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  1. I expect they could as Sturgeon/Bunter would be funnier.
  2. It would be funny to see her squeezing onto a seat next to fat billy bunter and try to have any affect whatsoever on preceedings.
  3. Think his supporters have aready tried that. https://www.spiked-online.com/2022/08/01/team-sunak-should-stop-playing-the-race-card/
  4. To be honest, I can't see anything that will get the people of this country revolting about anything. Some ethnics and students rioted over BLM and some middle class eccentrics blocked some roads, but to get mass civil disobedience i doubt it. We couldn't get off our arses to march against terrorist attrocities, or the grooming gangs scandal, or the most stupid of the Covid restrictions - so a couple of nights without lights won't make much difference to the masses.
  5. Maybe, but we have been exporting spare electricity to Europe inc France and Ireland, so that will have to be reduced to power our own infrastructure. I think other countries in Europe will go black well before the UK, and if it looks dodgy we can always look to the SNPs wonderful wind powered utopia to get us out of trouble!!!
  6. They have tried twice to impeach him to my knowledge with both failing, What is interesting is the different approach taken when Clinton vacated the WH as he had documents that were brought back late as did Trump and by all accounts the Clintons strpped the place clean and had to give back $28k of items they had taken. There was no FBI activity. This is an overtly political action and overblown by the compliant MSM who know the Democrates are going tio get a mauling in the upcoming mid terms. Just compare the reaction of the MSM in the US to the Hunter Biden laptop story that was closed down and we were told it was fake news. Until it wasn't. Trump is only guilty of stupidity in office and if that is where the bar is now set, then most if not all presidents of the last 30 years should have been subject to action of some kind.
  7. Probably too much, as we would presumably have to pay the shareprice to shareholders plus costs to the companies for current projects etc. The UK has also just let an important piece of our future communications go to the French with the imminent sale of satellite company Oneweb, following on from the sale of Inmarsat to US company Viasat. All examples of a lack of vision and talent in UK boardrooms and a compliant Govt. You rarely see an important French or German company being sold outside of the country as their Govts intercede and block it. The UK is open to all bids hostile or not, as witnessed by Boots, Cadbury's, Corus/British Steel, BAA, Jaguar and P&O to name a few. Just as an aside, foreign corporations also currently control 44 per cent of UK patents. This is far more than the percentage of foreign-owned patents in the U.S. (11.8), Japan (3.7) or even the European Union as a whole (13.7). Data from 2016 and I doubt the % has moved anywhere but up!! I don't think Britain is open for business but rather it is up for sale!!
  8. Well if you remember when they were publicly owned we had blackouts etc and there wasn't even a scarcity of supply. Useless in one word. The only thing i'm concerned about is the foreign ownership of energy. This should be a protected area, both for security and the fact the corporation tax flow out of the country to where the French and German headquarters are situated.
  9. Everyone i know has had it once including the six of us in our house, but annoyingly each had it one after other so had Covid in the house for around 6 weeks!
  10. You may have been reminiscing about previous times Compo
  11. They were hoping most of the Nats would forget about this and other policy promises, like education and health, and guess what.... they did!!
  12. Won't matter as he'll not be held to account!!
  13. Did you notice that If the linesman had kept up with play the injury wouldn't have happened as the ball had already gone out of play by at least 2 feet. The game carried on and he had to make that tackle. I think the player and Everton deserve an explanation.
  14. They have only just left those arms and sweet fossil fuels, i think stubborness will kick in, though if it dosen't and they do, then it may spell the end for the EU project. So one can hope.
  15. Time to end the "new labour" devolved government fiasco.
  16. No one is suggesting that, but they and the governor general have apologised for their lack of impartiality on many subjects . It is so obvious somethimes that only a fool would not recognise it. Buster.
  17. I think you need to leave the echo chamber one in a while.
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