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  1. If we win at Parkhead, we only need another 7 wins and a draw
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55730538 Neil Lennon's government agenda claim is 'appalling', says deputy first minister John Swinney Celtic manager Neil Lennon's claims of a Scottish government agenda against Celtic are "absolutely appalling," says deputy first minister John Swinney. Lennon said politics and not public health drove the decision for 16 Celtic players and staff to self-isolate after Christopher Jullien contracted Covid. Jullien, and subsequently a second player, tested positive following the club's Dubai training camp. "I'm at a
  3. That sequence has a nice symmetry to it. However I am concerned about the lack of consistency.☺️
  4. Celtic seem intent on becoming the bad boys of Scottish football. Fans fighting with police last month. Rearranging fixtures late in the day. Now flying off in middle of an escalating pandemic, thus incurring some, mild, criticism from the Scottish government. It may be a thought through strategy to instill a "siege mentality" or it could simply be incompetence. It will be interesting to see how the reaction to their holiday abroad pans out. I expect there may be attempts to deflect criticism the way of the SPFL and their cheerleaders can then rally round that. Whatever, it's got the makings o
  5. I must concur. Plays a blinder for 20 minutes. Wastes a bit of time at the end. In between.. nothing. If that had been Kent, he'd get pelters from some. For commitment to the cause, I'll go for Davis.
  6. My favourite quote is "When one door closes... another slams in your face"
  7. I hear he's on his way to Parkhead.
  8. I wonder in what context this has been said. Was it Lennon replying to a direct question or was it Lennon initiating the idea? If it was a direct question, it may be no big deal. If he has sought out the journalist to float the idea, that's another matter. It may be that he wants to get the idea out there so that if results do not go their way over the next couple of weeks, they have a fall back position and will then argue for null and void as only half the season has been completed. Or maybe I'm just a bit paranoid.
  9. My assumption was that Rangers were fined because their actions meant that the game did not kick off in time. If this was not the case, then I apologise. If either side holds up the start by being late then they should be punished.
  10. I have no issue with this. Clubs know their responsibilities and if they do not meet them, they must expect some sanction. The amount of any fine is open to debate but Clubs know the rules and if they break them, they must expect some sanction.
  11. It's amazing that Stevie's innocuous fist post has triggered the responses it has. I have no financial expertise so I respect the contributions of those who have. They make valid points which I am sure Stevie will cover off in his discussions. My initial reaction was in line with Stevie. I thought that a fan group owing a large share holding would be a good thing and I maybe mistakenly believed that this would be a widely held view. If what is being said that the fans owning a sizable share would deter other investors, then maybe a fans holding is not such a great idea after all.
  12. Sounds a real money spinner for those who get to the group stages. Assuming there will still be qualifying rounds for our League, this could mean 8 qualifying round games followed by 10 group stages. Don't know how the Scottish authorities would take the withdrawal of Rangers from the league cup. Maybe Celtic are trialling it this season😊
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