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  1. I hear he's on his way to Parkhead.
  2. I wonder in what context this has been said. Was it Lennon replying to a direct question or was it Lennon initiating the idea? If it was a direct question, it may be no big deal. If he has sought out the journalist to float the idea, that's another matter. It may be that he wants to get the idea out there so that if results do not go their way over the next couple of weeks, they have a fall back position and will then argue for null and void as only half the season has been completed. Or maybe I'm just a bit paranoid.
  3. My assumption was that Rangers were fined because their actions meant that the game did not kick off in time. If this was not the case, then I apologise. If either side holds up the start by being late then they should be punished.
  4. I have no issue with this. Clubs know their responsibilities and if they do not meet them, they must expect some sanction. The amount of any fine is open to debate but Clubs know the rules and if they break them, they must expect some sanction.
  5. It's amazing that Stevie's innocuous fist post has triggered the responses it has. I have no financial expertise so I respect the contributions of those who have. They make valid points which I am sure Stevie will cover off in his discussions. My initial reaction was in line with Stevie. I thought that a fan group owing a large share holding would be a good thing and I maybe mistakenly believed that this would be a widely held view. If what is being said that the fans owning a sizable share would deter other investors, then maybe a fans holding is not such a great idea after all.
  6. Sounds a real money spinner for those who get to the group stages. Assuming there will still be qualifying rounds for our League, this could mean 8 qualifying round games followed by 10 group stages. Don't know how the Scottish authorities would take the withdrawal of Rangers from the league cup. Maybe Celtic are trialling it this season😊
  7. Similarly with the Scottish Parliament. How many people know who their one of their list MSPs are, never mind all 7 of them? One of the arguments against Proportional Representation I believe.
  8. Seems odd to me that they have only raised this now. A winter training camp would surely have been planned and booked months ago. Sounds like a panic response to recent results and covering their backs should they get a doing on 2/1 and need to flee quickly.
  9. If getting knocked out of the League Cup results in the chaotic scenes of last Sunday, think what will happen if they lose to the Mighty on 2/1? They will need to escape the country so it looks like they are covering off this eventuality. Funny how it's only been raised now. You would have thought that a long planned training camp would have given rise to more notice than 1 month. Very suspicious.
  10. or Mick Jagger taken from Aftermath album Aftermath meaning "something that results or follows from an event, especially one of a disastrous or unfortunate nature" Sounds about right
  11. I don't see passports as something that the Government will propose. It goes against the "British are a freedom loving people". After all some MPs think that the right to meet someone indoors to have a cup of tea is more fundamental than helping to protect lives. The number of deaths are approaching 60,000 and they don't seem to care. The idea that passports to allow international travel is a possibility and some countries may require something like this but I can't see it being used widely within the UK. Paradoxically retailers would be more inclined to go along with this if ther
  12. Perhaps this will be counter productive for those Celtic fans who want rid of Lennon. Had this happened when fans were in the ground, Banners and chants against the manager/board are often effective. Fighting with the police in the street is less so. You get to the situation that the club cant be seen to give in to such scenes. Lennon may well go but these demos are more likely to delay that event.
  13. A difficult one as a good all round performance. No one stood out as dominating the match but for his selfless play for the team, I give it to Morelos.
  14. Between Tav, Kent and Arfield. Tav because of the threat he poses going forward and he just oozes confidence. He even managed some good defensive work yesterday. Kent because he's always a threat. Sometimes it doesn't come off but he keeps at it. He chases people down. He goes on mazy runs. He scores. He assists. He's always good to watch. Arfield is the least showy but probably the most effective and very consistent. Another one who harries, drives forward and gets into good positions. Arfield just edges it for me.
  15. Evidence along the lines of: It wisnae me. Ah didnae ken. The big boy did it and ran away.
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