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  1. I hope Liverpool lose it and it will all come down to Gerrard's slip against Chelsea. Diving bastard.
  2. I asked the very question in the other thread. It is actually dumbfounding that the official SFA twitter replied to this. Flabbergasted. Imagine the outcry were they responding to a "fen1an" comment.
  3. Vermaelen on his game was the best CB in the league at one time.
  4. Would they reply politely to a Rangers fan tweeting "fen1an bastards"?
  5. Stupidly it is voted for before the main prizes are handed out. And a lower division manager won it in our Manchester year right?
  6. They're not that great (I know, neither are we) yet have won 3 of the last 4 cup ties? Law of averages we must be due one?
  7. Whats the state of play for the u20s in terms of winning the league?
  8. Fuck Aberdeen. Be funny if ICT won but cant see it.
  9. Walked up the Peak today Gribz. Walked all the way there from my flat in Hung Hom (bar the quick journey on the Star Ferry at TST). Not too bad til I got to the start of the real walk where it informs you its 30 minutes to the top (more like 20). Bastard of a climb though.
  10. Barry Ferguson's agent and now an ex-gf. Like I said, some people use it like facebook. No interest in connecting with an ex when she appears to work in accounts or something and I work in Sports performance. Not much point is there.
  11. Many people here use this? Not sure how useful it is in my field? (Sports Science/Strength and Conditioning). Barry Ferguson's agent VIola added me on it this week. Bit random I thought. Some people use it like facebook rather than a networking site I think.
  12. Propaganda spouted on the club's own tv channel. Why are a national paper regurgitating this. If it was us bumping out gums we would be mocked.
  13. Seen this advertised when the Walking Dead was on just before I moved out to HK a few weeks ago. Mob City is by the same people responsible for TWD and has some of the same cast. Anyone know if it is worth a watch?
  14. More effective player than he is given credit for.
  15. Nope. Nope. Unproven. Unproven. Nope. Unproven. Shite, shite and more shite.
  16. Lets bring back Boab Malcolm and Mo Ross too then. And Ricky Foster and Stevie Smith.... oh...wait.....
  17. Yeh, I knew what you meant. Think you're crazy though. Not good enough bar the odd game.
  18. A couple more donations. Only just over 10% of the 2.5k target though.
  19. One more £15 donation since I last checked. Raising less money than the last effort?
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