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  1. Lundstam. If this carries on, he'll be given the player of the year before Christmas.
  2. Initially I thought that Newcastle would want a big name Manager befitting of their new status a mega rich club with big ambitions and that talk of Gerrard was misplaced. Having watched their performance yesterday, the reality is that they are struggling and their ambitions must be longer term. In that scenario, Gerrard is not an unreasonable suggestion. They can sell it to their fans as a national icon to lead them on their journey to the top. Having an English manager also helps deflect the attention from foreign ownership. It may also temp Gerrard - Lots of money to build a team. Gain a managerial reputation in England over the next couple of years. Then well placed to take the Liverpool job that many expect him to do eventually. Assuming he can to stop them being relegated this year, he'll be hailed on Tyneside as the new messiah. It's a bit risky as it may not work out for him and then his reputation is damaged but most managers never seem to take this into account as they think that they have the special touch. I hope he stays with us,. I hope Newcastle are deluded into thinking there will be instant turn round and that they deserve a big name. I also hope they crash and burn, but that's only me being bitter - the memory of the 1969 fairs cup semi has left a deep scar.
  3. It seems that with some people on here the best way for a player to be appreciated is not to play. The promise then outweighs the performance, We’ve seen it recently with Kent and Goldson. A couple of weeks ago some were crying out for them to be dropped as their performance was lacking. Then they get injured and we’re told we really miss them. Overall the team is not playing well as a team. In that situation replacing an individual is unlikely to have a significant impact. When the team is playing well and a player is off their game, that is the time to replace them and try someone else. I don’t know how to get the team to play better. The Manger may be right that the problem is being unable to get a settled team. Maybe the tactics need changing. I have no option but to trust that things will improve. I don’t see any alternative to that.
  4. So after those games it will be between us and Motherwell
  5. For consistency throughout the game, I'll go for Lundstram.
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