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  1. I actually thought Alfie and Sakala linked really well today. Agree about big Helander though, we could do with him back for bigger tests on the horizon.
  2. And a few posts later, we see gisabeers latest contribution. 🙂
  3. I watched the last 20 mins of the Hibs game on Saturday, they looked utter shite, St Johnstone let them have the ball and they didn't have a clue what to do with it.
  4. 2 days, he's had 2 days. Honestly, in the last few weeks we've had Greegs is shite, Kamara is shite, sell the fuckin lot of them, and the best one of all, the golden nugget that I'll never forget - Neil Lennon contributed more to 55 than Gerrard did. And here was me thinking Follow Follow had all the drama queens. Support your bloody team.
  5. If you had said to me when we were getting pumped out of Europe by the minnows of Luxembourg, or horsed by the beggars again, that our next 2 managers would be Gerard and then Gio, I'd have expected you to be sectioned quite frankly. Never know whats round the corner! ?❤
  6. I'd love to know who the shortlist included.
  7. That's pretty much bang on how I feel too WBD.
  8. I'm no fan of Clarke, but hats off to him, 6 wins in a row is bloody impressive in international football, and some tremendous football too. Thank F the beggars never fronted up the cash for John McGinn btw.
  9. Agreed, I've asked a few of my mates who slate his quick exit - What exactly is a good way for a manager to leave? Save walking away after a treble and giving a full preseason to get someone in place, there's no right answer. And I recall GVB having the longest groin strain in history before disappearing to Arsenal, unless I was very drunk.
  10. I've came round the idea of Lampard, be quite happy to have him or Gio tbh.
  11. Aye, that's hard to disagree with PoohBear.
  12. Agreed, bunch of fannies. Football managers move on, twas ever thus.
  13. I don't think Gerard will go tbh, but I'd be happy with Kevin Thomson, young, driven, knows the game inside out, very well respected as a coach, speaks very well and knows what the club means.
  14. Not quite, Dundee fans were booing due to the Latrine brigade singing through the silence. Although Dick Gordon did confirm it was only one or two of them. ?
  15. Absolutely Bill, it's great to hear someone who doesn't say what he thinks people want to hear, there's enough management cliches in fitba.
  16. I have to say, I quite like Levein, Big Avril is quite happy putting the boot in when others coory away.
  17. It would obviously need to be a FIFA edict, similar to the passback rule change, although this would be the biggest change ever in the rules, and as it would need to be FIFA led, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  18. Agreed. Now is the chance to get some real hard work in on the areas we've struggled a little.
  19. Rugby seems to my untrained eye all about the big hit. Big, incredibly strong, quick guys rolled on and off, sort of akin to special teams in American Football, not expected to last 80 minutes due to the stamina required not really being matched to their physiques. God knows how they address that.
  20. I don't know if it is singled out, is it? This has came about because of a number of high profile ex players who are now suffering, Rugby has had and still has it's own issues, but to be honest I'm ignorant of these in general, as it's not a sport I'm particularly interested in. Their primary issue is big hits, but I'd imagine repeated smaller hits and concussions will be an issue in the long term. There's not a huge number of other sports that come to mind that have repeated head impact, outwith the fighting sports.
  21. Or the present Westminster incumbent. I agree, Blair should be ignored.
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