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  1. StuGers

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    Fair enough point. I would genuinely be pleased if we tried that but in the current climate I can’t see it being successful.
  2. StuGers

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    But do the fans want to get together to sort things out? They clearly don’t. The blind hatred of Rangers seems to have allowed all sorts to slip when it comes to the smaller teams fans, not really grasping that not only are Rangers being screwed, Celtic are being given advantage.
  3. StuGers

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    I would like to think the same, but when the ineptitude constantly negatively / positively affects a certain side, then it is either extremely bad / fortunate luck or there is no other description than corruption.
  4. StuGers

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    I would genuinely love to disagree with you. But I find so many things that seem blatantly obvious and reeking of corruption - and you’re right; it is in daily life too.
  5. StuGers

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    With all the strange decisions by the compliance officer, the unusual non-uniform decisions from referees, the strange silence in the press on certain issues and the inexplicable behaviour of the footballing authorities towards certain issues, do you think that Scottish Football has been corrupted?
  6. StuGers

    SNP’s workplace parking tax

    The Cybernats have been sent out in force to preemptively put the onus of blame on the employer if they should dare pass this unfairly on to the employee.
  7. StuGers

    SNP’s workplace parking tax

    Fair doos.
  8. StuGers

    Why does Diane Abbott get interrupted so often?

    Did Diane Abbott write it herself then?
  9. StuGers

    SNP’s workplace parking tax

    Could that not be said about a lot of jobs? Should street cleaners not be taxed as the streets would become unclean and disease would spread? Should oil workers be exempt as without them we would be out of fuel for ambulances? I’m 100% against anyone paying this silly tax, but the fact that some people will be exempt based on their job doesn’t brush with me.
  10. StuGers

    Catholic Church Free to Cover Up Crime

    The most baffling thing in all these stories is the absolute lack of any suggestion that the police should be called. Is it official that the Catholic Church can operate outwith the law?
  11. StuGers

    SNP’s workplace parking tax

    This may be a controversial comment but... why should NHS staff be exempt?
  12. StuGers

    SNP’s workplace parking tax

    We need to get this shower out as soon as possible.
  13. StuGers

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I think Stewart is on shaky grounds by saying that kids can’t handle “stress”. “Stress” is one of the main killers of men under 30. It is also quite hypocritical when he says they can’t handle criticism when he is one of the worst for handling any criticism.
  14. StuGers

    Buchanan Street beggar raped woman

    Absolutely unbelievable. I knew he was a cretin but not that bad. Are the police finally going to do something about all these professional beggars now?

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