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  1. Cally Thistle apparently has called for all Scottish Football to be suspended after Championship sides given till Monday to express their preference to carry on or suspend the league. Surely the SPL will continue.
  2. Yep, nobody does at the moment, except elements in the US media whose threat hyperinflation seem to be driving the aftermath story. What ever the evidence they are gathering will have to be more than just the overblown responses being pushed that is all they seem to have at the moment. Flag waving, sitting in chairs, selfies all being witnessed by the accompanying CNN news give no basis for sedition charges.
  3. Yes, talk of a Republican schism is very real and I suppose will depend on what happens next.
  4. I was not challenging what the charges might be, only that the nature and extent of each offence will need to be proved and in many cases may be found wanting as any competent defence lawyer will trash any attempt to link this to anything like a coup and see it for the opportunist act it was. The Democrat controlled Congress can look back all it likes as it will continue to make the same mistakes it made over the last 4 years in opposition, focusing on the same procedural and political score settling instead of actually taking the country forward and attempting to heal the divisio
  5. I thought it was everyone for themselves after a summer of rioting. Insurrection = a violent uprising against an authority or government. Maybe it was the wrong kind of reason or so called rioters?
  6. Really? Didnt see that from the cameras following the protesters around, posing for pictures, taking selfies etc. Think the aftermath is being stage managed for political reasons.
  7. SNP in Independence priority pledge...... shock!! By the way, what is the Brexit nightmare she quotes? Apart from some wrong documentation on fresh seafood and M&S Percy pigs having problems being imported from Germany, i've not heard of any nightmares and on my trip to Heathrow yesterday saw no noticeable shortage of HGVs in both directions? Methinks Susan Aitken is talking out of her backside.... and not for the first time.
  8. The divisive rhetoric of the liberal media is also coming to the fore, much of it unhinged. Comparing a few thousand protesters who were wandering around getting selfies with Kristallnacht and describing them as Nazis is no way to heal a broken country. Do they think that Biden will have anything to say to the 75m voters who voted Trump? What have they got to lose as a Biden Govt will be no different from an Obama Govt and ignore them completely.
  9. Can't argue with either comment.
  10. Yes, i wonder if they realised the danger they were in if any of those guys appeared
  11. Agree, i got this album after buying Outside the Gate, I think the band found their feet with these two albums, although the later was probably more commercially successful, though i may be wrong.
  12. It is laughable that the US intelligence services are able to track and kill terrorists in caves or a house in Afghanistan and Pakistan and launch drones on specific targets in Iraq, but are unable to stop a few thousand loud and visible protesters from getting in the Capitol Hill grounds and building - especially during a period of heightened global security. Are they really as incompetent as the film industry makes out!!
  13. Why do you say this? From what i have read and the reactions of the ERG and business the EU made many concessions around level playing field and the regulatory position. The fishing issue while it will take longer than envisaged will redress the balance and result in a much larger catch for UK fishing Industry and a reduction for the EU.
  14. They might look and label but mostly they are wrong.
  15. And all that damnable money
  16. Yes, it has been said time and time again, but people just don't get it.
  17. Being told what to do by the EU instead of Westminster maybe?
  18. The crash of 2008 provided the Better Together campaign with the financial ammunition, especially the treasury rescue of BoS and RBS that really hit home what would have happened without this. So yes in theory i'm sure they would have the stats to use furlough, barnett, the extra monies pumped in to social services etc. That is a huge part of it, not wanting to be the PM or party in history that presided over the break up of the Union.
  19. That is the thing, most will probably have not been tested, and for every test they estimate between 3-5 people will not have any symptoms so no test. Going by the research of Manchester University who estimated that between 10 -15m people had Covid up until Sept, we could have already passed 20m and with the vaccination process kicking in will over the next month or two achieve the required herd immunity.
  20. Oh yes and in spades. Every time i'm back i noticed the difference (ok i haven't been back since the pandemic but i doubt things would have changed that much. I feel a lemming like quality in the atmosphere, despite all the failures in health, education, and the economy and worse, a kind of resignation from the UK parties and media to let them get on with it.
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