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  1. 'They were even happy to stay knowing that Barrie could get more elsewhere but perhaps Rangers amateur treatment of him has changed his mind.' Sounds very similar to what a family member told me of the Billy Gilmour situation, sadly.
  2. I remember that tackle, his reaction in pointing at the ball reminded me of a certain moustached ex manager....
  3. I'm quite happy to go on record that I'd like to see us signing Mclean, tbh I'd like to have seen us signing Stevie mallan from st Mirren too, but that ship has sailed. Our history is littered with taking pretty mediocre guys from Scottish teams and turning them into players with heart, desire and no shortage of skill, and long may it continue. Obviously youth development is the priority, but we can't have all the best young uns.
  4. Agreed. Red, white and Blue are our colours.
  5. Maybe time you fella's started a Garner thread, let the rest of us talk about the new boys instead?. :-)
  6. he styles himself and his style of play on fellow Colombian striker Radamel Falcao. Excuse me folks, I'll be a minute, I've just spunked my trews...
  7. As ever with the move south, I'm torn on this. I'd love to see the SFA, sheep, edinburgh pikeys etc absolutely gutted and left to wallow in their own shit. I'd love to see us having the subsequent funding that EPL would allow, to compete on the big stage in the CL. However, I'm a proud Scot and immensely proud of our heritage as a Scots club, and if I'm honest, the EPL doesn't really do it for me any more. Some clubs who used to have a bit of history, romance and individual identity are now financial playthings for faceless investors, such as Citeh and Chelski. I wouldn't want that for our club.
  8. Going by this, Kiernan's arse is out the window.
  9. Mad Phil McGobblemen must be frothing at the gash with all this spending!.
  10. Either a sign of my Naivety, or just plain optimism, but I still have high hopes for both Rossiter and Windass......
  11. Hunter along with Gab Marcotti is a guy I really enjoy listening to, he can get a little sycophantic when talking Barca, but I'll give him that. A very good sports journo indeed.
  12. The year Arsenal got to the final of the champions league (beaten by Barca IIRC?) they had the best defensive record in the CL that season. One half of that centre half pairing warms a bench at Ibrox, the other at the piggery. Just saying.
  13. A couple of points. 1 - although his tackle today was worthy of a straight red, he's been let off with a hell of a lot worse. I was astonished with the card. But that's more out of incompetence of our refs. 2 - I don't want him banned for the cup semi, I'd hate them to have any excuses.....
  14. There is no doubt connections between Rangers and the union, Though I have no idea of how and when it started though - Growing up in Ayrshire in the 80's I don't really recall Union jacks being a Rangers thing tbh?. However, We as a club are a broad church, always have been and always will be - Quotes like above about 'typical nats' are as misguided as idiots outwith our club assuming that because I am a Rangers fan I am a tub thumping loyalist/Unionist. There is one club in Scotland who's fans are 'encouraged' to think and act in a certain manner, and it's not us. We can think for ourselves.
  15. Quite. I was gutted when he left for Blackburn, more annoyed at him during the PLG debacle, and just plain disappointed in his behaviour during the Scotland fingers carry on. But I understand there were other circumstances affecting all 3 of those situations, and tbh, I can't help but like him, I like the way he speaks, he's honest about his past and what a player he was. I'd take him back, no problem. Bomber, not so much.
  16. http://thesefootballtimes.co/2014/09/01/the-allure-of-the-rondo/
  17. Expect? Tough. Hope? I'd love to see Caixinha have a similar effect on the likes of Rossiter, Windass and young Gilmour as Advocaat had on a young Ferguson. We live in hope.....
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