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  1. Imagine a scenario if you will, last day of the season, and we get the opportunity to lie down to someone, sheep, hivs, whoever, to stop the reptiles getting 2nd place and that CL spot... The impending timplosion would be worth it, oh the joy!
  2. Fantastic, I want to see his pain and suffering to be a long, drawn out affair, and for him to see the champions beat his lot in their own midden again before.
  3. Any manager worth his salt would be looking to play one way against them, ironically the way they used to play with big mutton, play for free kicks and corners. They are abysmal from set pieces.
  4. Yes, This has been the case since elite sport restarted, same in rugby, obviously it's a part of both games so the exception is that the close contact is permitted on the pitch in a match situation and in training. If the sporting bodies didn't agree to this, we wouldn't be watching sport as we are now.
  5. The exception for football is over the line, ie playing or training. They'll be doing it on purpose so that the village idiot can lump Livvy in with st johnstone and hamilton in his next special assembly. The sight of him launching his Snus into the snow last night was a particular highlight. They were dead on their feet at the end, imagine hanging on against a team that was missing more first teamers than the Dubai dynamos were?. Tremendous.
  6. I need to have a listen to the full press conference, the wee extracts I've seen are gold! Love the line about his rage at Sturgeon using the term R and R, when she was quoting him directly! Thicker than a whale omelette.
  7. Aye, I'd agree Bill. It may be that he's one of those you hate him at other teams, but would love him in your own type guys.
  8. Our celebration yesterday was noticeably muted, and I'd imagine that was on purpose, given the interviews with face coverings etc.
  9. It's natural to be disappointed, but that's a decent result, still sitting great. Noticeable lack of contact at the goal celebration, have to say our professionalism throughout this season has been exemplary. Onward and upward.
  10. I don't think Gerrard would tolerate complacency. Gerrintaethum!.
  11. It's hard to quantify that one, aye less games equates to less chance of injury, but the likes of Steven Davis has managed a fair amount of caps, which has enriched his game. Bill, I'm hoping the lure of CL football will keep Kamara here for a while yet. If he goes though, best of luck, we'll do well out of the deal. Keen to see this boy Campbell of Well in the game, as he seems to be getting good reviews, must say I've not paid much attention to him.
  12. Nope, always been proud to have Gers in the national team, always will be. Another tough game in what has been a pretty solid stretch of games, keep the foot on their neck Rangers.
  13. 'It's affected us more than any other club'..... What an embarrassing statement that is, trying to rouse the orcs against the rest of society, as ever.
  14. Indeed, we welcome the chase. And can we put this in the General football chat section, shouldn't be posts in here about other teams.
  15. Barkas, Hazzard, Jullien, Broon, Taylor, Ralston, Henderson, Johnston, Ajeti, El Hamhead, Rogic, Botton, and Klimala. That's the list that I saw tweeted by a few different outlets.
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