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  1. I say include it, together with the subsequent quarter final etc.
  2. Whatever happened to positive thinking? If out team go into Saturday's game with such low esteem, we're on a hiding to nothing. If we come out of Saturday's game as easy winners, I expect the mood will lift slightly. Bill's "hopeful but not optimistic" is probably nearer to what I am. In terms of team play, I'm looking forward to the season. I think we have in within us to be very good. The question to me is having the consistency.
  3. I'll always have fond memories of Morelos. He could be frustrating at times, particularly his discipline, but he was good to watch. He scored some great goal and had some great assists. He kept defenders busy all the time. We all knew it was a matter of time before he moved but It still comes as a shock when it actually happens. Good luck to him. I hope he goes to the very top.
  4. I did that but after entering email address and password to login, I'm asked to redeem voucher but when I enter the code, it says it's already been used.
  5. We were told back in June: Lastly, we have worked to achieve a temporary virtual solution for season ticket holders who are unable to access Ibrox due to Covid related restrictions. All 2020/21 Season Ticket holders will receive the following benefits until Ibrox is back at its full 50,000 capacity: Access to live coverage of all home Premiership matches (an individual access code will be provided to each season ticket holder) Enhanced RangersTV Live match coverage with a pre-match, half-time and post-match show, hosted by Rangers personalities and other special guests
  6. Whatever happened to the idea that season ticket holders would be able to view pre season friendlies via Rangers TV?
  7. So the Celtic directors will have the honour of toasting the Queen at the loving cup ceremony on 2/1
  8. I've been doing mine for a while and enjoy doing it. Sometimes it's easier than others when, for example, you have an uncommon name in your tree or they are in a rural parish. However, if the name is Smith and they live in Edinburgh, you've got your work cut out. Your tree sounds interesting already. Most people hope to find some ne'er-do-well and you've managed it already. I'd recommend visiting the Mitchell in Glasgow or ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh, once they open up again, to search for people.
  9. I don't think these clubs will have anything to fear. Yes, if Rangers or Celtic get promoted, it holds back these teams for a year but they will gain financially when Rangers and Celtic are in their league. The teams most likely to be against it are Premiership teams and as, presumably, 11 Premiership teams will have to support this proposal, it will most likely fail.
  10. Should it be kept open until our European run is either completed or UEFA rule on it.
  11. If next season is behind closed doors, it will be interesting to see if the perceived bias of Scottish referees changes in any way and whether the number of crunching tackles diminishes. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2020/may/18/bundesligas-quiet-return-hints-at-a-silent-threat-to-home-advantage Eerie silence resounds as Germany ushers in football’s new abnormal Barney Ronay In the 224 Bundesliga games this season before the
  12. It looks like the SPFL has made their mind up to terminate the season and award titles to the current leaders but they are hiding behind the UEFA angle to defer their decision until the lowere leagues are dealt with through the rule change and then a precedent will be set and it will be argued that it would be unreasonable to treat the lower leagues any differentlt to the Premiership. If there was true leadership, they would at least state their preferred option for the Premiership, subject to UEFA agreement. Restructuring to accommodate Hearts looks like the carve up t
  13. The bird from the Bridge was Swedish but let's not split hairs in this happy time.
  14. So it now falls on Rangers alone to raise the coefficient. For this added responsibility, we will receive all the TV money for Scotland and not need to split it with anyone. Seems like a good deal.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. It looks like Auctioneers gets the biggest shout so I'll give it a try. Meeting my cousin on my way to the game next Wednesday.
  16. And what makes you think i wasn't going for a quiet orange juice?
  17. Anyone suggest a decent pub near Queen Street station suitable for a quiet drink on a midweek afternoon?
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