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  1. Yorkie Bear

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Kilmarnock vs Rangers

    Kilmarnock 0 - 2 Rangers FGS Morelos
  2. Yorkie Bear

    Predict the unpredictable

  3. Yorkie Bear

    Who said we don't have any medals?

    Steven Gerrard MBE Gareth Mcauley MBE Jermain Defoe OBE and soon to be followed by a title
  4. Yorkie Bear

    An SFA stitch-up to stop Celtic: Sutton

    I understand why Celtic are making these statements - as a sop to their fans and as a means to deflect from the poor performance of the team. If they fail to make any significant signings this January, we can expect some more salvoes to keep the fans happy and again deflect from their inaction. If all this happens when they lose a game to us, what can we expect if they lose the league to us?
  5. Yorkie Bear

    Alfredo Morelos will face no SFA disciplinary charges

    I agree that it was not a stamp. Had it been, Ralston would not have got up so quickly. He'd have been rolling on the ground, the game held up for 5 minutes while a stooshie ensued.
  6. Yorkie Bear

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Celtic

    Rangers 1 - 0 Celtic FGS Morelos
  7. Yorkie Bear

    Favoured Gers XI

    You missed Miller. I know we now often play with 10 men but in the good old days there were 11.☺️
  8. Yorkie Bear

    Club1872 proposed changes

    I'm sure there will be at least 15 Gersnet members who are Club 1872 members willing to do this.
  9. Yorkie Bear

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hearts

    Rangers 2 - 0 Hearts FGS Morelos
  10. Yorkie Bear

    Semi Final

    Rangers seem happy that we are playing first, understandably in view of the playing surface. Has anyone heard why the Police advised that our game was played first? Was it that it's expected that Aberdeen fans would go home after the game and not hang about Glasgow (after all they will have had an early start ) or was it that they wanted our fans reasonably sober ?
  11. Black was also the forerunner to the current tradition of booing Rangers players when they play for Scotland. In our first year in the lower leagues, he was called up to the Scotland squad and was booed when he came on as a substitute in a friendly. You could say he was a trailblazer.
  12. Yorkie Bear

    [FT] Kilmarnock 1 - 3 Rangers (Morelos 28, 43, 74)

    As someone who has lived in Yorkshire for many years, I can tell you that we don't get near Yorkshire folk for tight fistedness. Another thing about Yorkshiremen - You can always tell a Yorkshire man, but you can't tell him much😊
  13. Yorkie Bear

    Kenny Miller sacked

    I see that Tony Adams has expressed interest in the Livi job. Maybe he has seen how easy it has been for Gerrard. What is it with former England captains and Scottish teams? What next, Rio Ferdinand for the Hibs job when Lennon goes back to Celtic
  14. Yorkie Bear

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Aberdeen vs Rangers

    Aberdeen 0 - 1 Rangers FGS Morelos

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