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  1. Scott Wright. Never stopped running.
  2. Wright for me. Good all round play.
  3. "Free the Ibrox 1" - new Castore top out soon.
  4. When VAR has been used at our European games, the reaction of the fans is interesting, particularly when the VAR decision goes against us. Take the disallowed Roofe goal against Braga. We were ecstatic when the goal went in. Then it dawned on us that it was being questioned, Then the ref went to the touchline and we knew it would be ruled out. Then it was ruled out. It didn't take that long for all this to happen and the change in emotions was stark, but the decision was accepted by the crowd and the game moved on. Maybe the reason for this is that there is a greater willingness to accept referees decisions in Europe. While referees do not always get things right, the level of competence is seen as greater than domestically and the question of bias is non existent. Would this be the same in a domestic game? Time will tell, but the accusations of bias by referees in Scotland will not be overcome by VAR. It may help in blatant offsides being identified, but I suspect that the majority of penalties will go the way the referee sees it. VAR does not overrule referees judgement so dodgy penalties will continue. There will be much scrutiny of the VAR referees and I see that very quickly we will be saying "What's the point of VAR?" when decisions are scrutinised at length and found wanting.
  5. I think you are letting your distaste of what Club 1872 stand for - the collective ownership of shares- colour your judgment. Full disclosure - I'm a member of Club 1872, having first been with Rangers First. I also see nothing wrong with collective action to further a cause. I'm a member of many organisations and while not agreeing with everything they do, my shared belief In their aims are enough for me. Anyone who is a member of a political party goes through this all the time. I don't know if it is easy to buy Rangers shares as I thought they were not on a trading platform. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong.
  6. Lundstram. Total commitment - exemplified towards the end when he was roasting Sakala to get up the park.
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