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  1. Who do you fancy in the quarters. I'll take the winner of Granada/Molde
  2. I find the comparisons being made with Gazza extraordinary. Gazza may have some stupid things but the Ibrox 5 broke the law in the middle of a pandemic, thus jeopordising their teammates and the Club. They effectively conspired among themselves to break the law and go against all the Club would have been telling players. It does not matter if you are 19 or 29, you should do as the Club tells you to do. There may well be a way back for them, but I cannot see any of them playing this season.
  3. Certainly brings a lump to the throat. Can't wait for the sequel - And then to Champions.
  4. It's amazing the power of a home made banner.
  5. 5 goals. Clean sheet. 5 different scorers. Aribo wonder goal. Ryan Jack back. All shown by the great Rangers TV with knowledgeable analysis. What a day.
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