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  1. Can you provide some examples of what you feel we have lost due to Brexit? I would have thought state aid would be in new industries such as renewable's to replace the ailing oil industry, not propping up failing business - all of which should be welcome, especially in Scotland as more rigs are put out of commission and less exploration is happening. But then again I find the SNP and its supporters are not that enlightened.
  2. The Guardian and BBC are prime examples, talking up the EU and magnifying quite small Brexit issues. The EU sycophants really can't get over the fact that project fear didn't materialise, we signed a good deal and have already agreed over 70 initial trade agreements on the same or better terms. That together with a wake up call on what the EU is really about as witnessed by their ongoing vaccine fiasco has been a real eye opener for many and it is only the hard core usual suspects who continue to laud the EU. To be honest I cannot see why some of these cannot just bugger of to the
  3. She also didnt say how many had been vaccinated by the Oxford vaccine - she just can't bring herself to even mention it.
  4. One more in the eye for project fear and i couldn't resist reanimating a Brexit thread The owner of Cadbury is set to return more of its Dairy Milk production back to its historic Bournville factory. Mondelez International - which owns the chocolate brand - said some production in continental Europe would return to the UK. Announcing a £15m investment at the Birmingham site, the company said from 2022, 125 million more Dairy Milk bars would be manufactured there. Bournville village was built by the Cadbury brothers in the 1870s.
  5. Same old Labour. Didn't Gordon Brown say "British jobs for British workers", though he never really meant it. Just like any attempt by Labour to now wrap it self in the Union flag, it is just a meaningless gesture and the article is right people will see straight through it. Some of the intellectual middle class left (the Islington set etc) actually class themselves as European over being British, that was clear to see over the last 4 years.
  6. Nice to see a son following in his fathers trade.
  7. Still waiting to find one.
  8. They just cannot help themselves. Probably know as much about football between them as i did when i was 10.
  9. Wake up for the electorate before May.
  10. Yep, that was the thrust of my point. Labour naval gazed and fought internally through the 80s and ever since 2008. Only the period after John Major's disaster Govt and with a lurch to the centre where they able to secure the votes for a period in office where they then set about trying really hard to bankrupt the country and add 3m net to the population with their open borders....which Miliband had to apologise for.
  11. We are now seeing some of the other side affects of blanket lockdowns; I would be highly surprised if deaths from substance abuse, suicide, late diagnosis / treatment, neglect and other causes do not exceed the Covid death rate over the coming months as more data is released. Deaths caused by alcohol hit a new high during the first nine months of 2020, provisional figures for England and Wales show. Between January and September, 5,460 of these deaths causes were registered - up 16% on the same months in 2019. It is the biggest toll recorded since the records
  12. Yes and let down the working class as it did under Michael Foot / Militant / Kinnock and then Corbyn and Momentum - a party too busy with its own identity to worry about the people who used to rely on it to be their voice. Although the SNP are still ploughing ahead with their own brand of Identity politics: From Spiked today: In advance of the Scottish parliament elections in May, the SNP’s NEC met on Sunday to debate a motion reserving eight spaces at the top of the party’s electoral lists – four for BAME candidates and four for disabled candidates. The vot
  13. Unlike Real Madrid in 2001, i doubt the local Catalan Govt will spend €500m to purchase club land and help pay off debts. I'm not complaining as I prefer Real/Athletico to the so called "more than a club" club!!
  14. This is so common and has happened to both the elderly people I know of who died of severe dementia and advanced Parkinson's respectively but the widows were told they also had covid and this was entered on the DC.
  15. Yes, hopefully he will be ok, he apparently isn't in ICU and has had Pneumonia recently.
  16. Brilliant summary of the last few days by BoN. The people were right The EU’s unhinged behaviour in the vaccines crisis vindicates the 17.4million. https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/01/30/the-people-were-right/
  17. Clueless Labour. https://order-order.com/2021/01/28/labours-vaccination-queue-jumping-policy-collapses-live-on-air/
  18. The EU debacle continues, not only has it cocked up its own supply by haggling over price and a torturous route to vaccine acceptance, it royally fucked up by attempting to invoke Article 16, which in the end they pulled back from as this would have unleashed a political shit storm. It tried to do this unilaterally not consulting with any of the affected parties and is now shown up for the undemocratic, glacially slow entity it really is. Strangely though the BBC, never slow in allowing comments on any small failure of Brexit to allow Remainers the chance to vent, has had no commen
  19. The Unionist parties better start making use of all this fodder, else with free BBC publicity everyday the SNP are going to walk the election in May and we won't hear the end of it.
  20. Just saviour them both and if Dundee Utd go tits up it could be a historic/hysterical treble!!
  21. Cheap shot, may actually backfire as the less gullible see it for what it is.
  22. Couldn't agree more. Gordon Brown is no better. He’s been disinterred since Sunday, warning that unless further concessions are made to the Scot Nats, the UK is over. Brown wrote: ‘The choice is now between a reformed state and a failed state.’ He could have said that if there’s one failed state out there, it’s Scotland under Wee Burney and the Nats. And if anybody failed to see that coming, it was Gordon and New Labour who thought devolution would shore up their hegemony north of the border — and by extension give them a guaranteed majority at Westminster. Instead, first
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