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  1. Erring on the side of caution with both Werner and Lukaku out. They may surprise me and and go for 3 or 4, though Compo has it 1-1 which worried me that he knows something
  2. Apart from the injuries to both forwards. No idea why he thought he had to play both.
  3. Arsenal 2 Villa1 Chelsea 2 Norwich 0 Palace 2 Newcastle 1 Toffees 1 Watford 1 Leeds 1 Wolves 1 Southampton 2 Burnley 0 Brighton 1 City 2 Brentford 2 Leicester 1 Hammers 1 Spuds 1 United 1 liverpool 3
  4. You will need plenty of storage as combi/condensing boiler owners will need to reinstall a cylinder , then there is the outside extractor, heat pump and controller plus the larger rads to make any noticeable heat difference. In fact most people will detect that their water isn't as hot or the rooms are not heating up as they did, unless they live in a sealed box as Uileam says. As Bill says, this is all for show as it will not make a jot of difference if the UK lowers its already quite low carbon footpring while China, Russia, India, Germany, and Indonesia pump out approaching 60% of the worlds pollution. In fact China and Russia aren't even bothering to attend COP, but it will not stop the insufferable Swedish brat lecturing the naughty West for letting the plebs get on flights or drive their cars, or heat their homes - how dare they!!!
  5. It was merely an observation that what you were describing were some of the main features of the ESL, i.e. protectionism in a closed shop. So in effect, with a minor adjustment each year for the odd new participant, the conditions of the ESL are already met, except those clubs wanting an even bigger slice of the pie.
  6. The SNP’s ferries disaster From the Spectator 19th Oct The ship of state continues to run aground in Scotland, judging by the latest transport related fiasco to embroil Nicola Sturgeon's government. Not content with refusing Westminster's cash to fix his roads and admitting he has 'no idea' why rail unions are striking, SNP transport minister Graeme Dey has extended his incompetence beyond the boundaries of land. The under-fire appointee is facing questions about yet another ferries farrago after two more ships were this week declared out of action, further disrupting crucial services. For those unfamiliar with this sorry tale of ocean-going incompetence, Steerpike is only too happy to provide a refresher. Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac) is the state-owned operator of passenger, vehicle and ferry services between the mainland of Scotland and 22 of the major islands on country's west coast. CalMac receives significant government subsidies due to its vital role in supplying these islands: these routes are classified as 'lifeline' services. And now SNP ministers are facing claims that they have neglected the maintenance of the ships in its service during their 14 years in office. Some 16 of CalMac's 31 working ferries deployed across Scotland are over 25 years old; the tonnage of vessels launched since the SNP came to power in 2007 is half the tonnage which joined the fleet in the previous 14 years. Stories of route disruption now pepper papers, both local and national, on a weekly basis. The Arran Banner noted in August that the Ardrossan to Brodick route has had to cancel almost 20 per cent of journeys this year; the Daily Record detailed how another Arran ship had to be withdrawn for a 'sewage issue' while this month the Greenock Telegraph reported that a 'breakdown-plagued' ferry was set to make its return after five months following a 'major mechanical failure' having failed to make more than 2,000 scheduled sailings this year. While ageing ships are a fact of life, several factors have exacerbated the problems facing the existing fleet and CalMac's failure to upgrade. The Scottish Government's introduction of a subsidy to ferry fares under the Road Equivalent Tariff for instance was not matched by an acceleration in its ship-building programme. Use of the service increased meaning ferries wore out more quickly but without the necessary ships ready to replace them at the end of their reduced life service. And if the current ships are old and out of date, their replacements are both way over budget and long-overdue. Would-be ferry ships MV Glen Sannox and Hull 802 are still languishing in now state-owned Ferguson Marine's shipyard, with costs of their construction more than doubling from the original £97m contract agreed in 2015. The former of the two ships was unveiled by the First Minister in November 2017, with the windows on the unfinished vessel painted in so as not to embarrass her. Her government's procurement of the vessels has been described as 'a catastrophic failure' by a Scottish Parliament committee with both ships that were meant to be in use by 2018 now not expected to be delivered by 2022 and 2023. Still, with Captain Sturgeon declining to make any of her ministers walk the plank, Mr S wonders how many more millions will be sunk in the longest-running Scottish comedy since Still Game.
  7. He and Alan Pardew will be 1 and 2 at Newcastle with Lennon as Director of Football
  8. They did, but Newcastle certainly wasn't the outfit to deliver it
  9. Vaccine passport system comes into play today. Be interesting if anyone has an early experience of this good or bad. I think it is just a case of the SG again wanting to show it is doing things differently from Westminster, even though it may further harm the economy in certain sectors.
  10. All gone quiet on the SNP front bench as they cannot stomach the fact that their incompetence has meant British military personnel are having to support a failing health service. No praise, no words of thanks. Yousaf shouldn't be alowed anywhere near a ministerial post, everthing he touches turns to shite.
  11. Watford 0-2 Liverpool Villa 2-1 Wolves Leicester 2-1 Man United Man City 3-0 Burnley Norwich 1-2 Brighton Southampton 2-0 Leeds Brentford 0-2 Chelsea Toffees 2-1 Hammers Newcastle 1-2 Spurs Arsenal 1-0 Palace
  12. A Tottenham boxer then
  13. I think that's wrestling.
  14. Thats football in a nutshell.
  15. Oh i did forget the Third man, which i always prefered to Citizen Kane for some reason. May be the zither playing lol
  16. First they need one of their own to climb the greasy pole in party politics to be in with a shot - they don't have the luxury of mummy and daddies bank account to sustain them while on the way up. Instead we get these faux working class wanabies like Angela Rayner trying to talk the talk and walk the walk with comic results. When was the last individual from a truly working class background who went on to lead one of the main 3 parties? I'm not sure of the answer but would plump for Neil Kinnock - so maybe it's not such a good idea
  17. I dont think we know as they haven't shared their work to any degree. I would be amazed if they can actually link it tbh, as they will also have to consider what each of these ex players did after finishing football, with many ending their careers much earlier than todays players. With training methods changing i doubt todays players even do heading practice anymore and how do thy compare a professional career of say 10-15 years from an amateur footballer who may have played 15 - 20 years with heading the ball still virtually the same technique. I feel they will try to make the science fit the required answer and until we see some evidence it should be treated with some healthy sceptism.
  18. I was and your suggestion is welcome
  19. Godfather 1&2 (can't watch one without the other) Outlaw Josey Wales School for Scoundrels Life of Brian Apocalypto 1st res Seven Samurai
  20. Exactly. No more cheap imported labour in the infrastructure. This is only ever a stop gap. I'm glad that the market is driving (excuse pun) wages up a bit, as long as terms and conditions follow. Then it will would be more attractive to new drivers and possibly some who retired early due to the same conditions and pay.
  21. Yes never consider voting Labour ever again!!
  22. Not just Govt. Also RHA, DVLA and individual companies have all been asleep since 2016 and have now been landed with the little shit Grant Shapps who is about as useful as a petrol station selling only screenwash.
  23. Yes its a very small pool from which to attract talent and as we have seen the SNP are sadly lacking.
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