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  1. I’m afraid the world is run nowadays by rather < ignorant> weird children.
  2. Unbelievable. In the Metro: Chelsea star Kepa Arrizabalaga was ‘baffled’ by lack of tactical instructions from Frank Lampard All the idiot had to do was catch the ball and not get beaten from 30 yards as often - how tactical did it need to get for him?
  3. Sorted 26th. Make sure you send that to the National so they remember they have so much "talent" within their ranks
  4. Gilmour will not be taken anywhere ASIL. May go out on loan though unlikely to be to Sellik.
  5. Certainly down the East and West coast, but elsewhere they might not take it so well !!
  6. No surprise there with the BBC. Something this big should certainly replace the non story of the cheese maker's Brexit woes which seems to imply that every £30 cheese exported to the EU requires a Vets certificate at £180. This is a lie as one certificate would cover the manufacturing process regardless of the amount exported. No mention of course how EU cheese imported into the UK is treated. Pathetic one eyed reporting from the BBC as usual.
  7. Looking at the latest figures the UK vaccination daily rate has hit 491k, that is some going!!
  8. Methinks he was talking total *ollocks.
  9. Could be worse i suppose. Imagine if you lived in the EU and was relying on the Bloc approving, buying then distributing said vaccines. It still has not approved the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine and now the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine quantities will be lower than expected, as will the AZ vaccine once approved. So despite the localised clusterfuck we see in the UK stats (as forecast on this thread) generally, being nimble enough to secure 30m doses and having already administered 6m is good going by any ones standard. I can just hear the remainers muttering, dam
  10. CNN seem to have completely lost the plot over this election, capitol hill and the inauguration. They are out BBC'ing the BBC.
  11. Every day a new revelation, it's like a horror show
  12. That's correct, but you can watch all other catch up services as well as streamed services such as Netflix and Amazon, plus other free content such as Pluto TV and YouTube content. I get buy with a £8.99 subscription to Netflix for two screens and HD content, plus all catch up and PC content. That's enough for us and we avoid all that reality shite.
  13. Exactly and this is what has fuelled the Defund the BBC campaign and their treatment through TV Licencing of the over 75s some of which are already being taken to court. Around 260k households have decided not to renew their TV licences in 2020 despite how difficult this is made in terms of them linking the licence to commercial TV as well as their own output. They are smug and complacent and their treatment of Rangers over a long period is only one reason why people should seriously consider not renewing. Hit them in the pocket and keep the pressure on MPs to change the funding mo
  14. Yes they did as an urgent replacement for Kepa who had just lost it. Jury is out on Mendy, though this may be also that the defence is all over the place at times, so i'd like them to get in a youngster as a long term replacement as we did with Cech and Courtois.
  15. That's a good call as Ancellotti relied on Ray massively until Ray was sacked which then undermined Ancellotti and he was sacked after limping on for a while. With both those formations the 2 or the 1 (defensive midfielders) are crucial. With a 2 Jorginho can get the ball and set things going, but Kante must have some discipline and patrol the space in front of the back four. Too often have we been exposed when he or whoever is playing there fucks off up the park and a break is on. Use the rest of this season to get the 4 new players used to playing in the PL and then sort the def
  16. Lets hope his oral skills are better than when he first appeared. And also his memory.
  17. Bit of humour never hurt, and may penetrate the skulls of some flag wavers, despite some of the dodgy history !!
  18. I don't think they care how shit it will get, ideologues have one goal and one goal only, to hell with anything else.
  19. There is as much chance of that being aired than repeats of love thy neighbour lol The changes they are making now are subtle and to a whole host of programming, witnessed at Christmas by the BBC not playing the original lyrics to Fairy tale in New York.
  20. We have all witnessed it. Watching a favoured film or episode and then it cutting to the next scene or some unexpected words you were not expecting are added instead of the usual line. I first noticed this with episodes of Fawty Towers and Porridge, but have since come across it in films and other series. This despite the fatuous warning that now seems to proceed each programme in addition to the content rating. Came across this article, entitled "Why you should hold on to your DVDs" and I can see how these actions go hand in hand with cancel culture and the erasure of history.
  21. In factories and building sites across the country EU nationals having been doing jobs that because they are so much cheaper. The fact that we have generally raised living standards and there is a "going rate" for each role, means nothing when a sub contractor can save £30 - £50 per day per worker even if there is already a surplus of those skills in the country. The much vaunted, much delayed points based system may address some of this now Brexit has happened and free movement curtailed, but i'm sure firms will circumvent the system if they can.
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