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  1. It's a good thing if they're playing for a decent team in the premiership, but actively seeking out championship level players (as wee chesney loved to do) is utter horseshit.
  2. Superb, a far better player than he gets credit for, well done Ryan.
  3. Fantastic piece sir. Bonner is the worst pundit I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. Only ever covers sellik games, hasn't a clue who plays for the opposition - 'the motherwell number 7', 'the livvy centre back' - and his match analysis is baffling. 'That was Cluj first chance of the match' was a particularly memorable one. it was 1-1 at the time. And to top it off, we pay his wages.
  4. At least they actually have a blood relative, Egg chasing is a joke, even big Jackie Charlton would be embarrassed by the nationalities allowed to play for the home nations.
  5. Those highlights are hilarious, and I particularly enjoyed Dominik Diamonds pain on twitter this morning, turning on the lego eater again, for about the millionth time. 🤣
  6. I live in south Ayrshire and can honestly say I've never seen a Palestinian or Catalan flag being flown. I was brought up in Saltcoats - managed to escape! - the only person allowed to have a flagpole in their garden was the provost. I assumed that was some kind of council bylaw, never paid it much attention tbh.
  7. Yes, it does. Although during my week in Holland earlier this month, I never seen much in the way of flags, mibbe a regional thing.
  8. Anyone who wants to fly a flag in their garden is generally a roaster anyway, whatever that flag is. Offensive? no, not at all. Ridiculously tacky looking? absolutely.
  9. I have no interest in my fellow Rangers fans views on anything other than Rangers, I wouldn't expect them to have the same political and cultural opinions that I do, in the same way I wouldn't expect them to agree with my ideas of team selection, tactics, signings etc. We are a broad church, I really couldn't give a flying fuck whether you're Female, Black, Gay, Greek Orthodox, whatever, all are welcome in my eyes. There are other sporting institutions where the fans are expected to have certain narrow views, lets not be that club.
  10. I played with Billy's dad for a few years, and he is anything but a bluenose!. His mum's side all are though, his grandad used to go on the same bus as me, was a right character. 🙂
  11. 100% Gaffer, Lafferty is a chancer living off of former glories.
  12. Top, top quality player when he's fit. Which isn't very often.
  13. It's one of the big parts of being a manager, knowing when to get out before the inevitable decline starts, these guys have to keep their stock high.
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