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  1. Congratulations to Ryan Jack. His play has developed in the Rangers team. He has taken to the Gerrard style and he is more positive now. Whether he will be allowed an expansive role within the Scotland, we will see.
  2. All I remember of the old Love Street was going there in the late 60s. It rained all day. Stood on the terracing behind the goal. Soaked to the skin.
  3. You would have thought that one of the many multi-millionaire footballers in and around Manchester and Liverpool could do the decent thing.
  4. Club website is contradictory. It says : Full coverage worldwide including the UK and Ireland. This is a live match. This one is ONLY available to people outside UK and ROI. Don't buy this if you are intending to watch in UK/ROI - your location will be detected at the time of viewing and you will not be able to watch
  5. it's not available live to individuals in UK
  6. VAR sounds good in theory. It should identify offsides, penalties and red cards that the referee has missed. It should also stop diving in the box, as any penalty award is subject to VAR and the dive will be spotted. However, the problem at the moment is that it can take ages for a VAR decision to be made. This completely changes the nature of the game. While fans will be informed via screens what is being considered, the hold up of play and the uncertainty is an unwelcomed departure from what we had. As VAR seems to be here to stay, I would like to see a maximum period during which the incident is being considered. It’s my view that if it is so doubtful that it takes minutes to view the incident and come to a decision, it’s not cut and dry that the ref’s decision was wrong. If the decision was wrong it should be obvious, so if a decision cannot be made in 10-15 seconds then the ref’s decision stands.
  7. Anyone know when the ticket office will be open on the day of the match to collect tickets?
  8. Poetry at it's best. Simply brilliant.
  9. 1. Hearts (away). 2. Aberdeen (home) 3. Killie(away) 4. Celtic(home) 5. Hamilton(away).
  10. The story I heard was that in the 1967 Wembley game, Law was screaming to get the ball up to him as he wanted to crush England with lots of goals. Baxter had other plans. His way of crushing the opposition was to showboat and humiliate them that way. Baxter would also wind up Alan Ball by asking him is he was jimmy Clitheroe's dad.
  11. How about point for goals conceded
  12. Yorkie Bear

    The A to Z

    I is for Ibrox
  13. For another view try www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/mar/25/scotland-old-firm-hype-sfa-grim-governance which firmly puts the blame on the SFA as an institution.
  14. Bearing in mind that it is a Tuesday night, they will have difficulty getting getting there and back, so I don't expect many will be coming.
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