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  1. I was going to say laughable but it isn’t.
  2. This guy is a moron, any excuse to have a go at Morelos and why is it an issue anyway?
  3. Hardly the end of the world, difficult match away after the break, but concerning we created practically no chances in 2nd half.
  4. Sandaza got a sickening one against Motherwell in the League Cup, a clash of heads and he nearly lost an eye as his socket became detached, worst one I have seen, Durrant also of course, can anyone think of any other horrendous injuries we’ve suffered.
  5. Of course it’s Christmas NY match, for some reason I thought it was before, mind you if in form my point stands.
  6. Maybe put him in behind Morelos and Kent.
  7. He’s been great for us as I expected, I think we should play him at the Piggery, he should start every match domestically right now. I feel we get too hooked on setting aside certain players for certain games, it’s maybe been a downfall for us, play your form players, he’s played against them before enough times regardless of the Old Firm being a game apart.
  8. I would say I wasn’t, but if the statistics don’t concern you then fair enough, it’s 9 league matches and 2 cup games. Why is it when someone questions a Rangers player they are accused of being a Celtic fan? Original.
  9. Thanks, first sensible reply, well second actually, another poster said something similar about other folk scoring.
  10. I don’t, I think about trying to improve our chances of beating them...funny that or do we only think about playing them the day before the match?
  11. Yes but nobody else is against them and that’s when we need him to.
  12. That was last season and we won our home games, we’ve already lost at home this time.
  13. Not really, if we are to win the league we need to get the better of them, what’s strange about that and what is supposed to be occupying my mind right now? If you mean Ricksen, that is definitely in my mind.
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