 United 4 Magpies 0 Southampton 2 Hammers 1 Watford 1 Wolves 1 Chelsea 3 Villa 0 Leeds 2 Liverpool 1 Everton 1 Burnley 1
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