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  1. It's certainly the first day an opener has carried his bat throughout a whole days innings for ages.
  2. Proved to have selective memory over so much of the last 30 years when even the Labour party would never trust him for office. Always on the fringe, he met anyone and everyone who had a grievance against this country or conflicts abroad.
  3. Oh yes, Adam Ramsay of Open Democracy, the Guardian, Eurozine, AlJazeera and EuroAlter - Totally unbiased. I expect he did a similar article about the Labour front bench of public schoolboys (in the Blair tradition) Lady Nugee, Diane (state schools are not good enough for my children) Abbot and Sir Kier Starmer and the rest of the Islington set.
  4. The next generation always comes up to replace it. All those late 20's early 30's with mortgage, pension that invests heavily in equities and bonds, ISAs, sharesave schemes etc etc, realise that Labour cannot be trusted with the economy. The cycle perpetuates and is no different now.
  5. I think you missed the initial point around security risk, it's not that he would side with anybody, it's that he has steadfastly refused to confirm that he would be prepared to maintain this country's nuclear deterrent. Regardless of the cost, in a world where North Korea and possibly Iran have nuclear weapons, there is no way that the UK can allow someone who is an avid unilateralist like Corbyn the keys to Downing St. Most people I know get news from a variety of sources, I do not watch/listen to BBC or ITV/C4 news output as i am one of the 1.5m households who no longer have a TV licence.
  6. Given Australia's erratic form in the top 6 batsmen (minus Smith) It will come down to the bowlers and I would have Archer playing as the games may not last 5 days and with Anderson and Broad, Stokes plus Woakes, i'm sure he can get through 20 overs in a day. I think England will come good at Edgbaston, but struggle again at Lords. So i'm predicting 2-1 to either side, with 2 no results possibly due to weather interruptions.
  7. It's probably just more PC bollocks from the BBC.
  8. From the BBC EU propaganda wing...... A no-deal Brexit could lead to a united Ireland and the break-up of the United Kingdom, Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Leo Varadkar has said. Boris Johnson told the Commons on Thursday that the route to a Brexit deal would be to persuade the EU to "abolish" the Irish border backstop. The EU maintains the withdrawal agreement was the best one possible and removing the backstop was unacceptable.
  9. Even so this is a major embarrassment for a reporting company. Reflects badly on all those in the upper echelons of the company including the fat man himself. Shambles.
  10. With both sets of batsmen not in the greatest form, it could make for relatively low scoring tight test matches completed with 3.5-4 days.
  11. From that clip it looks as though Kolašinac did all the fighting off and Ozil just started to drive away lol
  12. Her middle class background (mum and opera singer, dad and granddad both actors) has provided young Greta with the contacts and medium to launch her campaign, backed up by Green Party funds. Nobody doubts the need for climate action, and Government policy around the world is having an impact, i.e. phasing out of diesel cars (wish Gordon Brown hadn't spent so long promoting them though!!) plastic bags, emission zones, electric cars etc etc. One of her ideas around raising the cost of air travel will just hit the working classes, as our "betters" will be able to handle an
  13. Yes Derby were a good ball playing possession side under Lampard and there's no reason to suspect they will be changing styles under Cocu. Will be a good test.
  14. Put it anyway you want but I don't think anyone from the Tory party has suggested an insurance system - I think that most people earning over 90k have already got private health insurance - either privately or through a company health scheme. Secondly, i'd rather not go back to a nationally run railways. When i first started work in the late 80s they were still using 1950s rolling stock and were always on strike. Comrade Corbyn would love to take us back to collective bargaining, secondary picketing and a 1950s rail service. Thirdly, The 90k small tax increase is just
  15. Nothing democratic about the LibDems as they show what they think of the results of the democratic referendum by trying to overturn it despite it having the largest mandate than any other vote in British history. No UK election or referendum has ever achieved over 17m votes for anything!!
  16. Agreed, though if the Tories manage to get Brexit over the line, they will receive an influx of votes from the Brexit party, and if that happens the impact, especially in what would have been marginals will give them a big lead. The votes of the 4m or so Labour voters in Leave seats however is unclear as many i know will not now vote Labour again for changing their Brexit policy. Yes Labour will gain more remain votes, but they will come from areas such as London where they would have won anyway. Around 40 Labour seats are now vulnerable across the midlands and into the North. Personally i ca
  17. Actually, he had already abdicated before the trip to Germany in 1937 and was merely a member of the royal family - not the serving monarch. He had very little influence and spent most of the war in the Bahamas as Governor.
  18. Re, John Mann, yes he clearly did that to try to provoke Livingstone, but that was after Livingstone had made his statement concerning Hitler and Zionism and repeated it a number of times. I think the 100k loss is due to people having wised up to the Corbyn London cabal of McDonnel, Thornberry, Abbott and Starmer and realising that they stand for a very narrow section of the population. Hence, despite the worst election campaign, the worst PM, failure to implement Brexit and the ongoing turmoil, The Tories still remain ahead of Labour in the polls.
  19. The buggers, how dare the Brit Govt do something so evil. Do we need any further evidence of the Nats lack of fiscal management?
  20. She was sacked after comparing Corbyn and his inner circle as akin to the Bunker in the last days of the Third Reich, in which she also referenced the film, which was a pertinent analogy if you look at how they are not listening to others in the party which has led to the potential coup by Tom Watson etc. Her comments were insensitive and against comrade Corbyn which was enough for her to be suspended and nothing like the views of Chris Williamson, Ken Livingston, Naz Shah and others within Momentum. It is no co-incidence that Labour have lost 100k members over the last year.
  21. Good team and an opportunity for some to stake a claim for a starting place come August. Certainly enough to see off St Josephs well.
  22. Haven't the Geordies suffered enough??
  23. Opening one would be the tip of the iceberg as you would need one in every town, then the staff and a Police presence to thwart the increased drug pusher presence that these locations attract. This is just one option, There needs to be more money made available by the devolved government.
  24. Just watched a film called Radius on the Horror channel. It's more SCI FI that horror and not a repetitive plot as are many in this genre. With a neat twist at the end I'd highly recommend.
  25. If I was being cynical, I'd say the SG may want the situation to stay as it is, so they can use it to berate the evil "Westminster establishment" in any future Independence debate, though I'm sure only hardened Nats will propagate this view, most people will see it for what it is.
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