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  1. McLaughlin for me. Even if you think he was to blame for 1st goal (and I don't go along with that), his later saves mean that the overall he had a decent match. There are not many others who you can say that about.
  2. Could have been much worse. Not looking forward to next week. But I might feel better tomorrow.
  3. Lundstram for me. Everything went through him. I'd like to see how many times he had the ball.
  4. If only I had called myself Aardvark, I'd now be 6th instead of 13th
  5. Player of the Year - Goldson Young Player of the Year - Tillman Top Goalscorer - Morelos Most Assists - Tavernier Best performer of new signings - Lawrence Surprise performer or Most Improved - Wright
  6. First the BBC come grovelling. Now the Hibbies extol our virtues. Where will it end?
  7. Once Morelos extends his contract, I'll be content with our dealings. Until then Mr Wilson, we're watching you.
  8. Exactly. Not only that but the strikes give the Tube staff free time to attend Ibrox and gives the faithful no excuse to leave the game early - everyone a winner.
  9. To my mind this is a complete climb down by BBC Scotland. Rangers have had to concede nothing and BBC Scotland are, in effect, accepting that Rangers have been in the right all along. I expect the punditry will continue to have an anti Rangers slant, at least in the short term. Should they not meet the editorial standards, I'm sure we'll be having a quiet word with them to put them right. I wonder what it was that brought this U turn about. Pressure from London? Maybe SG has been having a quiet word with those in power (outside Scotland)
  10. I know that it makes good business sense. I know that this is our "trading model". I know that he only played regularly in the first team for one season, but I'm still sad that Calvin Bassey is leaving. His enthusiasm and desire was something to witness. I hope he continues to develop as a player and hope I'll be able to watch him on TV in Europe.
  11. Do you think he will compliment Hagi or compete with Hagi?
  12. I hope we sign or sell someone soon so that the talk can get back to transfers and away from nationalism/republicanism/COS attendance
  13. @Bill as you are acquainted with the region, can you settle an argument for me. I've been told that people in that region do not like the Flintstones cartoon but I thought that those in Abu Dhabi do.
  14. What I liked about the Goldson saga was how the media were caught blindsided, with the report the day before he resigned that he was off to Nottingham Forrest. Rangers seem very good at keeping things under wraps. If the media wont speak to us, don't expect us to feed them any morsels.
  15. I didn't see that coming. Nice to see our players signing up on a long term contract.
  16. As a member of the 1 in 12, that makes sense. The most common form of colour blindness is red-green and I know from experience that it is difficult for us coloured blind folk to tell the difference between a dark red and a dark green, particularly from a distance. I suspect that it may be for the benefit of the officials, more than for the players or spectators, that the two teams are distinguishable by dark/light kits. Maybe Scottish linesmen are not incompetent in offside calls, maybe they are just colour blind
  17. Tavernier for me for being consistently good over the season. Others shone at particular times - Bassey and Lundstram in the second half of the season, Aribo in the first half.
  18. No. It's usually my default score but as it was the last game of the season I went for 4 - 0 from the start. Ah well, there's always next year.
  19. Well done (through gritted teeth). Third last year. Second this year. I see a trend emerging. Thanks for all your work.
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