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  1. If murdo Fraser told me it was Wednesday, I'd check the calendar.
  2. Absolutely, no one else wants Hart, McCarthy has a horrendous injury record, they're only taking him to get the yahoos back in order, as he's one of them.
  3. A couple of hasbeens, Hart can surely only improve them, given how dung their other keepers are, but mccarthy will get the runaround against us.
  4. Why would anyone want to boo our own players for their own views? No one is saying you're a racist if you boo, just a bit of a bellend really. Well said Tav, superb.
  5. By Jove, they look worse than last year!
  6. I agree Gonzo, disappointed to see the big unit go, but in Gerrard we trust.
  7. I work with a lad who was with Killie up until 4 years ago, still good mates with lots of first teamers. I Wouldn't have signed him, never mind played him given what he tells me - and he likes Jones! ?
  8. Gerard certainly has an eye for a midfielder, and the draw to get them here. ??
  9. Bill, spot on sir. Having these affairs on our own shores brings out the worst of humanity.
  10. Fair do's to them, they were bloody good all tournament, but were ultimately undone by the better team, thankfully.
  11. I'm still annoyed about the worst decision I've ever seen in a match when Hutton was bundled over and Italy scored from the resulting free kick... But I'd still rather Italy win. ?
  12. Oops. The rejuvenated thumb heid has been sent home for some dodgy online activity sent to a minor. His rising from the ashes didn't last very long.
  13. Aye, refs have let the games flow as well. As much as I canny stand O'Donnell he had a pretty good game to be fair. Give Tierney his dues as well, since he went to the arse, he's turned into some player. Young Billy should never be out of that side again.
  14. Lovely turn and finish sir!. Played Ayrshire amateur for a few years, but tbh I dunno if I was really good enough, in reality I preferred playing 7 asides with my mates. I was never a trainer either, at 46 I am probably fitter than I was at 28, hated running, now love it, ultramarathons, hill racing, all sorts. The irony. ? Played with Billy Gilmours dad, which makes me feel old!
  15. There's a song in there.... 'oh I'd rather have wee Pedro than big Ange!' ?
  16. Aye, I remember that too Bill, sitting in the back row, when Davie Robertson was bombing up the line, I could only see his feet!. ? I'm with Gonzo though, the more new stadia I see, the more I cherish the main stand. ?
  17. Apparently in advanced talks with another candidate. I've no seen Mr Tumble on the telly for a while? ?
  18. At the game, tough tbh. One that really stands out, super Ally at Hampden, Scottish cup semi, 10 men for 85 minutes, they flung everything at us, and we sang through it all. Brilliant night. Not at the game, big Mark at Elland road, always remember big Goughie saying we'll see how they react if we go one up early on after Gary Mac did it to us. 2 minutes and and our greatest striker of the modern era hits a screamer. Oaft.
  19. Fantastic, young lad has got his head down and worked hard.
  20. Mon the dark blues, time Killie and their dreadful surface were banished to ther financial armaggegon that inevitably awaits them.
  21. Great read, well penned, much appreciated.
  22. I've no idea what you're on about. Going by the club's statement, they are in agreement.
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