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  1. Well we can't lockdown until a credible vaccine is found apart from the most vulnerable. Numerous studies have found that the actual infection rate is anything between 4m - 10m people already with most showing no symptoms. The Uni of Manchester reckoned it was up to 19m. Anyway IMHO I feel we should carry on as normal with current protections if necessary but keep everything open and build up resistance among the general pop without fucking the economy any more than we have.
  2. He hasn't really played for a year. No matter how many days golf you play he will not be match fit for ages.
  3. Everton 2-0 WBA. Leeds 1-1 Fulham United 3-0 Palace Gunners 3-1 Hammers So’ton 1-1 ‘Spurs Mags 2-2 Brighton Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool Leicester 2-1 Burnley Villa 1-1 Blades Wolves 0-1 City
  4. Not sure anyone thinks it is a conspiracy on here, just differing opinions on how to deal with it - just like in the scientific community - there are more than just the one view that a blanket lockdown is the correct policy.
  5. There certainly was for a few seasons at Stoke.
  6. Ahh what a shame. Good riddance.
  7. I suppose it is scientifically interesting backing a candidate that is becoming so cognitively impaired, bit of an experiment really to see how long he lasts.
  8. Yes, what a waste if he goes back there
  9. Well to be fair the Nat's have always said that a nation of Scotland's size can perform on the national stage. I just didn't realise we would go straight to the top so quickly. Wee Nippy must be congratulated. They and their ilk must be very proud.
  10. Ahhh bless their cotton socks.
  11. Aye, you could be right. It would be a vote winner, giving tax breaks to millionaire footballers. I'll be surprised if it didn't feature on Labours next manifesto.
  12. Agreed, though integrating new players will take a few games and Werner looked sharp. With Pulisic back on one wing and Ziyech on the other it should help opening up defences for Werner and Havertz/Mount and the rest of the midfield. Thiago and Chilwell will sort defence and it's just a keeper needed...watch this space.
  13. By the way the media have been going since Sunday it might be Mourinho who has already started calling out certain players. He always ends up doing this but not usually after game no1.
  14. It's just virtual signalling and makes the woke white middle class who control the media and corporate Britain feel better about itself.
  15. hedging my bets, what do you think score will be?
  16. Sheffield Utd 1 Wolves 1 Brighton 0 Chelsea 2
  17. Same could be levelled at Joe Biden, hiding away in his bunker and only coming out when another heavily scripted speech is required.
  18. Bands change members all the time and as Angus Young is the main man in AC/DC and they were completing the world tour then it's an AC/DC gig. Williams had retired, Johnson had a throat op, Malcolm Young had just died and Phil Rudd was booted out after the hire to kill court case and couldn't join a world tour. Replacements Steve Young, i believe is Angus nephew and Chris Slade had drummed before for the band. So with Axl Rose, they have a new AC/DC line up, though Brian Johnson should be returning in time for the next album.
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