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  1. The way I read that is that she is upset that we are even mentioning anti-Protestant sectarianism in the same breath as she believes the two are in different scales currently. I would argue that that is a complete nonsense.
  2. You’re spot on there. even some on here seem to think that religious bias and slurs seem to be less serious if aimed at Protestants.
  3. How can an employee of Glasgow University openly laughing at a group of people saying they are persecuted not be construed as detrimental to the image of the university? If my child was planning on studying Economics, I would certainly be guiding them elsewhere, and not only because her qualifications fall short.
  4. The article starts off talking about a group claiming to represent Protestants doing a speech on the steps of the City Chambers calling out their perceived victimisation. She is laughing directly at that. Whether you believe there is that victimisation or not, to laugh at a group for claiming victimisation is disgusting. As someone who is supposed to be an academic, you should try and possibly look into why they say they’re victimised and possibly counter that, not laugh at the group for saying they are victims.
  5. StuGers


    Stolen from elsewhere: the Spaghettihad.
  6. Surely she is bringing her employer into disrepute? If I was to state in a national newspaper that I found issues of anti-Semitic racism was funny, I would fully expect to be out on my arse. Why should laughing at anti-Protestant prejudice be any less serious?
  7. How can Glasgow University continue to employ someone with such abhorrent unrepentant views?
  8. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news...over-glasgows-2019-orange-marches/?ref=twtrecI find it disgusting that someone who is so high up in one of our city’s great educational institutes finds it acceptable to openly laugh at anti-Protestant sectarianism.It is also disgusting that this is simply accepted within this article.I hope she loses her job over this but we all know she won’t.It is also ridiculous that she openly admits to being born in the country and has lived here her whole life, yet she doesn't associate her nationality as Scottish. And she wouldn’t be offended if we asked her to “go home”.Complete hypocrite
  9. Again, I find it strange that a few years ago Cairney was noted as working for Celtic (St Pats Seniors). Now all references are to him working for the St Pats (formerly known as Celtic Boys Club).
  10. StuGers

    Celtic missing a golden opportunity

    They are too busy manufacturing Leigh Griffiths gambling issues to cover up his drug taking.
  11. Gambling issues seems to be a convenient excuse for other rumours that are doing the rounds and have been for a while.
  12. I note that the papers are stating that Cairney worked at Celtic Boys Club. He was actually the main team kitman, not the Boys Club.
  13. StuGers

    MSPs and the Celtic Cover Up

    Another point I wanted to make is; The rest of the MSPs aren’t covering themselves with glory. If the Conservatives or Labour want to show themselves to have any credibility, they must also raise their head above the parapet and ask the question as to why this hasn’t been investigated as a full case. These parties are in danger of losing any chance of vote from me if they continue to be complicit in this cover up via their silence, and I’m sure I’m not alone where this is concerned. The recent petition, which was well intended but not executed in the best way, had tens of thousands of signatures. I’m sure this is a good indicator of how many votes are at peril if they continue to present this absolute horror story doesn’t exist. What is even more dangerous is that the more they ignore this, the more likely it is to happen again. What kind of message does it give out to other clubs who stumble across this horror? The message it gives is that you may as well cover it up, because there will be zero repercussion. What is to say that this doesn’t apply to other large institutes? They will just use Celtic as a precedent.
  14. I’ve noticed on Twitter now that the common answer for an MSP response when they even acknowledge any post to them questioning their thoughts on the Paedophile Ring that operated at Celtic Park is; “I’ve not heard of that, please email me”. Now, I’ve seen two very high profile cases of this recently. Firstly is from Humza Yousaf. This man is the SNP’s / Scottish Justice Minister. If there is anyone that is supposed to have their finger on the pulse of the courts and high profile cases, then he’s your man. So he apparently doesn’t know about the case. If he’s somehow missed it, then it’s gross incompitence. Just yesterday, Hannah Bardell, the SNP’s Sports and Media spokesperson upon questioning by Helene Gray (mother of Celtic victim Andrew Gray - also same scenario for Yousaf) denied knowledge of the case(s). Again, for someone who is supposed to be focussed on Sport and Media, you would think they would be aware of the ongoing conveyor belt of paeodphiles being convicted, all operating out of Celtic Park. But, alas, no. Again, is it incompitence? Surely the chances of both high profile SNP MSPs in such prominent relevant positions can’t be that poor at their job that they miss these multiple recent and current cases? It is of note that on these two cases, it wasn’t the previous stock response of “ongoing case, can’t comment” opt out. It is also worth noting that Ms Burrell also copped out by noting that the questioner, Mrs Gray, wasn’t in her constituency. So even though she’s the Sports spokeswoman, she isn’t willing to take a question about the biggest scandal in sporting history as the complainant isn’t her constituent. So the real question is - have the SNP got a party policy that upon pressure to answer this question they simply reply, “I’ve not heard about this, please contact me via email?”. Surely that must be the case? The previously mentioned “ongoing case” opt out is no longer valid. Even more sinister, the pressure for these Ministers to avoid this topic must be so great that they are more willing to publically humiliate themselves and tarnish their professional reputation by publically feigning buffoonery than to even discuss what is all over the papers. Why are the SNP so keen to kill this story? If the SNP are to ever even consider getting votes from a large proportion of Scottish society, they must be seen as acting in a transparent and fair manner, and they are currently completely blowing any signs of acting in this way out the water. Again, it is sinister.
  15. StuGers

    Why are Jewish people ‘wandering’ again?

    I googled that march, thinking it simply cannot be true, but it is. No wonder they are wanting out this country.

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