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  1. Probably just Fox news, Breibart and the Daily Mail hardly global and just plain old Conservative. No such thing as Hard Right. Just like Islamophobia, it is a made up construct to suit a certain agenda.
  2. Yep, that's the beauty of identity politics, everything neatly assigned a type. This started with the left in the MSM wanting to label anyone who did not fit their narrow criteria and having no actual fascists to find and go after. So we had years of, Right, Hard Right, Far Right, Populist etc with the BBC right up front in the UK, categorising groups across Europe and here with the Brexit party being classified as Hard Right as a lazy stereotype, while allowing BLM the freedom to commit crimes in the UK and Antifa in the US without the associated labelling.
  3. I wonder if they would have let Hungary or Poland off the hook if they went ahead and secured an amount of vaccine outside of the official EU source? No need for answers on a postcard
  4. It's starting to get interesting, i may even stretch to a family size bag of revels !!
  5. It is, but the good news is many people are now inured to this, realise it is going on and act accordingly, either by rejecting the BBC (Record licences lost this year and only 33% of people on a recent poll said they were happy with the BBC) or at the ballet box and deserting the left in all its forms (Labour, LiDems, Greens, Change UK etc)
  6. The BBC article does not seem to explain this throwaway comment - how has Brexit done this exactly?
  7. Over to the BBC, with today's article on the damage Brexit is doing to the supply of Percy Pigs sweets at M&S. Apparently they are manufactured in Germany and once shipped to the UK, If M&S then ship to Ireland as they do they become liable for duty. Who knew!!
  8. Agree that this was unprecedented and despite reports in the media i doubt any country has successfully subdued this virus despite what they claim. I just feel that there are other choices that could have been made to avoid these mass lockdowns which have proven only to delay things at best. Looking at the ONS figures its sobering that age groups 75-84 (27,179) and 85+ (34.609) make up the vast majority of deaths, whereas listening to some media reports you would be forgiven for thinking all age groups were equally affected. As the lockdowns are clearly all about the NH
  9. As an addendum, it is interesting that the representatives of both UK and French fishing industries are upset with the deal. The UK due to the transition and catch quotas not increasing as quickly as they believed would happen and the French that the quota changes over the next few years will result in a much lower catch for French fishermen - so have the negotiators managed finalise a deal that sits so finely balanced as to be correct?
  10. Thanks for the breakdown Bluedell and it is certainly a warning that vigilance is needed going forward.
  11. I come and go, i just don't go off in a huff like yourself every time you are called to account.
  12. I disagree. The most notable stat from the ONS is the number of deaths that mention Covid in 0-64 year old age group. In the week before Xmas this was 8,377 in England and Wales, so from a population of 58 million. Unfortunately they do not break down that figure by those that had a severe primary illness before Covid. Given what has been reported before, this number would reduce significantly if they had added this detail. So, from the school age through to all working age, the actual death rate is a tiny fraction of the population and yet we
  13. What you and Nostradamus?
  14. If they were armed then maybe, but i haven't seen any evidence have you? The only ones armed were the security force who managed to kill an unarmed woman who was a 14 year service veteran. The house of commons has been invaded by protesters a number of times, from animal rights to anti poll tax and they were arrested and knowing the UK given a caution, but i don't remember anyone being shot dead?
  15. True, but the edge of the cliff/end of the world bluster was always going to be just that. Whatever people think of the EU, it was not about to add billions in tariff costs to its own industries, many of which are already teetering on the brink as are many in the UK and with the additional 750bn it has had to find in pandemic relief.
  16. Whatever you mention is so abstract that it's bordering on the insane. I'll leave you to ponder that before you disappear... again.
  17. Yes I still do gigs /festivals - mainly Download now (used to be Monsters of Rock), but have attended the Punk rebellion weekenders in Blackpool. I missed the first punk era, but was heavily into the new wave in late seventies/early eighties, ANL, Exploited, Discharge, Blitz, P&TTB, and also the better Oi bands like Last resort and the Business but also went back and enjoyed all the early bands and have seen them all many times like the Damned, Buzzcocks, Skids and even the Pistols reunions. Motorhead were the cross over band that got me into heavy rock/metal and i
  18. The media scaremongering really was all piss and wind. Not only have all the accused over Brexit campaign funds been found not guilty and some have had damages paid to them (Nice one Carole Cadwalldr of the Guardian) we now have the very essence of their calamity arguments destroyed for all to see. They can now turn their focus entirely on Covid, though lets hope the electorate don't forget the lies come election time.
  19. There you go again. Keep taking the medication and the pied piper dreams will soon fade.
  20. There you go again. By righteous i assume you mean those willing to question and do not blindly follow. As clearly the latter, I do not expect you to understand when others do not take everything at face value.
  21. Sorry Gonzo, just asked exactly the same question but with less finesse
  22. This my original text. "Ouch that's gotta hurt. The Guardian/Reuters and others going with the "Sick man of Europe" when all along people knew that it couldn't possibly just be here. They really will go that extra mile to dump on the UK in favour of their EU utopia. " Now why are you blathering on about India and Canada? I think there is a queue you need to join, but they may be a tad busy at the moment treating more serious cases, but don't worry they will get to you.
  23. A bore of almost immeasurable proportions.
  24. Probably shorter than yours at the charm school.
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