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  1. It can't do his confidence much good not even getting on the bench. I suppose for him getting called up means something, at least he is on their radar, but it must be a downer. I hope it doesn't affect him too much.
  2. There are some who are saying that as Soutar will be coming in the summer, there is no need to pay anything to get him now. Bearing in mind we rate him enough to sign him, I'm sure we'd take him now if the price is right. On the other side, Hearts are making all the noise now and talking up the price for him to go now. This is standard fare in this type of situation. As the deadline nears, common sense usually takes over and he goes for a reasonable sum. As the Hearts fans have taken against Soutar, this will only get worse if he stays and Hearts will end up not playing him. From Hearts point of view it makes no sense to keep him. It would not surprise me if he comes to Rangers. Hearts will claim they have secured a large fee, thus satisfying their baying fans. Meanwhile Soutar settles in to Ibrox, becomes a favourite of our fans and a hate figure for the Tynecastle morons.
  3. Sakala for me. Most of the play seemed to be from his side of the pitch, particularly in the first half. Never stopped running and scared a good goal.
  4. I hope Sands is ready for this. His physique does not look very robust and it would not surprise me if Aberdeen target him.
  5. I was at Arbroath as well that day, right behind the goal. Stein scored his hat trick in about 5 minutes.
  6. You can say what you like about Ian Wright as an individual but to claim every black person is the same is getting into very dodgy ground.
  7. Have a good Christmas and above all - don't let the b.... get you down.
  8. Maybe Ange was sounding them out about buying Aribo in January
  9. Good point about conserving energy. When we are playing 2 games a week, it's understandable that the intensity falls off in the second half. That's why an early goal makes life so much easier and that's why other teams play so deep to frustrate us. Though having said all that, it would be nice to have a 3 goal margin before we begin to play out the game. At the moment we just don't look like being beaten. Celtic are hanging on by their fingertips. One slip and they are gone.
  10. It’s interesting that, so far, under GvB we’ve become more consistent in our performances. Previously we could be very poor one game and outstanding in the next game. I think this is down to the defence being much better. Goldson now seems to be commanding again and Barasic is defending well. Between them they seem to be looking after Bassey, who is improving in his role. A few weeks back there were calls for McGregor to be dropped. Now he seems back to his best. Not having Tavernier and Barasic so high up so often makes the defence more compact . The team just seems more balanced and playing with confidence. It could be down to who we have been playing. The Dundee game aside, all the games have been potentially tricky so we’ve not been going gung-ho so there has been more emphasis on having the defence functioning well. I don’t begin to fully understand the subtle changes in our tactics but I like what I see.
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