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  1. Anyone know when the ticket office will be open on the day of the match to collect tickets?
  2. Poetry at it's best. Simply brilliant.
  3. 1. Hearts (away). 2. Aberdeen (home) 3. Killie(away) 4. Celtic(home) 5. Hamilton(away).
  4. The story I heard was that in the 1967 Wembley game, Law was screaming to get the ball up to him as he wanted to crush England with lots of goals. Baxter had other plans. His way of crushing the opposition was to showboat and humiliate them that way. Baxter would also wind up Alan Ball by asking him is he was jimmy Clitheroe's dad.
  5. How about point for goals conceded
  6. Yorkie Bear

    The A to Z

    I is for Ibrox
  7. For another view try www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/mar/25/scotland-old-firm-hype-sfa-grim-governance which firmly puts the blame on the SFA as an institution.
  8. Bearing in mind that it is a Tuesday night, they will have difficulty getting getting there and back, so I don't expect many will be coming.
  9. I suspect the Record report was lifted from the Guardian interview in yesterday's paper. See https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/mar/01/fernando-ricksen-rangers-netherlands-motor-neurone-disease for full interview.
  10. Steve Clarke will be pleased. He'll cease to be in the headlines.
  11. You can foresee the Celtic response to this. As referees are bias in favour of Rangers, only when an independent observer oversees can this wrong be righted. It follows that Celtic, being harshly treated by referees, will not suffer from any independent overseer. Laughable, but I would not be surprised.
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