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  1. I think Hudson will still be picked by Southgate as he is playing regularly under Tuchel. He is certainly ahead of Lingard and from the list of midfielders there isn't too many out and out wide players like him.
  2. I wonder if she knows the answer to "Are you up shit creek without a paddle"?
  3. No Hudson Odoi or Barclay who seem to turn it on for Southgate and will be in a squad.
  4. Saint & Greavsie was quality, sadly missed and unfortunately Greavsie isn't too well.
  5. Looking at the recent poll if it is to be believed, the sides are split 50/50 now which means they have lost some ground. Surely all but the swivel eyed yahoos will need to question the competence of this lot actually running a proper Govt.
  6. Here here, in same boat, though for me i left when i was 7 lol
  7. Should start a petition that gets debated in the Commons. "We believe that under SNP stewardship, Scotland has become a failed state and we request that the UK Government take control until such time that a responsible administration can be formed. Or better still just do away with the SGov and save us all shitloads. Whatever floats your boat.
  8. Ah yes, thanks. I was confusing them with Sparta who are the Czech CL team.
  9. Decent draw but Slavia are often in the CL so i'm sure SG will not be taking them lightly. Would have been a good test of Gers current level if the draw had been Arsenal maybe? But in terms of progression there is no reason not to feel positive.
  10. The convener seems in awe of him.
  11. Agree it was a combination of pitch and ball, but also the mentality of the batsmen as most of the "out" balls were the straight on deliveries , so as some former batsmen have said, the English and the Indian batsmen should have assumed that most balls would come onto the bat straight and set up accordingly.
  12. Cole Hamilton does not seem to be asking the key questions people want answers to, what's his game?
  13. Waiting to see what evidence he has on what Sturgeon/Murel have done, rather than just his view.
  14. "Alex Salmond saga 'a crisis of credibility' for Holyrood" The BBC at last get's something right.
  15. Yes, no water shortage or hose pipe bans this summer
  16. Germany, Sri lanka and i enjoyed Argentina very much too. Am still fond of Jersey after many family holidays there when a wee one.
  17. Good summary by Neil Oliver on things that should be so obvious to the blind that follow the SNP, or those thinking of doing so.
  18. just need to keep it tight and more goals will come in 2nd half
  19. Well well well.... Players "should stand tall" and taking the knee is "becoming something we just do", according to Wilfried Zaha. The Crystal Palace forward, 28, also reiterated his view that taking the knee is "degrading".
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