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  1. I assume gambling regulations in Poland meant we couldn't display 32Red.
  2. BTW, if anyone wants to keep track of the award numbers, they can do so via the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Nntiu5hp-SwAXAiMKF6ZTz1R4kYXTuehCCjcKWwgBKc/edit?usp=sharing
  3. There's something wrong with the platform if people can't access it when they like. And at several hundred pounds a year for some subscribers, it's not unreasonable to expect it to work. Obviously the tech we have available still can't cope with demand but one would think the extra monies received from this season in particular would allow us to purchase better servers.
  4. No. Anyone can, admin, mods or members.
  5. Rubbish - you've been blabbering on about Goldson being a bombscare for as long as I can remember and right through the summer at least. And there's no-one with an agenda against Katic to the same extent you have about our vice-captain... As for the Katic and Worrall argument, Niko was taken out of the team this time last year as he's still a young lad and had a couple of niggling injuries as well as family issues. It was decent management from Gerrard to take care with the lad and I'd argue we're benefiting from it now. Worrall also, by and large, did fairly well for most of his appearances and had a few very decent games. Yes, the Killie mistake in a key match last January is what he'll be remembered most for and that was unforgivable but it's unfair to suggest he was responsible for us not winning anything or that bringing Katic back earlier would have changed that.
  6. For me Helander, Defoe and Foderingham had good games and I thought Hastie looked sharp for his cameo but my MotM was Joe Aribo as he was one of few players who really showed his quality despite the poor conditions.
  7. Sorry this is late but it seems I'm the only person capable of posting these polls...
  8. Ryan Jack gets my vote for last night. Allan McGregor and Jon Flanagan (a very under-rated performance from him) were possibly his closest challengers but Jack's composure and confidence on the ball - as well as his efforts to win it back - gave us a platform to achieve a decent result.
  9. Pete, you're making yourself look rather daft with this anti-Goldson crusade of yours. A 'lot' of people don't agree with you as far as I can see. In fact Goldson has been amongst MotM awards on here in a few games now. Nevertheless, no-one thinks he's is a 'god' and criticism is rightly aimed at him where required like last night. The same goes for any player, including Katic. It's bizarre when people, like you, can't be objective to see the good and the bad though. Both players are doing pretty well and work together as a partnership. I enjoyed both pointing out the other's mistakes last night during the game which demonstrates the positive relationship they have. In my view, both are important and it's a fool's errand to try and separate their contribution. I've no idea why anyone would want to do so other than some petty desperation to be proven right for some reason.
  10. We're also a better team than the Greeks and a rocking Ibrox could well ignite the tie in our favour. Last night we were a bit too conservative at times on the ball. I'd expect that to change at home and we'll also press them higher up the pitch.
  11. Yeah, I was thinking same last night. I think the nature of the game was why the manager didn't make subs around the 60-70 mark. basically the match had become fairly open and was being played at quite a pace. With that in mind, it might have taken a sub 5-10mins to get up with that intensity so it was somewhat of a risk to bring someone on when it was perhaps easier for us to sit a bit deeper and avoid box-to-box play which was clearly taking its toll on a few players. On the other hand, perhaps someone like Jones might have enabled us to get forward more and be more of a threat ourselves. That was the twist and the manager decided to stick for now which is probably fair enough.
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