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  1. If it's Pedro, expect a wave of Mexican hats, especially at Hampden for the semi and final (hopefully). As long as the bears next to me at Ibrox don't take to wearing one!
  2. This game will be a test for our players. There will be a huge media attention on them and all rangers fans will be looking closely on how they react. Will Morton have a go at them from the start to try to unsettle them or will they try to frustrate them? Rangers need to be prepared for both and react accordingly. The players have a chance today to show they care about the club and the fans. I hope they do and we show all those who wish us ill that we as a club will prevail. As Mr Struth said "no matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the tr
  3. The obvious candidate is missing from these lists. What we need is : Someone who secretly loves Rangers and all they stand for Someone who is a tactical genius Someone who has been a manager before but did not succeed only due to bad luck. Step forward ----- Chris Sutton
  4. If we renew Kenny Miller's contract, are we doing it for his playing/scoring ability or, as is often stated by younger players, his capacity as a role model. I would have thought that the wages paid for someone who is not expected to play much would be less and so Kenny himself needs to weigh up what is best for him. If he is retained to bring on others, how long is this likely to last and as he is not playing regularly, it may be less likely that premiership club would take him later (and he would be a year older). So we might be playing games by not offering a contract now in the
  5. Just as after a good performance it makes sense to see pretty much the same team in the next game, after a poor performance it make sense to see some changes. It will be interesting to see what what changes are made to defence and midfield on Saturday. I just hope that we get an early goal on Saturday to settle us down as I don't like to see the team being booed. I understand why some do this as how else can the team and management know how we feel but while it may help us to vent our frustration, I can't help think that it does nobody any good.
  6. From the Daily Record: Hearts midfielder Malaury Martin has revealed former Rangers star and Monaco legend Dado Prso sold him on a move to Tynecastle. The Frenchman asked Prso and ex-Gers defender Julien Rodriguez for advice – and the 28-year-old received glowing reports from the duo on our game. The ex-Monaco, Blackpool and Middlesbrough player said: “Before I came to Hearts I was with Dado and Julien. Before I knew Hearts wanted me I spoke about the Scottish league. Malaury Martin asked Dado Prso for advice before making the move to Scotland “They enjoyed being here and s
  7. I remember at a game at Ibrox in the 60's (possibly against Clyde) he scored with a header!!. It was a big punt upfield by our goalie , which bounced high a couple of times and Willie nodded it in from inside their box.
  8. 'Ave a reight gud Christmas t' bluenoses everywhere
  9. Well written, thoughtful articles like this is why Gers Net should be the go to site for all Bluenoses.
  10. I hope this is not moved as I've already got my train ticket. It's a bit late for Gordon Smith to realise that public transport will be reduced. This was obviously the case from the start when the SPFL were happy for it to go ahead. The police have not requested a change so they seem OK with dealing with any fallout. If the SPFL agree to a change, think of the message that sends out.
  11. I don't understand how the SFA and EUPFA's policy on matchday incidents are completely opposite. UEFAs rules are clear: all associations and clubs are liable for the following inappropriate behaviour on the part of their supporters and may be subject to disciplinary measures and directives even if they can prove the absence of any negligence in relation to the organisation of the match: a. the invasion or attempted invasion of the field of play; b. the throwing of objects; c. the lighting of fireworks or any other objects; d. the use of laser pointers or similar electronic devices
  12. This is incredible. If the pitch invasion and assaults on players had happened in a European competition, the offending team would be banned - no question. Remember, we were banned after Barcelona and no players were assaulted. The SFA show no leadership and anyone from outside Scotland who saw the scenes at Hampden on TV will wonder why Hibs get off scot-free.
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