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  1. Barisic played well and cool under pressure for the pens.
  2. Thanks, seems strange that she was released post sentencing rather than hearing the appeal whilst doing her time.
  3. That's correct but after a few years of Macron, Le Pen will increase her share of the vote and will again be in the eventual two leader run off but the liberals/conservatives will not vote for her and showed before that they would rather have a untried eurocrat than risk a Frexit vote.
  4. Our daughter and a few of her friends caught it at school. Hospital's and schools are still the most likely places to become infected.
  5. How the hell did she get off, the article said she was found guilty of embezzlement?
  6. Or Salvini in Italy, but Italy have just appointed another eurocratic PM without any election, so democracy lives on within the EU.
  7. No mention on BBC website as of 10 mins ago. I would have thought this newsworthy?
  8. Yes and it is also a closed shop and people chosen from a relatively small pool of talent. When you consider they can only select people who believe in Independence, and then those who could possibly hold a position (or have the confidence to bluff their way through) we are talking a very small section of the community. This would be bad for a small opposition party, (LibDems, Greens, UKIP as was) but it is disastrous for Scotland that a ruling party forms a Govt with such a small talent base with people that are promoted well above their competence and once found out there isn't o
  9. I do remember Bernie Grant get his arse handed to him on a plate by a historian when he was arguing that it was only white people that run the slave trade. The historian quoted many examples of black people involved in the trade and also the tribal leaders who actively rounded up people throughout West Africa and sold them to the local traders who then sold them to the foreign traders. Bernie wasn't having any of it and started playing the race card. Luckily for Londoners he passed away in 2000.
  10. I do like the way the SNP always state that only a minority voted for leave in Scotland, as if it was a few disgruntled Tories. From a total electorate of 3,987,112 only 67% voted and 1,661,191 (62%) voted to remain and 1,018,322 (38%) leave, so the diff was only around 650k. Incidentally, more people voted Leave than voted SNP in the 2017 general election (997.5k) and only marginally less than the 2019 election (1.242k)
  11. It's just like a story in "The Thick of It".
  12. Good job. I've heard of that quite a bit where people accompany those getting the jab are asked if they want one while they were there as they had drop outs during the day, one was 45 and other 52. I think it is a good idea, but those not turning up are potentially wasting a dose that could have gone to anybody.
  13. Why are people still paying it?
  14. Hope his employers are aware if he has any. A man has been charged in Lanarkshire in connection with an offensive social media tweet about Captain Sir Tom Moore. Sir Tom died in Bedford Hospital last Tuesday, aged 100, after testing positive for Covid-19. He had captured the nation's hearts with his fundraising efforts during the first coronavirus lockdown, raising more than £30m for NHS charities. The 35-year-old man is due to appear in court later this week. World War Two veteran Sir Tom's family said the last year of his life was "nothing short of remarkable
  15. Yes could have batted for 30 - 45 mins less and had more time and maybe tempted India to go for it, though England would still have had a 380 lead.
  16. Yes nothing like true democracy in action to rumple a few feathers.
  17. Just thought that you had something specific that you view as an ongoing failure.
  18. Maybe not, but the Patriotism debate in the Labour party tells you all you need to know about why ordinary people abandoned them and will not easily be persuaded to vote for Labour any time soon.
  19. Yes, Macron has shot to the top of the list over his vaccine meltdown.
  20. From what has been allowed to happen in Portland I think the definitions of incitement/rioting/hate will need reviewing as they have been going on unchallenged for over a year. Booksellers in Portland have been threatened by Antifa not to stock Andy Ngo's book uncovering their activities and the booksellers are complying through intimidation.
  21. Saw these pre covid supporting metal band Orange Goblin. Good to see them still angry
  22. Think Root will get that unless Bess gets 5+ in both innings.
  23. Yes we got 477 1st innings in 2016 and they replied with over 750!
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