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  1. Brandon Barker to sign for us.
  2. I don’t bother about how a player does when out on loan, it’s often a false reading, it’s what he does on his return that matters.
  3. So timmy gets 2 piss easy games before they play us and we get our 2 toughest opponents from last season, all random though, still we’re gonna do both Killie and Hibs.
  4. I hate the look of the whiney faced pape and he goes on about them too much, like nobody else ever supported a team, delighted he got dismantled. Sick of the sight of him in the final now.
  5. Maybe not as obvious but he was always a bit on the edge.
  6. Flat match, can sometimes happen when your position is sealed for the season.
  7. As much as Boyd is a bellend he’s right when he says McGregor is trying to win favour with the fans, he’s the last one who needs to and not in that way.
  8. Like the look of the guy, you can tell like that sometimes, looks like a committed defender to me.
  9. They never got a chance as they sat in but couldn’t get through us as we are now operating a more efficient system.
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