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  1. Tbh, I'd imagine most TV viewing figures must be pretty bad, although certainly not as dire as that. I don't really watch live TV at all, the Virgin remote rarely moves from it's perch, it's all on demand these days. Live TV must be going the way of print media, with the exception of maybe live sports and soaps.
  2. Can't bieve Sunetra Gupta is still kicking about, she's been discredited so many times even the BBC and their need for balance don't have her on anymore.
  3. It's not really about covid infection rates per se, that ship sailed when we opened nightclubs and 'vertical drinking' was permitted tbh, the vaccine lessens the chances of you being hospitalised and subsequently dying. I see Douglas Ross voted against it, and then said he'd vote FOR the same motion in Westminster. So he's not just pish at running the line then eh?.
  4. It'll be coming to an English ground very soon too, mark my words. And it's not just the football world either, Shell have already admitted that they will do the same (some suggestions that they're doing it already) - no jab no job, and the NHS in England is about to commence a massive survey on doing the same. I totally agree from a logistics point of view, it won't be easy, but there's a hell of a lot of stuff we've managed to implement that looked impossible 18 months ago.
  5. Entirely up to you, something I've never been bothered about to be honest, in all the years I've been going.
  6. This 100%. Sing about The Rangers.
  7. I had a wee sneaking suspicion that we may go for him. Agreed Bill, good young striker, would be good if we could loan them Katic, get him game time, see how he shapes up post recovery.
  8. My mistake, I was sure PSG had a 40% on any sell on, not profit. In either case, not the cash cow the press had us believe he'd be, imagine that?.
  9. They're losing money on Edouard at £15M, and still buying reams of attacking players when a blind man running for a bus can see their defence is stinking. Keep it coming.
  10. Listened to an interview of his with Louis Theroux, he wasn't what I expected at all, very thoughtful and articulate, and a cracking striker too btw.
  11. Yes. We should stick to common decency, doesn't really matter how low our opponents will stoop.
  12. As ever, I prefer to see us going into a game against that lot with something to prove, we got the job done but SG will not be happy with them. Conversely, I think the first spanner has fallen into the spokes of the great antipaedoean revival.
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