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  1. 31 not that old, a few years left, often centre halves are in their prime early 30s.
  2. scotjo

    What the hell

    Guy looking sick at the green part.
  3. And yet that smelly yahoo Kennedy walks free after saying Kent should get 3 games.
  4. I think we have to otherwise we keep going along without winning the league or even putting serious pressure on till the business end of the season.
  5. I would love us to attract players from France like the Tims have done, we need a connection with a club, everyone of theirs has been a relative success, physical players who cover ground and can play.
  6. At least we broke up the ****** party at the end...about time, fair play.
  7. Scumbag always does, need to ignore the mongo.
  8. Took an age again for Cocker to say anything.
  9. 2 bits of magic from him v the scum, he likes playing them.😀
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