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  1. From the BBC site: "Back in August, Celtic full-back Boli Bolingoli was banned for three matches, with a further two suspended, for travelling to Spain without notifying the club before returning to play against Kilmarnock without quarantining. Similarly, eight members of the Aberdeen squad were given a suspended three-game suspension for breaching lockdown rules by visiting a bar." The anti has been well and truly upped.
  2. The more Lennon reacts like this, the greater seems the composure of Gerrard when dealing with the press. You see it in Gerrard's press conferences when someone dares to criticise he simply closes it down, rather than rage. Gerrard has obviously been trained well to deal with the media. The way he behaves must rile the Celtic management. Long may it continue.
  3. SPFL ANNOUNCES LATEST CLUB CONSULTATION RESPONSES THE SPFL HAS COMPLETED ITS LATEST CONSULTATION EXERCISE WITH ALL 42 MEMBER CLUBS The SPFL has completed its latest consultation exercise with all 42 member clubs, gauging views on a range of issues related to Covid-19 and their possible effects during the current season. SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: “Like everyone in the game, the board is keen to avoid the division and dispute caused when Scottish Government restrictions prompted by Covid-19 forced the curtailment of last season. “In light of the f
  4. No wonder Jones and Edmundson have such a bad altitude.
  5. For flying out loud, how many more partnership are we going to have.
  6. It does make you wonder about the thought processes of some footballers. Had Rangers not found out about this, would they have turned up at training as normal without saying anything? If they test positive during their isolation, I image it's curtains for them at Rangers.
  7. I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm a bit betwix and between.
  8. Fair point. At the moment, it's unlikely that any lockdown will stop domestic competitions. It's not in Europe at the moment, even in France that has stringent lockdown rules. So it seems that the SPFL will continue but there could be a fixture pile up. The SPFL should be clearing these as soon as possible. UEFA seem more relaxed on the position of playing domestic games on European nights, so the SPFL should be rearranging cancelled games for midweek on any games on including Rangers and Celtic. If UEFA dont allow this the SPFL could have games Friday & Monday. It could be a bit tricky fi
  9. Q1 I'm suspicious of giving the SPFL board "broad powers" as that is open to interpretation and abuse. Q2 a reasonable question on what should be done on unfulfilled fixtures. The 3-0 idea is lifted from current UEFA rules and I don't think it is relevant for the present situation. More discussion is needed on this. Unless the games affect Rangers and Celtic it should not be too difficult to rearrange later on. Problem lies if it's really late in the season. Wiser heads than mine need to come up with a solution. Q3 - Q6 To avoid the fiasco of last season, a decision is needed sooner,
  10. It's your civic duty, as the Stasi would say.
  11. A difficult one. Our defence was as sound as ever. Our midfield were as masterful as ever. Some clever moves up front, particularly in the 2nd half. A close thing between Tavernier and Jack but I give it to Jack.
  12. Maybe I'm over-cautious, but I feel we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves. I don't doubt that Celtic are under pressure and not playing well. They have turned it around before although this time they don't have a break to re-organise and they are straight into a run of tricky games. I'll leave it until after, say, the 1st Benfica game. If we're doing well in Europe and have won our domestic games while Celtic are still struggling and have dropped points, I'll begin to believe that the tide could be turning.
  13. Just finished watching it again. A big difference between the teams was that we looked comfortable in what we were doing. We were much quicker when attacking and looked much more threatening. I agree that it was a masterful tactical performance. We had obviously studied Celtic and negated where we thought they would be a threat. Just look at our full backs today. Barasic spent much more time in a defensive role that we are used to seeing because any Celtic threat would be on his side, Whereas a Tavenier was more expensive, getting into his centre forward role a couple of times. Gre
  14. I trust that Ryan Jack and Jon McLaughlin have barricaded themselves in their rooms.
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