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  1. Use your Wife's/Girlfriends email address and get them to verify. Lets get this past the post Bears...
  2. I find this whole insident a bloody disgrace. We are at home, we have the BF1 as our noise makers. They are tehre to do that. The Police know it, and Rangers know it. Why is it that in our own ground we are being Policed out of supporting our team. Yes there are some of the knuckle dragging fraternity in there, but as has been said we are football fans. Why, at Ibrox, are the majority of Police antagonising the Rangers support? Why are they going in heavy handed into our own fans at a game where the away fans are no more than 200.
  3. Merry Christmas to everyone on the Board. Hope you all have a great day. Aw ra best.
  4. So lets look at the story. Discredit Rangers - check. Discredit anyone associated to Rangers - check Discredit the Tories (the biggest Unionist party in Scotland) - check Discredit things not associated to Rangers at the time, that happened years ago by the company now associated to Rangers - check There must be people out there that can counter these people. They are all being led by a hate for Rangers/Unionism/Monarchy/Protestantism. This is not about sport or the "British tax payer" this is about the re-unification with the Romanists.
  5. Hawd a minit..... when did gash shots get allowed...?
  6. The £18 million debt was manageable, but the HMRC BTC is what has caused everything that has happened. Whyte didn't pay the Tax and N.I on last year alone. He caused the house of cards to collapse, but when Murray allowed it to be built on sand, he sacrificed us from then.
  7. The weak chain link was Whyte, but the real culprit was SDM. This cannot be forgotten.
  8. But some of these people want the kudos... they would rather spite there face.
  9. Glamour friendlies against other big teams that have fallen by the wayside in Europeans competitions. Play against Teams from England who aren't involved in Europe. Invite teams from USA to play. Invite teams to play pre season games - Australian teams for instance. Money could be brought in with these types of games. And would help build the team up. We could also rotate during these games. Ofcourse, we need to keep a core team... and this is what is going to be very, very difficult.
  10. Hardly relentless and hardline - Vodfone walked away from billions owed without paying a penny. Using that case alone as a precedent, the Tax Man will be open to enormous scrutiny, and a pandora's box could well be opened.
  11. Wija

    SFA hypocrisy

    And Lemmon was the man who was accusing Ref's of being against his team whilst using the institutionalised bigotry claim, and the Ref was a R.E teacher at a Catholic school. If you shout it loudest, and shout it enough it becomes true. I couldn't care about any person's religion, just don't push it on me. I however hate Irish Republicanism and all that it stands for, in particular the utter destruction of Scotland and the great many things that such a small country has achieved in the world over the centuries.
  12. Fixed that for you. Which one should I choose? I am leaning towards the Billy Smarts Circus cavalcade associate trust affiliate club. I might aswell join all the other clowns.
  13. upping the viewing figures is their goal.
  14. I think history shows a great many people said things, but intended a completely dfferent course. Kaiser Willhelm being one.
  15. I quoted your post verbatum. You have since added to it. If you are not a supporter of the RST why are you so streniously defending them.? I only ask as you seem to be pushing and pulling on the same chain.
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