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  1. 1 per convicted paedophile. They’ll run out of space on the strip eventually.
  2. No way! I need to google that. Update - can’t actually see if that exists or if it’s a hoax.
  3. Agreed. It’s a bit of a conundrum but I don’t believe those who wish to be politicians should be allowed to be politicians.
  4. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1113687676048347138
  5. I had a discussion with an associate who, whilst being a reasonably intelligent guy, follows them ardently and is brainwashed to their cult group think. I seen his head almost explode though when bringing this one up on him: He was banging on about Israel and I questioned him as to why he hated them so much. Him: “Israel is a foreign invader and have no right to be there, it’s not their home land”. Me: “So if a group of people aren’t indigenous, they shouldn’t have the right to set up home somewhere else?” Him: “no, it’s shocking, they way they persecute the Palestinians who are the true people of the land is shocking too”. Me: “you do realise that Celtic and their fans are the Israel of Scotland?” Him: “what absolute rubbish”. Me: “Well the Celtic fans with their hatred for the country they now reside in and alleigance to Ireland makes them the non-indigenous people, say, invaders. They have no wish to assimilate with the local people or their customs, they openly discuss the ultimate goal of wiping out the indigenous population and support violence against them. In what was does that make them different to what your perceived hatred of Israel is based on?”. Him: “The Irish had to come over because of the potatoe famine. They had no choice”. Me: “So the extermination of millions of Jews in the world’s worst case of ethnic cleansing isn’t justification for finding somewhere new to live?” Him: TIMPLOSION Celtic - The Israel of Scotland.
  6. I note there was another story today about a Catholic School in Scotland with the “Brother” abusing children. It was merely a footnote in the news. I suppose if the potential murder of hundreds of children isn’t big news then a few abused kids is nothing. its also worth noting in France, one of their head guys was given a suspended sentence for covering up the child abuse ring.
  7. Michael, yes, Scotland can support itself, but only after balancing the book, reducing spending and cutting back to account for the money lost from being part of the U.K.
  8. What’s the “3 months” thing about? edit - googled it, very strange.
  9. Constant open illegal displays of terrorist support (who have killed the innocents of our country)... nothing.Constant chants of “orange bastard”.... nothing.Massive pitch invasion and attacks on Rangers players and fans by thousands of Hibs fans... nothing.Years of systematic paedophilia covered up by a club with ongoing trials uncovering the horrors, even to this day... nothing.Hanging of effigies of Orangemen in front of 50k people in a televised event around the world, the most despicable sectarian display in decades... nothing.Player pelted by coins and subjected to sectarian abuse of being an “orange bastard” just last week... nothing.Steve Clarke is called a “****** bastard”.“This is despicable and we have met with the comically useless Justice Minister, the police and our head men and we must stamp this unprecedented barrage of sectarianism by those big bad Rangers fans out of this country. Freeeedom!!!!”.Un-fucking-believable.
  10. Stewart said he didn’t think it was a sending off as he hit him with his lower arm rather than his elbow. again, that fud doesn’t know the rules. It makes no difference if it was his elbow or his lower arm.
  11. Is there a clip of this anywhere? I’m genuinely astounded that that would have been aired on TV.
  12. Did someone actually say that on TV recently?
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