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  1. A decent enough player, but (and I've been saying this all season, not just since he came back into the side) I see no point in developing someone else's player ahead of our own. Katic and Goldson were brilliant in the euro run, and the big yin has slotted back in again during the run in. All the best, Joe.
  2. I'm with Gonzo, get Katic back in, I'd much prefer to develop our own players than loan players, and CH isn't an area that we should be buggering about with.
  3. Educate kids - really? What you gonna tell them? Knives kill? I'd consider medical students fairly intelligent, and pretty well educated. Have you ever seen them drinking and smoking? Holy fuck, could put us all to shame! And they absolutely 100% KNOW the effects of alcohol and nicotine. More stop and search - are you gonna just magic up cops from a fuckin lamp? I am no expert on knife crime, and have no experience of the city in question, so have little to offer in terms of a solution, but to blame it on liberals is mind numbingly dense. Top marks for managing to fit in a bit of racial paedophilia too, bravo.
  4. Flown with them loads of times over the years, never had an issue. As long as you expect no more frills than you would get on a bus journey in Glasgow, then they're perfectly acceptable. Used to go loads of city breaks when they flew to lots of interesting European cities out of Prestwick, shame it's only really med hol destinations they do now though.
  5. To be fair, that was an away match for us, and as much as it's a shite time, it happens both ways. This isn't an away match for them, it's a neutral venue. I recall the same thing happened to ICT a few years back, impossible to get to the game in time on any form of public transport. Fans are just an inconvenience, once again.
  6. Fuck that, we've wasted enough time and money on hasbeens from darn sarf over the years, with very little in the way of success. As said above, I have every faith our management team can work tactically to overcome such circumstances.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/mareorless/status/1043950393410113536/video/1 Gordon enjoyed yesterday result at rugby park....
  8. It's early says, but we've been to pittodrie and the glitterdome and still have a lead over them, and the sun tan Santa looks like he's trying to engineer an exit to me. Bring it on.
  9. Aye, Somerset is a great wee ground, proper football.
  10. Sounds like he's not fit, as opposed to injured? ie, he's not been playing games so Panucci decides against playing him.
  11. Was it not against AEK that Wattie had another brainwave, to play Gary Stevens on the left of a back 3?. I loved GS, but he was done after that game.
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