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  1. I’m going to stick my neck out here. From what I’ve read to date, I do not expect anyone to agree with me😊. I do not think that yesterday’s result was inevitable. A few weeks ago it was being said that our performance against Motherwell was the most complete performance of the year. Against Ross County, we played well and won easily. I know these are hardly world beating teams we were playing against but neither are Hibs. Because we are so inconsistent, it’s hit and miss whether we’ll get a good performance or not so talk of inevitability of being beaten by Hibs side… well I just don’t agree. From past performances, the most likely outcome was to not play particularly well but to eventually come out on top. That’s how we are top of the league. Because of the inconsistency, we could just as easily have blown Hibs away or, as turned out, gifted them the game. If (big if!) we can address the inconsistency, we will have little to fear. Glass half-full Loyal
  2. Forget hoodoos. Forget bogey sides. Modern football is all about facing what is coming and not looking to the past. While a semi is a semi and anything can happen on the day, the present Rangers team has nothing to fear from Hibs. A big day for Tavernier to show his captain's credentials and lead the team to victory.
  3. I hope the players are as delighted as we are. As they are now playing to impress him, I expect a dazzling display on Sunday.
  4. From "choose the least bad" on Wednesday to spoilt for choice on Sunday. As hat tricks don't come often, I'll go for Sakala.
  5. Even more reason to pummel teams in the first half. When 3 up at half time, understudies can then be given the opportunity to show what they can do.
  6. I fear your stay in Edinburgh was ill served if you were not educated into the vernacular. Or it may be that you are simply too young to be aware of the custom?. Poor-oots were a regular occurrence in my youth in the 60s. It helped that I live opposite the church. Anyway, from the Scots Language Centre website, here is the definitive explanation poor oot n. the throwing of coins of for children to catch prior to a wedding. In the tenements of Edinburgh, as the bride was leaving her home for the last time with her father, small children would gather round the limousine or horse and carriage and chant "poor oot! poor oot!". The father, who had possibly been collecting coins for some considerable time, would throw this money into the crowd of waiting children. The earliest example in the Scottish National Dictionary (SND) comes from J H A MacDonald's Life Jottings, where he bemoans the passing of this custom : "I also remember the shower of silver which was thrown to the crowd as the bride and bridegroom drove away, a custom no longer in use. The cry of "pooer oot" is no more heard in the land. A "pooer" of rice or pasteboard confetti does not draw as did the shower of coins." (1840). However, the custom did continue long after this date. The Scots Magazine number 392 of April 1894 quotes the following: "A marriage was about to take place in a private house in Bristo Street, Edinburgh. Crowds of children round the door assailed the guests as they arrived with the well-known cry of "Poor oot!". Indeed, it continued into the twentieth century as shown here from the Scottish Daily Mail of 25th July 1959: "The bride laughed as her architect-trained husband leaned from their bridal car for the "poor-oot" the old Scots custom of throwing coppers and silver for children lining the pavement." Nowadays, the custom seems to have died out but is still remembered as part of popular culture as shown in this example from Scotland on Sunday (2002): "Like any wedding poor-oot or scramble - the ancient custom of brides and grooms distributing coins to waiting urchins - plenty people were willing to accept the largesse, no questions asked." : https://www.scotslanguage.com/articles/view/id/4538
  7. On Walter's death, The first Minister showed respect to Walter. Celtic, as a club, showed respect to Walter. Managers and players throughout Scotland (and afar) showed respect to Walter. The Aberdeen fans at Ibrox showed respect to Walter. But the Green, look at us we're notorious, Brigade stepped forward and basked in their own ignorance. In recent times, when there has been minutes' silence at Ibrox at Rangers V Celtic matches the silence has been honoured, so why did they choose now to behave as they did? Would they have done this it it had been played at Parkhead, when there would have been more media coverage? I don't know, but it shows a nasty, spiteful side to Scottish football. It goes beyond "banter". It is sickening.
  8. or a poor-oot as we called it in Embra.
  9. Lundstam. If this carries on, he'll be given the player of the year before Christmas.
  10. Initially I thought that Newcastle would want a big name Manager befitting of their new status a mega rich club with big ambitions and that talk of Gerrard was misplaced. Having watched their performance yesterday, the reality is that they are struggling and their ambitions must be longer term. In that scenario, Gerrard is not an unreasonable suggestion. They can sell it to their fans as a national icon to lead them on their journey to the top. Having an English manager also helps deflect the attention from foreign ownership. It may also temp Gerrard - Lots of money to build a team. Gain a managerial reputation in England over the next couple of years. Then well placed to take the Liverpool job that many expect him to do eventually. Assuming he can to stop them being relegated this year, he'll be hailed on Tyneside as the new messiah. It's a bit risky as it may not work out for him and then his reputation is damaged but most managers never seem to take this into account as they think that they have the special touch. I hope he stays with us,. I hope Newcastle are deluded into thinking there will be instant turn round and that they deserve a big name. I also hope they crash and burn, but that's only me being bitter - the memory of the 1969 fairs cup semi has left a deep scar.
  11. It seems that with some people on here the best way for a player to be appreciated is not to play. The promise then outweighs the performance, We’ve seen it recently with Kent and Goldson. A couple of weeks ago some were crying out for them to be dropped as their performance was lacking. Then they get injured and we’re told we really miss them. Overall the team is not playing well as a team. In that situation replacing an individual is unlikely to have a significant impact. When the team is playing well and a player is off their game, that is the time to replace them and try someone else. I don’t know how to get the team to play better. The Manger may be right that the problem is being unable to get a settled team. Maybe the tactics need changing. I have no option but to trust that things will improve. I don’t see any alternative to that.
  12. So after those games it will be between us and Motherwell
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