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  1. No need to award pts for game in hand. Average points per game gives them the league now.
  2. I thought Goldson and Helander had a solid game but were not really tested as far as defending was concerned. The front men were quite fluid at times which was good to see. Midfield has some urgency so all round a good performance. Unlucky not to score more. MOTM goes to Ryan Kent, who combined skill with tenacity.
  3. Not guaranteed. From Uefa site: The balls containing the names of the seeded teams will be placed in one bowl and the balls containing the names of the unseeded will be put into another bowl. One ball will be taken from each bowl and placed in a large empty bowl in the middle, where they will be shuffled. The first team drawn will play the tie at home.
  4. Staggered entry times and one way systems may work at some events but I'm struggling to understand how this would work at football grounds such as Ibrox. When fans are coming from far and wide, having an entry "slot" seems impractical. You'd need a one way system both in and outside the ground. When it comes to leaving, even if everyone is going in the same direction, to believe that everyone will maintain a distance is fanciful. When it comes to toilets, well.... I suppose it depends on what capacity they set, and what part of the ground is used. For this to work while distancing
  5. It will be interesting to see what rules they put in place for the reduced crowd. The seating for a reduced crowd would not be a problem but how you enforce distancing on the way into the ground and leaving the ground (both of which would be in covered areas) is problematic.
  6. I'm sure it was Messi that accused us of that. What does he know about football?
  7. I think the lack of fans may help the players while they are trying to break down defences. However, once we have scored, I wonder whether the lack of fans is a reason that we do not enforce our superiority. If you are a couple of goals up, there is a greater opportunity to entertain, to try some fancy stuff. Without fans, it's a matter of seeing out the game. Wednesday was a case in point. Once we were 3 up and the subs were brought on, it became like a practice match. We were happy to play it around without forcing ourselves forward. St Johnstone were happy to keep it at 3 and so the match d
  8. I hope the referee is paying attention to this.
  9. There are so many unknowns in this game. How will no crowd affect the teams? How will Leverkusen's layoff affect them? What is the belief in our team? Will the great Alfredo play? I fear Leverkusen will score first and our play will fall apart. I dream of us taking it to extra time and me being a nervous wreck.
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