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  1. Aye, rumours are Bassey, paterson and 3 youths. Not the most intelligent decision, SG will be fizzing.
  2. I agree Bill, to be honest, I'm not really that interested in reading about transfer speculation*, although I admit I'm in the minority. The EPL fans in particular seem to have transfers and the window as their main interest. I'd far rather read in depth analysis of matches, formations, playing styles, but that seems to be beyond the average UK journalist and indeed pundit too. *Yes, I see the irony of posting that on a transfer rumours thread, but it's Rangers!
  3. Jelavic was outstanding for us, similar to Morelos, and Cousin on occasion, in that on his game he was unplayable.
  4. If ye hold off about 7 or 8 years, you can buy mine when the wee yin moves out, and me n the missus move nearer the mountains! ?
  5. Aye, I feel exactly the same, I'm just down the road in Prestwick, their fans do my nut in, love to see them going down.
  6. Killie are looking like the team that's heading for bother this season, if Hamilton pull of their usual escape act, even if not, i don't think Killie will fancy a play off against Raith, Dunfermline or Dundee.
  7. Fantastic record, we've went from having potential to a team that is now living up to that, and it's all down to Mr G, Gary Mac, Beales and the rest of their team. I'm fed up of hearing this shite from the press that the beggars fans are the 12th man, and our fans are negative, and that's had a bearing on this league. Even if that whataboutery was the case, then that goes to show when it's all stripped back, 11v11, mano a mano, we horsed them. My only regret from this season is that Gerard won't get what he truly deserves, and has earned in spades - a Full Ibrox erupting with ecstasy and the release of the last 9 years, and hearing the Bears raucously singing his name. We'll just have to do it all over again next season #56.
  8. if that is the case we are out of europe. It's not the case, the exceptions for elite sports still stands.
  9. I'd have wholeheartedly agreed with you there tbh, that was off the park with time to think about your actions. Quite different.
  10. We're doing things correctly I'd imagine, being 100% professional as we have been throughout, unlike other clubs. See Duffy frinstance, playing days after going all over the place. Tbf, he's used to being all over the place, but still.
  11. I see AVB has offered his resignation as he didn't want Ntcham. The toxicity of the brand is evident!.
  12. I definitely see Helander as more of a long term option than Balogun, unless we get offered daft money for him, obviously. Looking at the transfer market, it looks like daft money isn't common though in the current circumstances, who knows how long for too.
  13. It's a nice problem to have, a wealth of quality centre backs, and not one we've had for many years. Welcome to The Rangers Nnamdi.
  14. Derby is a good move for the big unit, get stuck in, fit, and play football, come summer we may be looking to take him back and give him another chance, he shouldn't be jettisoned for one daft mistake IMO. There's definitely a player in there.
  15. Kamberi will be a decent signing for Dolly, he's a better player than that big clugger they've just sold.
  16. He should never be near a tv camera again, spent most of the time looking at his shoes, mumbling, frowning, and zero insight or deeper analysis into any of the games. At least our host managed to hide his disappointment at his teams further demise. McFadden is a dour wee bastard anaw.
  17. Present us this liability evidence? How many games has he cost us due to these actions? How many points has he got us since he came here? Compare those two numbers, and come back to us. I'll be wanting to see your workings.
  18. He's no moron, it was spur of the moment, mixed in with a wee thought to get that clugger porteus back. If you've played at any level, you'll recognise that side of the game. It's not a witch hunt either, he deserved to go. We move on.
  19. I can only imagine the story if a Rangers supporting Author, say David F. Ross, was on Rangers TV and referred to Stevie Mallan as a 'Sweaty Kenian'...
  20. Not a great idea for him, from what I hear when he was at Killie he was never away from Middlesborough after games. Another good player wasted by his own inability to take his career seriously.
  21. Yup, in that last game he was clean through and bore down on our goal with the conviction of a junior centre hauf! ?
  22. Cosgrove has been awful this season tbh, he looks more like the big cairthorse that he did before his one season wonder period. Hibs will end up with Thumb heid again, once that lot finally realise he's no interested in getting himself fit once again. He'll be even more of a nitwit at Easter road, as hard to believe as it is.
  23. Yup, Real have been bailed out for years. How the hell does a club with their earning steam end up in so much debt.
  24. I recall some folks saying the same about Ryan Jack, Kamara too.
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